Carol Ann Martell Rowe

        +    David Rowe
                -     Jason David Rowe
                -     Sarah Anne Rowe 
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Carol, Jason, Sarah and David

My sister Carol ("baby sister" as Marty and I called her) is seven years younger than me and five years younger than my Brother Marty.  We treated her like our child.  We were both fiercely protective of her and she counted on us to be her protector.  She had a very low voice as a little girl so we called her "Rusty".  She was accepted at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in the Registered Nursing Program and we were as protective of her when she began dating.

It was not unusual for my Brother and I to "third degree" her dates and demand a reasonable hour to bring her home.   I remember one occasion where she asked us to wear a dress shirt to meet the Medical Student or Doctor that was coming to pick her up. We did. To this day we don't remember her mentioning anything about wearing pants!   We did, however, have our under shorts on! 

It was no surprise that we never met her husband David until after they were engaged to be married.  Carol and David have two children, Jason and Sarah, who are both attending college.

Carol is still my baby sister and we talk almost weekly, even from Florida to Rhode Island and get together for vacation with our families every summer, still enjoying memories of our Brother Marty. She and David bought a condo near us in Naples Florida and stayed near us for about 10years. They moved back to Rhode Island in 2012 to be near their grandkids.



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