The Ziesse Family and Its Connection to the Schreiber, Abbott, Delaney and Quimby Family Lines

The Ziesse Family of New York and Beyond

by Robert F. Delaney

February 2011

Although there is no blood line connection between members of the Ziesse families and that of the Delaney line, an indirect and important relationship exists via my mother, Dorothy Eleanor (Abbott) Delaney. Dorothy's mother, Antoinette Abbott, was the daughter of Edward Schreiber and Barbara (Wiegand) Schreiber. One of Antoinette's sisters, Lena Schreiber, married William Henry Ziesse. Thus, my indirect connection to the Ziesse line is through my grandaunt Lena and her husband William H. Ziesse. And, of course, via descendents of their daughter, Evelyn (Ziesse) Genoy, I have many cousins in several other lines, including, but not limited to, Beauchamp, Genoy, Glass, Pellegrino and McGibbon.

As I was working on the Ziesse and Schreiber lines and drafting material to post on this website, I had the great fortune of being contacted in February 2011 by Douglas Ziesse, whose grandfather was Orion Kent Ziesse, one of William Henry Ziesse's brothers. Although we have just begun corresponding, already Doug Ziesse has provided invaluable information to the Ziesse lineage, which I am currently attempting to integrate into the Ziesse family story and the index of names shown below.

At the moment this page is only a very basic framework upon which to hang individual stories as they develop and are posted. As stories are added about members of the Ziesse family and its descendents, the appropriate links in the table below will be activated. When stories, documents, pictures and other items are made available on this site, I note them on my "What's New?" page for readers who wish to keep up with new information as it becomes available. Also, photographs - individual and group - can be accessed via the Photograph Index.

Index to Ziesse Families & Allied Lines

Marriage of female members of a Ziesse-surnamed family results, of course, in a branching and continuation of the Ziesse lineage through the allied surnames. Readers interested pursuing the Ziesse lineage through the allied lines can do so via the links in the "Allied Line" column or the "Children" column of this table. Although I have compiled information on many of the individuals, quite a few of the stories remain to be written and will be posted in the future, at which time the relevant links will be activated. Allied surname stories and information can also be reached from the Surnames Index.

Generation in U.S.
Ziesse Line
Allied Line
Heinrich Maria Zoller (or Zeller) Caroline ("Carie") Ziesse
Charles Ziesse
Henry Ziesse
Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Ziesse
Louis J. Ziesse
Mary Ziesse
William Ziesse
Caroline ("Carie") Ziesse August Tremmel Caroline (or Karolina) Tremmel
Charles Ziesse Martha D. Mann Clara Ziesse
Emma E. Ziesse
Henry Ziesse Margaret Gilchi Frederick Ziesse
Orion Kent Ziesse
William Henry Ziesse
Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Ziesse None None
Louis J. Ziesse Justine Eilermann Elsie Ziesse
Gertrude Ziesse
Mary Ziesse None None
William H. Ziesse Augusta ________ ?
Elsie Ziesse ? ?
Emma E. Ziesse None None
Frederick Ziesse None None
Gertrude Ziesse ? ?
Orion Kent Ziesse Katherine Scullion Camille Ziesse
Francis Eugene Ziesse
Gerard Francis Ziesse
Raymond Orion Ziesse
Vincent Milton Ziesse
William Henry Ziesse Lena Schreiber Evelyn Ziesse
Camille Ziesse William J. DeModena Joan DeModen
Patricia DeModen
Evelyn Ziesse James F. Genoy Catherine Mary Genoy
Evelyn Margaret Genoy
James Patrick Genoy
Francis Eugene Ziesse None None
Gerard Francis Ziesse Clara Krause Douglas Ziesse
Norman Ziesse
Raymond Orion Ziesse ________ (1st) None
________ (2nd) None
Ruth D. Mann (3rd) None
Vincent Milton Ziesse Frances Murphy Edward Ziesse
Douglas Ziesse Deborah Jean Coburn Jamie Ziesse
Jeffrey Ziesse
Jennifer Ziesse
Edward Ziesse ? ?
Norman Ziesse Donnis K. Moore Karen Ziesse
Raymond Ziesse
Jamie Ziesse None None
Jeffrey Ziesse Kariss Hofstetter None
Jennifer Ziesse Cody Collins Kade Collins
Karen Ziesse Kevin McClarren None
Raymond Ziesse Michelle ________ Jordan Collins
Tyler Collins