Gilbert Boorum Bible  

Gilbert Boorum Bible
Surname: Booraem, Booream, Boorum, Rue, Boughrum, Burke, Mack, Yarbrough, Sodon

Submitted by: Robin Mason 6/18/03

This record includes three different family records, letters, and financial papers. Lois Sodon Dashkavich donated the Boorum Bible record #5190 to the Genealogical Society of New Jersey for its Bible Record Collection housed at Rutgers Library. 

Family Register

Gilbert Boorum was born May 24, 1797
Lydia Rue was born May 31, 1800
Gilbert Boorum and Lydia Rue were married Oct 4, 1818
John Boorum (their son) was born Feb 2d, 1822
Sydney Boorum was born August 25th, 1824
Catherine Jane Boorum was born Feb 18th, 1827
Elizabeth Boorum was born July 17th, 1829
William Henry Boorum was born April 19, 1832
Abigail Ann Boorum was born Sept 27th, 1834
Mary Ellaener[?] Boorum was born July 29th, 1837
Margaret Harriet Booreum was born Aug 12th, 1840
William Henry Boorum died Aug 22d, 1834

There's a letter from Mary C Boorum & Sidney Boorum of Staten Island dated March 3, 1867 to his parents. "I had a little boy baby born January 7 and he took sick and died the 27 February. We are very unlucky with our children now for this is three one after another."

Family Record

John Mont Boughrum died Nov 4, 1893 (written above the typeset "births" headings)
Casy Boughrum was born December 24, 1865
John Whitford Boughrum was son of Rose & [?] Whitfield Boughrum was born Sept 13, 1883 & died the 19th of Sep 1883
Andrew Yugen Boughrum was born Jan 23th, 1885/Andrew Yugen Boughrum died Jan 21, 1912
Maryelen Boughrum was mared on the 18 October 1865 to Enoch V Burke
Jennie Boughrum was mared 1871 8 of October to William Mack
WF Boughrum was married to Rosa M Yarbrough of Richmond, VA on Feb 9, 18__ at the age of 18 years
John Whitfield
Royal Stanly Boughrum was born 29th Sep 1887 the son of Rosa & Whitfield Boughrum
J Witfield Boughrum Jr was born Nov 1 1889 the son of Witfield and Rosa M Boughrum


Archibald Sodon was born March the 30, 1830
Abigail Ann Boorum was born Sept the 27, 1834
Archibald Sodon & Abigail Ann Boorum were married June the 29 1850
William Sodon of Archey an Abigail Sodon was born december the 21 1851
Rebekah[?] Schank Sodon daughter of Archey and Abigail an Sodon born May the 2, 1853
James Tompsone[?] Sodon was born Febray the 1, 1856
Edward [_idezey?] Sodon the sone of Archey and Abigail an Sodon was born Aprl the 8, 1860
John Parker Sodon the son Archey and Abigail an Sodon was born novemder the 2, 1863
Samuel Boorum Sodon the son of Archey an Abigail an Sodon was born Augst the 28, 1866
Carry H Sodon the daughter Archey and bigail an Sodon was born May the 13 1869
bigail and Sodon the daughter Archey and bigail An Sodon was born Janery the 17, 1872
in this date of this family/in the year of our lord 1883/truly j.t.s.

Submitter's note: Lois Sodon Dashkavich said several Sodon brothers married several Booraem sisters.

Additional notes:
Gilbert Boorum/Booream was
s/o Joseph Booream (& Abigail Potter)
g s/o Nicholas Booraem (& Jannetje Bennet)
gg s/o Nicholas Boor?m (& Antje)
ggg s/o Hendrick Boerum (& Catherine VanDyke)
gggg s/o Hendrick Willemse Van Boerum (& Maria Adriaense Smit)
ggggg s/o Willem Jacobse Van Boerum (& Geertje Hendrickse van Goch)

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