The Siconolfi Family and It's Connection to the Abbott and Delaney Family Lines

The Siconolfi Family

by Robert F. Delaney

January 2010

Although there is no blood line connection between members of the Siconolfi families and that of the Delaney line, an indirect and important relationship exists via my mother, Dorothy Eleanor (Abbott) Delaney. One of Dorothy's sisters, Florence Elizabeth Abbott, married Frank William Siconolfi. In addition, Ella Catherine Abbott, another of Dorothy Abbott's sisters, married Edward W. Siconolfi, Frank Siconolfi's brother. Thus, my connection to the Siconolfi line is through two of my uncles, Frank Siconolfi and Edward Siconolfi, and my aunts, Flo and Ella, in the Abbott lineage. And, of course, a number of my Siconolfi first cousins - including Jeanne, Arlene, Donna and Nancy - are the result of the Siconolfi and Abbott family connections through marriage.

At the moment this page is mostly a framework upon which to hang the individual stories as they develop and are posted. As stories are added about members of the Siconolfi family, the appropriate links in the table below will be activated. When stories, documents, pictures and other items are made available on this site, I note them on my "What's New?" page for readers who wish to keep up with new information as it becomes available. Also, photographs - individual and group - can be accessed via the Photograph Index. In addition, there are a few pictures available at the Siconolfi Photo Album page, and more will be added as they surface from various family member's collections.

The story of the Siconolfi line starts with what is currently the earliest documented generation in Italy, Generosa Siconolfi and Elisabetah (Rossomando) Siconolfi. [Note: Links not yet active for Generosa and Elisabetah.]

Index to Siconolfi Families & Allied Lines

Marriage of female members of a Siconolfi-surnamed family results, of course, in a branching and continuation of the Siconolfi lineage through the allied surnames. Readers interested pursuing the Siconolfi lineage through the allied lines can do so via the links in the "Allied Line" column or the "Children" column of this table. Although I have compiled a signficant amount of information on many of the individuals, many of the stories remain to be written and will be posted in the future, at which time the relevant links will be activated. Allied surname stories and information can also be reached from the Surnames Index.

Siconolfi Line
Allied Line
Generosa Siconolfi Elisabetha Rossomando Antonio Siconolfi
Antonio Siconolfi Maria Jaquinto Edward W. Siconolfi
Frank William Siconolfi
George Siconolfi
John Siconolfi
Edward W. Siconolfi Ella Catherine Abbott Donna Siconolfi
Nancy Siconolfi
Frank William Siconolfi Florence Elizabeth Abbott Arlene Siconolfi
Jeanne Ann Siconolfi
Patricia Siconolfi
George Siconolfi Dora __________ Anthony Siconolfi
William Siconolfi
John Siconolfi Marion __________ ?
Anthony Siconolfi Debbie __________ Angela Siconolfi
Carmela Siconolfi
Marcus Siconolfi
Arlene Siconolfi Albert Yorizzo Lisa Yorizzo
Donna Siconolfi James Alvy Dyett, Jr. David Allen Dyett
Donald Dyett
James Edward Dyett
Jeanne Ann Siconolfi Harold Alden Stone Marily Jeanne Stone
Scot Alden Stone
Nancy Siconolfi Christopher Parkinson Emma Kate Parkinson
Lucy Jane Parkinson
Ross Parkinson
Patricia Siconolfi None None
William Siconolfi ? ?
Angela Siconolfi ? ?
Carmela Siconolfi ? ?
Marcus Siconolfi ? ?

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