Booraem, Booream,
Booram, Boorem, Boorom, Boorum,
Boram, Borem, Borom, Borum,
and more?


Researcher Spelling Variation(s) Time Period Local Web site
Linda Boorom ALL 1649-present Netherlands>NY>U.S. World Connect file
Lois Dashkavich Booream NJ
Lenore Dickinson Booream 1800's NJ
Barbara Doody Boram, Booram, Oldaker VA/WV
Marcia Fiedler Boram, Booram ancestors & descendants of Malinda (Booram) Craig 1800's-present WV/MO
Phyliss Gann Boram/Booram 1700's-present NJ>PA>VA>WV>MO DAR certificate right of descent of Phyliss Dillon Gann to Aaron Booram SR

Certificate of membership in "The Colonial Dames XVII Century" as a descendant of Williem Jacobse Van Boerum of N.Y. 

Gina Griffith Borroum, Boroum, Borrum, and Borum FL, GA, SC, NC, TX
Tanya Johnson Boorem, Boorum 1790's PA>
Nelda  L. Percival  Boorem, Boorum 1790's PA> Boorum and Bonstein Family
William Henry Roll ALL 1649-present Netherlands>NY>U.S. The Roll Family Windmill
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