Lowery: Some Southern Roots

Lowery: Some Southern Roots

by Robert F. Delaney

September 2009

For many years I gathered information from my father about our Lowery lineage, but have only now begun to write the stories that connect us to this part of our Irish heritage. Since the 1980s, a painting of my great-grandfather Franklyn Henry Lowery has hung on the wall of my parents house. That painting, and its history, intrigued me and helped spark my interest in our Lowery ancestors. In addition, my father, Franklyn Lowery Delaney, had done some preliminary research about the Lowery family based on pages from a family bible that were discovered in the attic of my grandmother's home when she was in the process of moving from New York to California in the 1960s. The Lowery name was always a part of my life, too, because of a naming pattern that used to exist in our families. My father's middle name was Lowery, and one of my cousins, Carol Lowery Delaney, also carries on the link to our past. And, my father's first name came from his grandfather, Franklyn Henry Lowery. Between the stories passed down by my father, his research and documents, and the research that I've conducted over the past ten years, I hope to paint a picture of the Lowery family and its connection to the allied family lines in our history.

As a Delaney, my connection (and that of some of my Delaney cousins - Carol, Leslie, Susan and John Delaney) stems from the marriage of Franklyn Henry Lowery to a member of our Acker branch of the family tree, Mary Ellen Acker. One of their children, and my grandmother, Edwina Acker Lowery married Martin Cleveland Delaney, Sr., who is my grandfather.

This and following pages are still very much in a draft stage because there is so much to incorporate into the story. Thus, at the moment this page is mostly a framework upon which to hang the individual stories as they develop and are posted. As stories are added about members of the Lowery clan, the appropriate links in the table below will be activated. It's a big story to tell, so I hope visitors will return in the future. When stories, documents, pictures and other items are made available on this site, I note them on my "What's New?" page for readers who wish to keep up with new information as it becomes available. Also, photographs - individual and group - can be accessed via the Photograph Index.

The story of our branch of the Lowery line continues with what is the earliest documented generation, William Benjamin Lowery and Emily Jane (Curran) (Martin) Lowery, my great-great-grandparents. [Note: Link not yet active for Wm. B and Emily.]

For readers who do not wish to pursue the story in a linear manner, or for those viewers who have come to this site to find a particular individual, the table below may be utilized in order to jump to a particular individual or to that individual's family members.

Index to Lowery Families & Allied Lines

Marriage of female members of a Lowery-surnamed family results, of course, in a branching and continuation of the Lowery lineage through the allied surnames. Readers interested pursuing the Lowery lineage through the allied lines can do so via the links in the "Allied Line" column or the "Children" column of this table. Although I have compiled a signficant amount of information on many of the individuals, many of the stories remain to be written and will be posted in the future, at which time the relevant links will be activated. Allied surname stories and information can also be reached from the Surnames Index.

Lowery Line
Allied Line
________ Lowery ? William Benjamin Lowery
William Benjamin Lowery Emily Jane (Martin) Curran Edwina Cornelia Lowery
Franklyn Henry Lowery
John Hawkins Lee Lowery
Walter Gorham Lowery
(Also see Curran for Emily's other three children)
Edwina Cornelia Lowery Carl Hermann Otto None
Franklyn Henry Lowery Mary Ellen Acker Edwina Acker Lowery
Jessica Bernard Lowery
John Hawkins Lee Lowery None None
Walter Gorham Lowery Lula Leavens Low Lula Gertrude Lowery
Walter Low Lowery
Edwina Acker Lowery Martin Cleveland Delaney Franklyn Lowery Delaney
Martin Cleveland Delaney, Jr.
Jessica Bernard Lowery Carl Winslow Stocks None
Lula Gertrude Lowery ? ?
Walter Low Lowery Mildred L'Allemand None
? ? ?
? ? ?

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