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The Sneath family immigrated to this country from Ireland around 1774. Richard Sneath was born in Londonderry, Ireland September 2, 1751. Richard was a son of George and Ann Sneath. Richard was a renowned Methodist Circuit Minister who traveled throughout the Delaware Valley. His diaries have been published in The History of Bethel Church which can be found in the Gloucestor County Historical Society.

The Sneath family spread through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California  by the 1850's.  Many of the Sneath men served in the Civil War and I have noted that when known.

The Sneath family continues to grow today and I hope to find even more Sneath cousins.

A special thanks to cousin Selma for her years of research on the Sneath family.

Also thanks to these cousins and "close to being cousins" for research on the Sneath Family:  Michelle, Bob B., Richard, Bob R., Chris, Sylvia and Jay.  Due to the fact that these people and myself have spent many hours of research on this family I have withheld the resources.  If you need more information on this family or believe you are connected, please email me.