Bolsover surname

Bolsover Surname

This website is dedicated to the surname BOLSOVER and variants such as BOULSOVER and BALSOVER.

I wish to collect information about the BOLSOVER surname. If you are related to BOLSOVERs or have information to share about the surname, please contact me.

In order to organise my research into this family name, I have compiled a database which contains information about historical persons having this surname. To date, the information in this database is mainly obtained from UK census records 1841 to 1901, but it is gradually being extended through the addition of census records that I missed initially, and information from the national BMD index.

I intend to further extend the database by including information from Parish Records, Trade directories and other sources. I have a small amount of such information from such records, acquired during research into my own ancestors.

In compiling the database, I have attempted to link the records pertaining to specific individuals. This means that the database can be used to generate a tentative "history" of individuals and families based on census records, BMD index records etc. If you are researching your own BOLSOVER family connections I may be able to assist. If you would like me to check the database to aid research into your family connections please contact me at the following address.

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Origin of the Bolsover surname

Bolsover is a town in Derbyshire, England. The castle round which the town grew up was founded by William Peverel shortly after the Norman conquest in 1066. (The existing castle is Jacobean - erected in 1613 - with a Norman keep). So far as I know, no one named Bolsover has ever lived at the castle; the first BOLSOVERs must have been people from the the town, not the castle.

Where did the town name come from?

There are several possible explanations for the origin of the town name. It has been suggested that:

Bols- could be "Bol's" [someone's name] or "Bull's".
-over could mean "ridge" or "high ground" or "pasture".

Hence the town name would have originally carried the meaning of "Boll's ridge" or "Boll's high ground" etc.

An alternative suggestion (which may have originated from my father), is that it could come from "Baal's"-over, or 'devil's pasture'.

Reference to the town in Doomsday

The Domesday Book is the land survey of 1086, commissioned by William the Conqueror to assess the resources within England and the scope for setting taxes. The town in mentioned in the Doomsday Book with the spelling BELESOVRE.

Distribution of Bolsover surname

The following table summarises the distribution of the surname in UK across census years 1841 to 1901. Derbyshire was the county with the highest number of people having this surname in 1841, but in subsequent census years Yorkshire had the highest population of BOLSOVERs.

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