Bottorff family photos The Dr. C. M. Bottorff family - 1929
Dr. Charles Monroe Bottorff and his five sons, their wives and children  1929
Photo taken behind the Bottorff Drugstore in Charlestown.  Dr. Bottorff and his wife lived upstairs over the store.
Standing: Donald & Martha, Wycoff & Leila, Jeanette & Bob, sister Nora
Sitting: Park, C.M., wife Katie, David
Girls: Jane (Donald & Martha) and Sara Lou (Wycoff & Leila)

The C. M. Bottorff family - 1952
Uncle Wyckoff, Kitty, Jane, Lou with Doug in his arms, Aunt Nora, Granddaddy, Doris, Judy, Aunt Harriet
and in front are Martha Jane, Steve (me)(kneeling), Jim, and Bobby.

Standing: Nora Lou (Noni), Sarah Lou, Kitty, Jane, Pat Moyer and Judy
Sitting: Tracy holding Joshua, Bob Forsythe, Paul Jones, Steve, Charlie holding Devin
On the ground: Katie and Sara