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 Our family spells their name KYZAR. Our oldest ancestor that we have
 traced is John Kyzar from South Carolina. He was born in 1765, first
 married a Barbara Gartman, who died early and then he married Ellender
 Gill. They had several children and moved to Lawrence County,
 The following record is the migration to Mississippi:
 March 7, 1812, a passport through Indian Nations to the Western Country
 was requested for Mr. John Gill II, with his wife and six children
 [number of children suggesting middle age, born before 1812-[21+6] or
 before c1785], Mr. John Kysan [this is Kyzer, who was very literate and
 left a written notebook of the Mississippi migration in beautiful
 script] with wife and one child [suggesting that he was young] and one
 negro. [Ellender, called [Nellie], daughter of John Gill, married John
 Kyzer, so if she was 21 when she married, lower limit 14, and had one
 child, her fate would have been born before 1812-[21+21+1] or c1769,
 upper limit 1776], Mr. James Faust with his wife, six children and 9
 negroes [related to John Gill's third wife Elizabeth Faust?], 2 farmers
 and their families from Lexington Co. [to the west across the river from
 Columbia/Richland County.], and the latter from Richland District, South
 Clearly this is the record of the migration of the Mississippi John
 Gill. It states that this John Gill was of Lexington, County. Although
 the record in "Family Records of Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers",
 states that John Gill resided in Barnwell, this documented pass clearly
 states otherwise. Part of John Kyzar's notebook, in flourishing script,
 is in the DAR Library in the supporting document section.
 Both Kyzer [German spelling Kaiser] and Faust are clearly German
 Because of the unique pronunciation of the name Kyzar, there were many
 misspellings of the name, the same as it is today. John Kyzar
 descendants emphatically spell their name KYZAR.
 There was a migration of [poor German protestants] into Charleston,
 South Carolina before the Revolutionary War, and it is probable the
 Faust and Kyzer families came into South Carolina with this migration.
 Therefore, they may be originally "low country" families from
 John Kyzar came to Mississippi with his father-in-law, John Gill and
 settled near the same areas as the Gills, in Lawrence County. He and
 Ellender Gill were married in South Carolina, February 26, 1809. There
 is an abandoned Kyzar cemetery about eight miles south of Brookhaven on
 the Hog Chain road. This is on the west side of the road. The only
 tombstones remaining are for the children of J.W. and S.A. Kyzar. The
 old home place of Sara Anne Chandler and J.W. [Wash] Kyzar was across
 the road on the east side.
 In the 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi census, HH 505, lists John
 Kyzar, age 85, as living in the A.W. Chandler household. This being
 John's daughter, Mary's home.
 Nelda M. Kyzar