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     Welcome to the Bosiljevo, Croatia page. The purpose of the page is to provide information about the community of Bosiljevo, it's current town, village and hamlet names, as well as the surnames of the residents within those areas.   As the site develops, we hope to be able to provide some historical information, and perhaps feature the talents of some of the residents of the area.   The data contained within this site was researched and provided by several people: Mrs. Ljiljana Lesic, and Mr. Miro Caic. If you think that you may have a family connection to the Bosiljevo area, and have a question about it, you can contact Mr. Caic by e-mailing him at this address:

Listing of Individual Names From the Bosiljevo Area Now Available

     Mr. Caic has been collecting genealogical data and creating family trees for the people of the Bosiljevo area.  He has devoted over 6,000 hours of his own time and expense to this project, and is working to complete a book on the subject.   During the course of his research, he has amassed genealogical data on approximately 40,000 individuals from the Bosiljevo area.   A listing of those individuals can be found here:  Bosiljevo Surname Lists   
     Over 10,400 names for the Parish Zavrsje Netreticko have now been added to the site.  The latest listing can be found here:  Parish Zavrsje Netreticko  If you find a family member on one of the lists, contact Miro for more detailed information.  His e-mail address is shown above.
  Over 18,200 names from Parish Novigrad were added to the site on December 6th, 2004.  You can view the lists alphabetically by clicking here:  Parish Novigrad   or search by name using the Pico Search tool below.  
     The Parish Prilisce Surname Page contains surnames from the Status of Souls for the period of 1790 to 1920.  

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     The following is an article containing a current descriptive overview of the Bosiljevo area, as well as a portion of it's history. The article was composed by Mr. Igor Benic, and translated by Mr. Inoslav Ercegovic.  Our thanks to both of these gentlemen for their contribution to the page;  Overview of Bosiljevo
     The town of Bosiljevo is located approximately 25 km. WSW of the city of Karlovac. Bosiljevo is the county seat for 43 nearby villages and hamlets, covering a geographic area of approximately 111 square km. Some villages within this jurisdiction have their own village board, or committee, while others fall under a municipality (opcina) comprised of several villages or hamlets. Over the years, many residents of Bosiljevo have emigrated to the USA and Canada. Most every household in the community has relatives in another part of the world. Hopefully, this page will help someone re-establish a link to any family that may still reside there.

Map of the Bosiljevo Area

     The town, village and hamlet names contained in our listings are located within the Roman Catholic parish of SVETI MAVAR OPAT (Saint Mauro Abbot), in the community of Bosiljevo. Click here for a listing of : Towns, Villages and Hamlets within Bosiljevo.    The next link will take you to a page containing a brief history of the parish of Saint Mauro Abbot, in Bosiljevo. The article was composed by the parish priest, Father Ivan Crnek, and translated to English by Mr. Edward Spehar:  St. Mauro Abbot History Page
     We are planning to dedicate pages within this site to interesting individuals from within the Bosiljevo community. I have added a page containing some of the works of the renowned artist and sculptor, Mr. Josip Laslavic. Since there are some graphics on the page, it may take a minute or two to load. It is worth taking a look. Click here:  Mr. Josip Laslavic
     Here is a biography of Mr. Ivan Ljubic as prepared by his great-grandson, Father Robert Lubic. Ivan Ljubic was born in the village of Orisje, and went on to become the first President of what is now the Croatian Fraternal Union in the United States. To learn more about him, click here:  Mr. Ivan Ljubic

Visitors to the Bosiljevo Area 

     The pages in the Visitors to the Bosiljevo Area contain comments from people that recently visited there.  If you have visited the Bosiljevo area within the past few years and would like to share your impressions, stories, or photos of the area, please let me know.

     Our page will be "under construction" for a time. If there is something that you would like to see added to the site, please e-mail me here; Ray Sestak 
     Use the Guest Book to post your surnames, or other items of interest to those from the Bosiljevo area.

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