New Jersey Marriages


The following table contains New Jersey Marriage Records from various sources.
To find the source for each record, please see the chart below the table.
Please, e-mail Linda Boorom if you have any to add.
Some of the sources required an inmagination regarding the spelling to find.
Not all possible variations may have been found.
For that reason, the followng table is sorted by first name, rather than last!

Booram Aaron Dec. 04, 1749 Somerset Lane, Mary 2 Linda Boorom
Booram Abraham Jan. 07, 1833 Somerset Connover, Margaret Ann 1 Linda Boorom
Boorum Ann Oct. 27, 1821 Somerset Suydam, Matthew  1 Robin Mason
Boorum Arietta T. E. Oct. 14, 1824 Somerset Peterson, Garret C. 1 Linda Boorom
Booraem Charlotte Apr. 05, 1814 Middlesex Sutton, Henry L. 1 Robin Mason
Boerum Cornelius May 13, 1797 Somerset Vanderrype, Deborah  1 Linda Boorom
Boraem Cornelius Oct. 16, 1837 Somerset Nelton, Saah Ann  1 Linda Boorom
Booraem Elizabeth Sep. 04, 1814 Middlesex Connet, James 1 Robin Mason
Borum Gilbert Oct. 04, 1818 Middlesex Reve, Lydia 1 Linda Boorom
Borrean Henry Sep. 24, 1836 Somerset Anderson, Susan Ann 1 Linda Boorom
Boram Jacob Apr. 04, 1801 Morris Drake, Prudence 1 Linda Boorom
Booram Jacob Sep. 10, 1816 Hunterdon Booram, Mary 1 Linda Boorom
Boram James Nov. 22, 1838 Monmouth Yetman, Elizabeth 1 Linda Boorom
Borum John Feb. 14, 1819 Middlesex Tihead, Mary 1 Linda Boorom
Boorum John Jan. 16, 1822 Somerset Amerman, Wilhelmina 1 Linda Boorom
Booram John Jan. 27, 1848 Somerset Rynearson, Elizabeth 1 Linda Boorom
Boorom Margaret Aug. 19, 1827 Hunterdon Abbot, John  1 Linda Boorom
Booram Mary Sep. 10, 1816 Hunterdon Booram, Jacob 1 Linda Boorom
Beauram Mary Sep. 15, 1860 Somerset Voorhees, John S. 1 Linda Boorom
Booram Nancy Nov. 16, 1799 Hunterdon Vanfleet, Andrew 1 Linda Boorom
Boram Phebe Feb. 25, 1784 Hunterdon Young, Peter 2 Linda Boorom
Boerum Sarah Mar. 09, 1819 Middlesex Otis, Solomon 1 Robin Mason
Booram William Feb. 18, 1823 Somerset Hageman, Sarah 1 Linda Boorom


1. New Jersey, 1680-1900 Marriage Index
Family Tree Maker CD included with Genealogy subscription. Data for the CD was taken from County Clerk Records on microfilm at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City Utah. Film #'s given on the CD are as follows:

Hunterdon Co., NJ: FHL film 0818212
Middlesex Co., NJ: FHL film 0851752 & 0849560
Monmouth Co., NJ: FHL film 0802943
Morris Co., NJ: FHL film 1314453 - 1314454
Somerset Co., NJ: FHL film 1023875

2. Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey Vol22
Author: William Nelson
The Press Pringitn and Publishing Co. New Jersey. 1900.

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