1923 Bodine Reunion near Covington, Indiana

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Here's a picture of the first reunion of the "Fountain County, Indiana" Bodines. It was held on August 5, 1923 on the farm of Lew Wallace Bodine in Sugar Grove on the west side of Graham Creek near Covington, Indiana. For the most part, the people in this photo are descendants of John Bodine and Caroline Brewer.

1923 Bodine Reunion in Covington, Indiana

Names are written below. Match the number on the picture below with the person on the picture above.

1923 Bodine Family Reunion - Names

Row 4 (back): 1-Sam Rhodes 2-Sam's wife 3-Audry Bergdall, sister to John Latourette's wife, Bertha 4-Sam Yerkes' wife, Anita's mother 5-Scuylar Latourette, Fred's father 6-George Law, Frank Bodine's father-in-law 7-Bertha Bergdall, John Latourette's wife 8-Gene Latourette, Fred's son 9-Fred Latourette, Scuylar's son 10-Mable Latourette, Fred's wife 11-Auneta Yerkes, William Yerkes' wife 12-Sybil Bodine, Ray's wife 13-Elma 'McDonald' Bodine, Tom Bodine's wife 14-Grace Coffins, Robert and Charlotte Bodine's daughter 15-Lura 'Frankenberger' Bodine, Max Bodine's wife 16-Max Bodine, William (Jess) Bodine's son 17-Helen 'Gookins' Bodine, Ned Bodine's wife 18-Ned Bodine, William (Jess) Bodine's son 19-Mary 'Bodine' Partenheimer (Mary is holding her daughter, Norma) 20-Carl Partenheimer, Mary's husband 21-Pearl 'Hickman' Bodine, Jim's wife 22-Adeline Mallory, Dick Bodine's mother-in-law 23-Kate 'DeHaven' Bodine, Mahlon Bodine's wife 24-Audra 'Bodine' Denton, Jess Bodine's daughter 25-Martha Law, Frank Bodine's mother-in-law Row 3: 26-Pete Cossey, Fred Latourette's father-in-law 27-Mock Yerkes, William Yerkes' son 28-Belle Cossey, Pete Cossey's wife 29-Florence, Mock Yerkes' wife 30-Homer Hathaway, Rennie Hathaway's son 31-Ola 'Richardson' Hathaway, Homer's wife 32-Janette Walters, Ernie Walters' wife 33-Lura Bodine, Paddy Bodine's daughter 34-Katherine Bodine, Paddy's daughter 35-Ernie Walters, Janette's son 36-Betty Bodine, Mont and Jessie's daughter 37-John Latourette, Margaret 'Bodine' Blakely's grandson 38-Mildred 'Bodine' Douglass, wife of Cleland Douglass 39-Cleland Douglass 40-Kenneth Coffing 41-James Bodine, Robert and Charlotte 'Latourette' Bodine's son 42-Harry Bodine, Frank and Ava 'Law' Bodine's son 43-Dean Bodine, Frank and Ava's son 44-Ray Bodine, Watson and Margaret 'Morrison' Bodine's son 45-Charles Hathaway, James and Renie 'Bodine' Hathaway's son 46-Henry Bodine, Robert and Charlotte 'Latourette' Bodine's son 47-Marion Bodine, Frank and Ava's son 48-George Bodine, Robert and Charlotte Bodine's son 49-Gertrude 'Lewsader' Bodine, Paddy Bodine's wife 50-Leon Bodine (died at age 3) 51-Ida 'Mallory' Bodine, Dick's wife 52-Edith Bodine, Mahlon and Kate 'DeHaven' Bodine's daughter 53-Mildred Bodine, Mahlon and Kate's daughter 54-Louise Bodine, Dick and Ida 'Mallory' Bodine's daughter 55-Helen Bodine, Dick and Ida's daughter 56-Elizabeth 'Martin' Bodine, Gene Bodine's wife Row 2: 57-Ava 'Law' Bodine, Frank's wife 58-Annabelle Bodine, Frank and Ava's daughter 59-Frank Bodine, Watson and Margaret's son 60-Montgomery Bodine, Wallace and Arabella Bodine's son 61-Jessie Bodine, Montgomery's wife 62-Fred Bodine, Watson and Margaret's son 63-Robert Bodine, James and Mary 'Campbell' Bodine's son 64-Charlotte Bodine, Robert Bodine's wife 65-Watson (Ward) Bodine, John and Caroline 'Brewer' Bodine's son 66-Margaret 'Morrison' Bodine, Robert Bodine's wife 67-Susan 'Stanton' Bodine, Joseph Bodine's wife 68-Joseph Bodine, John and Caroline's son 69-Lew Wallace Bodine, John and Caroline's son (1923 reunion was held on his farm) 70-Arabella Bodine, Lew Wallace Bodine's wife 71-Manford (Paddy) Bodine, John and Caroline's son 72-Rennie 'Bodine' Hathaway, John and Caroline's daughter 73-William (Jess) Bodine, John and Caroline's son 74-Bella 'Dice' Bodine, Jess Bodine's wife Row 1 (front):75-? 76-? 77-Daisy Rhodes 78-Rich Bodine, Lew Wallace and Arabella Bodine's son 79-? 80-Ada Hathaway, James and Rennie 'Bodine' Hathaway's daughter 81-Vernon Yerkes 82-Wallace Bodine, Montgomery and Jessie 'Romine' Bodine's son 83-Montgomery Bodine, Jr., Mont and Jessie's son 84-Harry Eugene Bodine, Joseph and Susan 'Stanton' Bodine's son 85-Fayest Richardson, Gene and Elizabeth 'Martin' Bodine's son 86-Eleanor Bodine, James and Pearl 'Hickman' Bodine's daughter 87-? 88-Irene Bodine, Paddy's daughter 89-Marvin Bodine, Paddy's son 90-Lawrence Latourette 91-Grace Bodine, Dick Bodine's daughter 92-Jack Bodine, Dick's son 93-Robert Eugene Bodine, Harry Eugene Bodine's son 94-? 95-? 96-Nyrna Latourette, Fred Latourette's daughter 97-Elsie May Bodine, Fred Bodine's daughter 98-? 99-? 100-? 101-? 102-Mahlon Bodine, Wallace Bodine's son 103-? 104-Effrie Bodine, Frank and Ava Bodine's daughter 105-Clint Coffing, Grace Bodine's husband 106-Dorothy Bodine, Mahlon Bodine's daughter 107-Billy Glover, friend of the family 108-Claude Denton, Audrey Bodine's husband 109-Charles Bergdall, father of John Latourette's wife

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