The fourth son of

James and Eleanor (Schlegal) Bolen


We donít know that much about this branch of the tree. Steward (some researchers have his name as Stewart) married a lady named Rebecca Keller. Steward was born January 13, 1836, some has his birth as 1828. This would be only nine months after his brother Alfred was born. I got my dates from his marriage to Rebecca, in 1871 he is listed at age 35. So we are still not sure of the actual birthdate. We also know that he was born in Frederick Co. VA., he died on May 8, 1902 in Tyler Co WV.


We know Steward and Rebecca were married by a man named John Waters.Rebecca was the sister of Louise Bolenís (Stewardís sister) husband, John M Keller. The source for this information is a handwritten notebook left by the late Mrs. Hazel Bolen.


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