Contributions by Jim Galloway

Presentations made by Jim Galloway at the annual meetings held at Boehm's Chapel, Willow Street, Lancaster Co., PA and a family reunion in Canada:

Bicentennial Celebration (1791-1991)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All Beam/Boehm Cousins (text only)
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All Beam/Boehm Cousins (1.1 MB)

Boehm Women's Faith

South / North / West

Girl on a Pink Bicycle and the Power of Prayer!

Family anecdotes compiled by Jim Galloway during his research of the family:

The Power of Prayer and a Dog Named "Willie"
Who's in Our Bed?
Ronnie Rides Replete
Give Richard a Rope
Ticket Agent’s Comeuppance
Tales of D'Feet
Murder at the Watchbox
Mama Beam's Famous Apple
Meet George Washington Beahm
Our Brave Cousin
Fair, Fat and Buxom
Cousin Mary Ellen in Little Washington
Cousin Dennis