Family Photos of the Descendants of Jacob Boehm (ca. 1693-1781)

Image of Rev. Martin Beam/Boehm (1725-1812)
Rev. Henry Beam/Boehm (1775-1875)
Martin Beam (1780-1855) of Germantown, Montgomery Co., OH
Nancy Beam [Kumler] (1810- )
Solomon Beam (1822-1897) and Family
Martin Beam (1823-1903) and Wife
Daniel L. Beahm (1825-1902)
George Washington Beahm (1826-1923) and Wife
Warner Royal Beahm (1827-1920) and Wife
Andrew Jackson Beahm (1831-1912) and Daughter
Wesley Beam (1846-1889)
Wesley Beam (1846-1889) and Brothers
Catherine Beam (1847- ), Husband Henry C. Kurtz, and Family
Edward Calvin Beahm (1848-1942)
George Hartman Beam (1848- ) and Wife
Moses Solomon Beam (1851-1936) and Family
Andrew Jackson Beam (1855- ) and Wife
Cynthia Beam (1855- ), Husband Robert Richardson, and Family
Silas Abraham Beahm (1856-1941)
Charles Henry Beahm (1858-1931)
Isaac Newton Harvey Beahm (1859-1950)
William Warner Rippetoe Beahm (1861-1945) and Family
Hamilton Peyton Beam (1866-1942) and Family
Benjamin Franklin Beahm (1870-1962) and Wife
Ambrose Booten Beahm (1872-1961)
James Lewis Kraft (1874-1953)
Ambrose Wesley Beahm (1875-1942) and Wife
Clarence Beam (1878-1967) and Family
Howard James Beam (1882-1973) and Son
Ohio Beam Family Reunion, Summer 1936

Unrelated Beam Family
Portrait of Jacob Beam (1728-1812) of Beamsville, Ontario