Bolen Surname List

The surnames that I am researching
at this time are as follows:


Asher, Baker, Ball, Barnhart, Barcus, Barsi, Batcho, Beckett, Bennett, Bilitter, Bolen (all spellings), Bope, Brieding, Brindley, Brothers, Bunting, Butcher, Butler, Chambers, Clendenning, Copen, Crampton, Crumbaker, Dye, Eddy, Farley, Ferrebee, Full, Gabbert, Giffen, Gillaspie, Graefe, Green, Greenwood, Groves Haislop, Hajek, Hammon, Harris, Hatch, Haythorn, Hendershot, Henniger, Henthorn, Hicks, Hill, Hinkle, Hisson, Hofmann, Hopkins, Huffman, Hutch, Jackson, Jobs, Johnson, Jones, Joy, Kellar, Keller, Lamasters, Lang, Leach, Ledgett, Lemasters, Lott, Lovejoy, Marcus, Markus, Marshall, Matics, Mercer, Moore, Postlethwait, Price, Reynolds, Robinson, Rockwell, Rogers, Roth, Rotrock, Rush, Safigan, Salva, Scales, Schall, Schlagle, Schoonover, Schwendeman, Seabolt, Shepherd, Shields, Shriver, Smith, Sneller, Steed, Steward, Stout, Thompson, Tisher, Trout, Tullius, Ullom, VanDyne, Varney, Warner, Webb, Williams, Witchey, Yoho, and Zeirott.

As I receive new Surnames I will insert them where they belong, I will also underline them for those of you who are following this site. I added several new names today, February 16, 2002, as you can see they are underlined. Once I add more new names these will have the underline removed.

If you recognize any of these names and would like to ask a question I can be reached by just clicking on the email below.

Others will be added as found.