Siche Maria Booream Kidd Obituary


Siche Maria Booream Kidd
Elizabeth Daily Journal, April 13, 1859

Submitted by: Robin Mason 6/18/03

On Sunday, the 10 inst., after a short but painful illness, Mrs. Sicha M. Boormam [sic], wife of John Kidd, of Elizabethport, N.J.

She was one of the oldest members of the M.E. Church at this place, and adorned the Christianity she professed by her godly walk and conversation. Her loss is deeply felt by all with whom she had association. Her death was peaceful and triumphant, expressing with her last words "that she desired to depart and be with Christ."

submitter's note: correct spelling and full name is Siche Maria Booream

from Linda's notes"
Siche Maria (Booream) Kidd was
d/o Joseph Booream (& Abigail Potter)
g d/o Nicholas Booraem (& Jannetje Bennet)
gg d/o Nicholas Boor?m (& Antje)
ggg d/o Hendrick Boerum (& Catherine VanDyke)
gggg d/o Hendrick Willemse Van Boerum (& Maria Adriaense Smit)
ggggg d/o Willem Jacobse Van Boerum (& Geertje Hendrickse van Goch)

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