The Reese family immigrated from Wales sometime in the 1700


The Reese family immigrated from Wales sometime in the 1700's or early 1800's and settled around the area of Altoona, Pa. which was Huntingdon Co. at that time. Later moving westward into Ohio as well. 

The picture above of Upper Reese railroad station was on Grandpa Abram's property in Frankstown Township, Pennsylvania. Family lore from a cousin who grew up and still lives in the Frankstown area told me that when the railroad wanted to come through Grandpa's property he agreed to it but, the railroad had to put a station at the beginning of his property and at the end. One station was named 'Reese Station' and the other 'Upper Reese Station'. It took the train approximately two minutes to travel from one station to the other. In grandpa Abram's obituary it states that he died at his home at Reese's Station, on the Williamsburg branch railroad Frankstown Township. 

I have transcribed a document written by Lucy Reese Waltz July 19, 1942 that tells the story of Abram Reese in her words and of what was passed down to her. Lucy was a great grand=daughter of Abram Reese, grand-daughter of Elijah Bingham Reese, and daughter of Emma Lorna Reese who settled in Ohio more likely to be closer to her father Elijah. 

Written by:  Lucy Reese Waltz

Date:  July 19, 1942  

Acquired From: Mrs. Mary Reese, State College, Pa.

Date Acquired: August 2000

Let us look back about 125 years, into the little farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Reese Reese. We find here a baby boy has just been born and has been christened Abram Reese. This boy lived throughout his childhood and young manhood on this farm, known as Reese farm and located at the foot of a mountain about a mile from Altoona, Pa. Here he brought as his bride Catherine Meyers, and here they reared their family of five daughters and threes sons. One evening in the late summer Abram shouldered a sack of grain and started across the field to the mill and Catherine took her pail to milk the family cow when a severe pain struck her in her head. She passed away before morning and was buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Altoona, being the first woman to be buried in that cemetery.

Abram and Catherine Reese were the parents of:

Elizabeth Reese  married Thomas Morgan

Mecie        "        "          Thos. McCauley                                                         

Mollie       "        "           Levi Glunt                                                                      

Eliza         "        "           Thos. Figart                                                                  

Allie         "        "           Geo. Leamer

Shadrach R.        "           Ettie McCartney                                                                                                

David Fisher Reese         Lillie Robinson                                       

Elijah Bingham   "           Maggie Groff and after her death he married Mattie Reese.

After the death of Catherine Reese Abram married Elizabeth Gwinn. They were the parents of Wm Reese who married Clara Slippey. 

(Lucy then went on to list every descendent she knew from Abram's children filling 20 hand written pages)

I am not certain at this time if Reese Reese was born in Wales or in this country. On the 1880 Census Abram states parents place of birth as Pennsylvania. Without knowing who gave the door-to-door census taker the information at the time I can not validate this information.

Thanks to cousins Drew, David, Robin, Donna, Deborah, Trudy, Lewis and Becky for their contributions and research on the Reese family.