Arthur Joseph "Marty" Martell

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+      Mary Bergetta Hendricken
                    -     Charlene Ann Martell
                         +     Gary Frechette
                                -     Jake Michael Frechette
                                -     Eric Mitchell Frechette
                    -     Laurene Carol Martel
                         +     Brian Ingham
                                -     Curtis Arthur Ingham
The Arthur Martell Family -- (from left to right) Curtis Ingham,
Laurene Martell Ingham, Gary Frechette (holding son Eric),
Charlene Martell Frechette, Mary Hendricken Martell,
Curtis Ingham (in stroller), Bobby Martell with Jake Frechette

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My brother "Marty was two years younger than me  was my best friend as well as my brother. He suffered following his older brother through a bi-lingual school taught by French Nuns who constantly reminded him that he was not as good a student as his older brother (who was often called the "Little Professor"). He took it as he took everything in his life, with a "cavalier" approach. He had a great sense of humor and was full of the devil. My parents found it quite difficult to reprimand him without busting into laughter at some of his exploits. He was one of a kind and loved by everyone around him.

After spending almost ten years in the US Navy as a Chief Petty officer and Cryptographic repairman, Marty got discharged from the Navy upon our Fathers death in 1964 and became a member of the Newton Fire Department as a hook and ladder driver.  He supplemented his income by working almost full time at Fisher Automotive as the manager and head mechanic.

He worked hard, played hard and took great care of everyone but himself!   He drank too much, ate anything that he desired and smoked heavily. He died suddenly of a massive heart attack on the Monday morning he was going to quit his second job and slow down.  We all miss him very much. He was the life of the party and a great best friend and brother; a wonderful husband to his wife, Mary Bergetta Hendricken; and a loving father to his two daughters Charlene and Laurene.  A hero as far as we are all concerned.


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Charlene Martell Frechette, Gary Frechette
and Jake Michael Frechette
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                 Brian Ingham and Laurene Carol Martell Ingham







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