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I have many photos of headstones that I have take in my travels.  I have posted them here in no particular order or relationship. Contact me and I can tell you the location of the grave (maybe)

This site is a work in progress and I will be updating it continually.  Not all information on these pages has been documented nor cited.  Please use the information for research only.  If you find errors please let me know.  I would be happy to make changes, especially if you have sources. 

Alonzo and Dora Roth
Arlo Fox
Bybee Sign
Ciscil and Rachel Stewart
Charles and Mary Worthen
Charles H. Booth
Daniel, Robert, and Lewis Stewart
Elizabeth and Edward Lee
Elizabeth Bybee
Elmer Roth
Erastus Myers
Frank and Bernice ,son Howard Stewart
Franklin Lee
Galen H Fox
George and Lydia Stewart
George Melvin Booth
Harvey Leon Bybee
Harvey Leon Bybee (2)
Hazel McArthur Booth
Helen Durham
Higgins Cemetery Sign
Ira E. Fox Jr.
Jaspher Campbell
Jesse Rea Booth MIlitary Headstone
Joe Bybee
John and Rebecca Fox
Marie, Angelo, and Angelo Perfili
Joseph Perfili
Pasqualina Perfili
Jean and William Rathbun
Lawence Crist
Libbie Murdock
Loron O. Booth
Louis Heron
Lucin and Nellie Bybee
Daphine and Melton Booth
Melton L Booth
Merton A. Wood
Mina Thompson Booth
Nannie Osborne Eyre
Rachel and Erastus Myers
Ray and Ruth Bradshaw

Sarah Hallam Worthen
William and Frieda Wood
William Eyre and Willard Wood
William Lee

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