Portrait of Jacob Beam (1728-1812) of Beamsville, Ontario

Jacob Beam

A Pioneer History of South Brant and the Adjacent Townships, Walter Burrage (1973)

Bartram Beam came over to America on the ship "Two Brothers," from Rotterdam in 1753. It is said that other relatives also came with him. One was Anthony, likely a brother. They settled in the German Valley in New Jersey. Other relatives were Abraham, and Martin. Jacob Beam, son of Bartram, a Loyalist of Pennsylvania and Dutch extraction, came to Upper Canada in 1788 and two years later, founded the village of Beamsville. In Jacob Beam's application for land, it states that he had been a farmer in New Jersey, where things got too hot for him during the American Revolution. Jacob was forced to settle at a place called Mansfield. Here he and his family who had probably been Mennonites, came under the influence of Baptist preachers and in 1786 formed part of a small Baptist Church. Two years later Jacob Beam, with several of his sons, and daughters, and sons-in-law emigrated to the Niagara Peninsula in Upper Canada and in 1790 founded a small Baptist community, where what is now Beamsville. Here Jacob Beam obtained grants amounting to one thousand acres.