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Attersee, Austria Map of Nussdorf am Attersee, Oberosterreich, Austria 
Birthplace of Sebastian Wiesinger, b abt 1595 - father of Georg Wolfgang Wissinger
Ebensburg War Monument Pictures of the War Monument located in Ebensburg, Cambria Twp., Cambria Co. Pa. (see Plaques 1, 6 and 21 for Wissinger's)
Friendship Passenger List List of passengers from Rotterdam, Germany which arrived at Philadelphia, Pa. on Sept 23, 1740 including Johann Ludewig Wissinger
Germany - 1618 Map of Germany at the commencement of the Thirty Years War - 1618
Constable Harvey Wissinger Constable Harvey Wissinger - End of Watch: Sunday, June 25, 1922
Grave Wissinger  Grabstätte Wissinger at Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf near Berlin, Germany. Sculptor: Max Taut. Another view.
Leutershausen, Germany Map of Leutershausen, Bayern, Germany 
Note the close proximity of Leutershausen, Winden and Mittleramstadt
Liechtenegg, Austria Map of Liechtenegg, Niederösterreich, Austria 
Liechtenegg Castle Drawing of the 14th century ruins of the Castle Liechtenegg
Melchior Wisinger Short bio of Melchior Wisinger, wire-worker in Philadelphia, PA
Ruit, Germany Map of the Ruit area, Baden-Württemburg, Germany
Weisingen, Germany Map of Weisingen, Bayern, Germany 
Weisinger Surname Surname statistical information
Weissinger Surname Surname statistical information
Wiesing, Austria Map of Wiesing, Tyrol, Austria 
Wiesing, Germany Map of Wiesing, Bayern, Germany  (Close-up)
Wiesinger, Austria Map of Wiesinger, Enzersfeld, Niederösterreich, Austria
Wisinger Surname Surname statistical information
Wissing, Germany Map of Wissing, Bayern, Germany 
Wissing Surname Surname statistical information
Wissingen, Germany Map of Wissingen, Niedersachsen, Germany 
Wissinger Aly Map of Wissinger Aly, Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa. 
Wissinger Cemetery Pictures of the private cemetery located in Johnstown, Pa.
Wissinger Family Cemetery Memorial of Ludwig Wissinger by the George Washington Chapter, Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Wissinger Hollow Road Map of Wissinger Hollow Road, Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa. 
Wissinger Inn Located on Route 219, Ebensburg, Pa and was operated by Jack Laverick.
Wissinger Road Map of Wissinger Road, Boyertown, Berks Co., Pa.
Wissinger Road Map of Wissinger Road, Windber, Paint Twp., Sullivan Co., Pa. 
Wissinger Street Map of Wissinger Street, Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa. 
Wissinger Street Map of Wissinger Street, Salix, Adams Twp., Cambria Co., Pa. 

Wissinger Surname

Surname statistical information
Wissingers Sullivan County, Pa. geographical reference
Wissingers Map of Wissingers, Sullivan Co., Pa. 
Wissingertown Map of Wissingertown, Cambria Co., Pa.  (Close-up)
Wissingertown Cambria County, Pa. geographical reference
Wolfgangsee, Austria Map of Wolfgangsee, Oberosterreich, Austria in the Swiss Alps 
Birthplace Magdalena Sams, wife of Sebastian Wiesinger and probable Mother of George Wolfgang Wissinger
Wössingen, Germany Map of Wössingen, Baden-Württemburg, Germany 
Wysinger Surname Surname statistical information

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