Historical Wissinger Coat of Arms

Historical Wissinger Coat of Arm and Seals
(From: Wiesinger, Hugo Heinrich. Woher kommst Du? : Zeitbilder, Urkunden and Gestalten den Familien Wiesinger (Wissinger) und WeiBinger, Wissing und WeiBing. Ortenburg: F. Gebessler, 1929.)


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Weissinger (Wizzinger) - 1299
Hch. Wizzinger

From the Augsburg area

Wappen = Coat-of-Arms

Nicht identisch mil Stadtpfleger = not identical to male nurse = believed to be incorrect identification

Wissinger Coat-of-Arms - early 1300's

Note the pine tree cone like symbols similar to the Augsburg Coat-of-Arms

Seal of Gerlach von Wiszingen - Jan 28, 1313

Anhangendes = to hang on
Siegel = Seal

Wissinger Seal - early 1300's

Note - Coat-of-Arms in the center same as the Wissinger Coat-of-Arms above

Very similar to 1321 Seal below

Wissinger Seal - Aug. 14, 1321

Possibly Seal of Hainrich Wissinger

Stadtplegerfamilie = male nurse
(Believed to be incorrect)

Stephan Wisinger (Wysinger) - 1386

From Pasenbach, Germany

Seal of Steffan Wisinger - Oct. 15, 1386

From Pasenbach, Germany

Wissinger - Augsburg
Early 1400's

Patrizierfamilie = Patrician family = landowner

Wolfgang Wissinger - 1529

One of the Master Goldsmiths, "his coat-of-arms is that of the famous (Della Scala) Scaliger, the last of which died in 1598."

From the Maximilian Museum in Augsburg

Wisinger - 1770

From the Upper Pfalz; ennobled in 1770; by Prince Max Joseph III.


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