1903 50th Anniversary of John and Clara Bodine

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Jeff Perrine sent me a picture of John and Clarissa Bodine's 50th wedding anniversary. This also came from Janet Rasmussen. There was a list included of most of the people in the picture (although I have my doubts as to the accuracy of what it says). This picture was probably taken in or near Plainfield, New Jersey.

1903 Bodine Wedding Anniversary

According to the attached lists, here are the names of the people in this picture:

Back Row (L to R): Sam __________ (Mary Eliza Bodine's husband); Mary Eliza (Bodine) __________; Kate Bodine (John's wife); John M. Bodine; Laura (MacDonald) Bodine with baby, Mabel Bodine (wife of William Cramer Bodine); Sarah "Sally" Katherine (Bodine) Lawshe (in front of Laura); William Cramer Bodine; Sophie Ann "Annie" (Bodine) Smith; Gibson Smith; Lambert "Bert" Bozenbury Bodine; Annie (Sanger) Bodine (wife of David Bodine); David Bodine; Kate Bodine (daughter of William Cramer Bodine); unknown; unknown.

Middle Row (L to R): Earl B. Smith (son of Gibson Smith); John Bodine (son of carpenter Jacob Bodine); unknown; Clara Augusty (Sine) Bodine; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; John Bodine (John, son of Aunt "Lyde" & husband Sam).

Front Row (L to R): Beatrice Bodine (daughter of William Cramer Bodine); Bertha Bodine (daughter of David Bodine); unknown; Elsie Mae Bodine; Annie Bodine; Laura Bodine (all three are daughters of William Cramer Bodine); Pauline Bodine (sister of John).

Here is an email I received about this picture:

From: Pete and Linda Mahler [mahler at embarqmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Subject: picture from your website

... I loved the picture of John and Clarissa’s 50th wedding anniversary. I have reason to believe that a couple people are misidentified. My grandfather was John Richard Bodine the son of John M. son of John Henry. I have the family Bible of John M Bodine and Sarah Catherine Bloom so I am fairly certain of the birth dates of their three children Olive, John R and Pauline. It would not seem possible for the person identified as Pauline in this picture to be that old. My research says that John and Clara were married in 1853 so this picture would have been taken around 1903. That would make Olive Bodine about 22, John R – my grandfather 16 and Pauline would have been 10. I’m guessing that the one next to Clara is John R. In front of him with the dark skirt is probably his sister, Pauline, and the young lady holding one of the William Cramer daughters is John and Pauline’s older sister, Olive, who was teaching school at that time. She was not yet married to Alfred Osmun. Pauline later married Gilbert Johnson of Plainfield. John later married Ila Garrison. It was great for me to see Sarah Catherine (Kate) wife of John M. Bodine and Sarah Katherine (Sally) sister of that same person in the same picture. The two Sarah Catherine’s so close to John M. have confused me.


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