The third son of James and Eleanor Bolen

June 1832   to  July 1880


Samual was born in 1832, he married Elizabeth R. Huffman who was born April 6, 1838, she died February 13, 1893.  They are both buried at West Union Cemetery, Monroe County Oh.  They had at least 11 children, they are as follows:


1.      Letticia Bolen born 1856, died 1925

2.      William Grimshaw Bolen born 1859

3.      Lousie B. Bolen 1861

4.      Quentille Bolen born 1865

5.      Nancy E. Bolen born 1867

6.      Sam Bolen Jr. born 1871

7.      Walter Rowe Bolen born August 1874 died 1930

8.      Laura Elizabeth Bolen born March 22, 1877 died February 13, 1954

9.      Thurman Bolen

10.  Mattie Bolen

11.  Jane Bolen


(#2) William Grimshaw Bolen was born 1859 He married Martha Adaline Beckett on September 1, 1878.  They had at least 4 children, they are as follows:

A)     Rachael Bolen born November 12, 1879(married a man named M. George Haythorn on June 30, 1897.)

B)     Rev. Calvert Wesley Bolen born July 3, 1882, died February 4, 1969.

C)    William Bolen (lived with a family by the name of Norris)

D)    Roberta Bolen, b 1892. Roberta married a man named Schafer


NOTE: Calvert Wesley Bolen married Manda Jane Price, on September 9, 1908 he was 25 and she was 16. Manda’s parents were John Franklin Price and Eva Ann (Menges) Price. She was born 1892. They had at least 6 children, they are as follows:

1)      Eleanor Grace Bolen married Diane Roth (Diane was born 1918)*

2)      Eve Jane Bolen married William Postlethwait (he was born May 4, 1860, died May 17, 1942 in Barbour WV)

3)      Ruth Lucille Bolen born June 18, 1909, died September 1976 in Philippi Barbour WV.  (she was married twice) (1) Clyde Hisson (Clyde was born May 28, 1913 died March 27, 1989, in Paden City, Wetzel Co WV.) (2) George Clendenning.

4)      William Bolen born January 13, 1911 died December 22, 1956, married to a lady named Mikes

5)      Paul Franklin Bolen born January 29, 1912 died June 30, 1976 in Paden City, Wetzel Co. WV, he married Ruth Virginia Shook, who was born August 24, 1916 and died January 1987**

6)      Thomas James Bolen born August 8, 1912***



*Eleanor Grace Bolen (married Lawrence William Roth who was born 1918). They had at least 3 children,

A.   Betsy Diane Roth

B.    Stenly Joe Roth

C.    Joan Lee Roth, (Joan married Daniel O. Bilitter, on February 11th, 1963 in Oakland MD.



**Paul Franklin Bolen married Ruth Virginia Shook. We know they had at lease 6 children, they are as follows;

(1) Elizabeth Jane Bolen (died after 1937) 

(2) Shirley Bolen

(3) Paul Bolen JR, died as an infant.

(4) Carol Ann Bolen, b March 24, 1936. Carol Ann married Paul Jackson, and they had 4 children (a) Eddie Jackson (b) Donnie Jackson © Rusall Jackson and (d) Linda Jackson. 

(5) Joyce Sue Bolen b September 12, 1942, Joyce married Bob Barcus and had at least one daughter Tina Marie Barcus on September 27, 1969. Tina Marie Barcus married Albert Dale Pirce.

 (6) Paula Bolen born August 11th, 1944.



*** Thomas James Bolen this child’s birthday may be off a little as it is only 8 months after his brother Paul Franklin. Still searching for more proof.