"Adriaen Hendrickse Boerum"

Adriaen Hendrickse Boerum
NYG&B Record Vol 103 No. 2 Apr. 1972
Early Dutch Smiths and Van Boerums
by Wilson V. Ledley and B-Ann Moorhouse, pg 141-142

submitted by Linda Boorom 7/28/03

13 -  Adriaen Hendrickse.
     Bergen again is the authority for placing a son Adriaen in this family (KCo. 39), although there is ample evidence of the existance of an Adriaen Boerum in New Jersey records (in which his name often appeared as Arie and Are), and Hendrick Willemse and Maria Adriaens would customarily have so named a son for her father. In 1718 Ari Boerum and his wife Sarah were baptismal spons for a child of his brother Hendrick at New Brunswick, and in the next year Arie Boorum appeared in behalf of Hendrick in a court in Piscataway. Bergen also stated Adriaen born in 1666, which is doubted as his parents were probably not married that early; more likely his birth was around 1677. We feel certain that he was younger than Willemptje, whose first child was born in 1695, as it appears that he was not married until about 1698, and that he was older than his brother Hendrick who was not married until 1710. Actually, Adriaen's only recorded child was not born until about 1710, although there is some indication that he may have had one or more before that.

     Adriaen married Sarah Smock (KCo. 39), daughter of Hendrick Mattys Smock and Guertje Harmens and sister of the deceased wife of his brother-in-law Jacques Cortelyou, probably by 1698 as she was not named as a member of her father's household in that year (PCSB), and is definitely by 1709 when they were listed as members of the Free-hold-Middletown Dutch Church in Monmouth County, NJ. (GMNJ 22:3). Also, Adriaen apparently was not included in the 1698 census of Flatbush as four children can be accounted for without him. Perhaps he and Sarah were already in Monmouth County, since we know they were there in 1709 as mentioned above, and it is known that Dutch started settling in the county some twenty years before the establishement there of the first Dutch Church. Although Sarah was recorded as an heir of Hendrick Matthyse Smack on 30 July 1708 (Kings Convey. 3:150), there is no reference to her place of residence (nor to her husband). The last notice we have of Adriaen and Sarah in Monmouth County was in 1712/3 when they sponsored a child of his cousin Cornelius Lane (GMNI 22:32). In 1722 Adrian was living in Piscataway, Middleswx County (ibid., 22:92), and lastly in 1738 he was an executor of the will of his brother-in-law Leendert Smok of Piscataway (NJA Wills 2:446). Had Adriaen lived in a section closer to a Dutch Church we might have had some baptismal records of his children; had he left a will, we might have had a complete record of his surviving issue, which can only be considered imperfect:

i. (sup) Geertie Boerum (named for maternal grandmother), m/ Reiner Fonteyn of Perth Amboy, bap. 1699 (Rec. 99:6-7; PNJHS 11:208, 212, 401).

ii. (sup.) William Boerum, b. abt. 1705; m. Hannah/Annetje Clasin/Klaese & had son Arien bap 1727 & dau Sarah bap. 1746, spon: Geysebert Laen (cousin), both at Harlingen RDC.

iii. Johannes Boerum, bap 12 Oct. 1710, Freehold-Middletown DC, no spon. named (GMNJ 22:6).

submitters notes:
I have found the transcription of 1698 Kings Co. cencus in the NYGen Web archives. Towards the end of the list I find Geertruy Van Boerum (widow of Jacob Willemse Van Boerum) with 3 children,  nine names above Geertruy is listed Hendrik Willemse with wife and 4 children. (I presume Hendrick & Maria referred to in NYG&B). The 4th person above Hendrick is Adrian hendrickse with wife and 2 children!  I have wondered if this is Adrian and Sarah Smock, and if so would seem to put their marr. not abt. 1698, but b/f 1698 and possible 2 additional children besides Geertje (or she c/b one of the two & therefore born by 1698, not 1699 as suggested above). It is possible that William who the article states as b. abt. 1705 is one of the children in 1698 as well. We know that William & Hannah Clawson were married by May 18, 1727 when son Arien AKA Aaron was baptised. I've read the average age for a male to marry was 25, presuming William was at least 25 & married abt. 1726, his birth is likely before 1701.


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