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Mines Book

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Mines & Booby Traps used by the Viet Cong
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The purpose of this publication is to save lives and preserve equipment. Mines and boobytraps have extracted a heavy toll of lives and property in Vietnam. Many of these casualties could have been prevented through proper care and caution based on a knowledge of such devices and the techniques of their employment. Even though of limited scope, this booklet, used in combination with other available information, will enable personnel to recognise and avoid the hazards associated with mines and boobytraps. Particularly recommended as supplementary sources of information are the Department of the Army Field Manual 5-31, "Use and Installation of Boobytraps", and FM 20-32, "Land Mine Warfare".

Personnel using this booklet are requested to forward comments, corrections, and additions to the ACofS, J2, MACV, ATTN: Intelligence Division.

Brigadier General, U. S. Army
ACofS, J2

Front Cover
Front Cover
Page 1
Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2
Page 2 - Initiating Actions
Page 3
Page 3 - Terminology
Page 4  - Initiating Actions
Page 4 - Initiating Actions
Page 5 - Terminology cont'd
Page 5 - Terminology cont'd
Page 6 - Methods of Actuation
Page 6 - Methods of Actuation
Page 7 - Mined Road/Trail
Page 7 - Mined Road/Trail

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Created by Bob Wood
1999 - 2001
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