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Contributors The part of the Wissinger family he/she is researching

Brenda Antal

Researching the children of Samuel Burkhard and Anna Weissinger. Anna is a daughter of Melchior Weissinger (aka Wissinger).
Lynne Canterbury Descendent of the Ludwig -> George W. -> Ephriam line. Researching all MD & PA Wissinger lines.
Ute Wiesinger Descendent of Adam Wiesinger (1618-1674) from Nussdorf am Attersee, Oberosterrich , Austria. Researching all Wiesinger, Wisinger, Wissinger lines of Germany and Austria.
Bob Wissinger Author of this website. Descendent of the Ludwig -> Lewis -> John line. Researching all Wissinger lines, origins of surname and ancestors of Georg Wolfgang Wissinger (1613-1688) from Waldviertel, Niederosterrich, Austria.


Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

Col. Allen Reed Wissinger , 1937-2012. Pending

Dr. Donald Owen Wissinger, 1905-1986. An accomplished genealogist who researched over 400 years of Wissinger family history including extensive research in Europe. Dr. Wissinger compiled and published several books:

Mr. Howard Earl Wissinger, 1905-1990. "The official family historian" from Bellefonte, PA. Howard logged thousands of miles and sifted through at least a ton of documents in municipal, state and federal archives collections. The result of his efforts was an impressive volume of records from which he wrote a concise family history for distribution among the Wissinger descendents. At the time of Howard's research, he estimated that there were around 582 living members of the American branch of the Wissinger family [ed note: these are descendents of the immigrant Johann Ludwig Wissinger].


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