The First daughter of James Bolen and Susanna Scales


Missouri Belle Bolen was born August 27, 1876 in Sardis Ohio, she died March 23, 1928 in Sardis Ohio. She married Thomas Alonzo Jones.  Thomas was born 1868 and died 1940. Missouri and Thomas had at least 14 children they are as follows;


1.     Iva Jones  twin to Samuel both died as infants

2.     Samuel Jones

3.     Edna May Jones b February 10, 1894, she married George Edward Schoonover. More on Edna and George in Forth Generation files.

4.     Ida Bella Jones b November 12, 1895, she married George Smith, they had 3 children they are :

a.      George Cecil Smith

b.     Ruth Smith

c.     Alma Smith

5.     Sylvia Susan Jones b May 24, 1897 d February 19, 1978, in Sardis Ohio. She married Edward Backman. Edward was born February 11, 1885, and died June 30, 1972.  We could only find one child for them.

a.     Dorothy Ann Backman b May 3, 1928 she married Oscar Tisher

6.     Harvey Jones b July 21, 1899. He married Ethel Bastine. They had 4 children

a.      Donald Jones

b.     Leroy Jones

c.     Thomas Jones

d.     Dorothy Jones

7.     Thomas Roy Jones b September 13, 1902. He married Josie Hendershot, they had 2 children

a.      Betty Jones

b.     Ruth Jones

8.     Elva Ada Jones b January 6, 1905. She was married twice, (1) Sam Backman. They only had one child

a.      Elvelyn  Backman

Then she married Mack McMillen and they had two children

Dorothy McMillen (Knight)

Thomas McMillen (Knight)

9.     Bert Jones b June 23, 1906 d 1906

10.             Birdie Jones b June 23, 1906 twin to Bert. She married William Bill Ludedy they had one child Harold Ludedy.

11.             Nonnie Bessie Jones b June 29, 1907

12.             Margaret Lucille Jones b April 24, 1911. She married Herman Rush. They had 2 children

a.      Clarence Rush

b.     John Rush

13.             Claire Odessa Jones b May 5 1913. She married Howard Ball. They had 6 children.

a.      Duane Ball

b.     Dwight Ball

c.     Mary Ball

d.     Patty Ball

e.      Geraldine Ball

f.       Helen Ball

14.             Paul Jones b June 6, 1918. He married Pat Smith. They had 5 children

a.      Charles Jones

b.     Raymond Jones

c.     Larry Jones

d.     Darleen Jones

e.      Kenneth Jones


If anyone reading these pages knows first hand about any of this information feel free to email me (below) or write my snail mail address in on the Surname page. Most of this is taken from Family records and Bibles, also some hearsay. So please use this information only as a reference guide for your research. Thank you.