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Brenda's FreeCEN Counties News Letter


 Last Updated  31 May, 2017

Brenda's Counties  News Letter

Thank you all very much for all your continued hard work. It is all very much appreciated.
I have listed below just a few of the Counties progress.


1861 & 1891 Census for Notts are now complete. Well done.

We are now working on the 1841, 1851 and 1871 Nottinghamshire Census.
Please see the status pages for a more up to date details.

Devon 1841   96.1% complete.

We are waiting for 2 to be transcribed and 1 being checked. Nearly there!
We are also working on the 1851 Census.



is 75% completed. We have only 6 more to allocate, 7 being Transcribed  3 being Checked and 52 Online
is 21.7%  completed. We have 15 online, 12 to Check, 1 being checked and 29 needing Transcribers.


1871  is 19.3% complete  which represents 17 pieces now online.
We have 46  Pieces requiring a Checker  and 12 to Transcribe,. Another 7 being Transcribed and 5 being checked
We really need some Checkers.

 is 16% completed which represents 20
 Pieces online.
We have 5 Pieces  being Transcribed and
104 to be Transcribed.
We really need more Transcribers.


We are at various stages with  all the Census for Wales.
We really do need help with all 3 stages.
Check at the Wales page for all the different Counties and the stages they are all at.

Here are just a few that we are doing.

Flintshire and Denbighshire have completed the 1871 Census.
The 1861 and 1891 are also doing well: 
1861 Census : DEN : 64,5% ..  FLN : 63.6%
1891 Census : DEN : 70.8% ..  FLN : 87.5%

Glamorgan : 1871 & 1891
Nearly all the PIECES are transcribed and we are desperate for Checkers

1891 Census is 28% completed
We have 30 Pieces  Online  and 52 Pieces waiting for a CHECKER
8 Pieces being Transcribed and 17 to be Transcribed.

1871 Census is 16.5% completed
We have 18 online, 88 Pieces waiting for a Checker, 2 being Checked and 1 to be Transcribed. 

Monmouthshire  : 1871 & 1891

Census is 31.1% completed
18 Pieces are Online.  26 Pieces waiting for a Checker, 6 being Transcribed and 10 to be Transcribed

1891 Census is  0% online.
6 Pieces require a Checker  :  43 Pieces need Transcribers

Anglesey 1861 is 30.8% and 1871 is 1.3%
Caernarvonshire 1871 is 26.5% and 1891 is 45.8%
Carmarthenshire 1871 is 27.5%
Merionethshire 1871 is 20%

Channel Islands are also making progress and we have had some movement over the last few months.

1861 is 71.4% completed
1891 is   6.7% completed

Isle of Man

1861 is 57.1% completed.

EWS : England and Wales Shipping is now 27.8% completed.

As you know I have also now inherited looking after many other Counties.
The index page will show you the full list.

We are therefore looking for past and new Helpers to come forward.
We are also  looking for new COORDS who are willing to take on a county themselves.
All help will be given.

If you know of anyone who would like to join us please let me know.

Please take time to read the following NOTICES....they are important



It has been found that where HOUSEHOLDS go over to the next page 
some transcribers are repeating the schedule number again.

PLEASE DO NOT.  This is causing enormous problems for the Checker.

When  the Household goes over the page all you have to put is the 
NEW PAGE NUMBER ..Please do not repeat the Schedule number 


The 1891 Census the form includes three columns to be marked if the person was  "Employer"   "Employee" or "Neither" 

FreeCEN Transcribes this information into a single column.

Do not make assumptions! 
If these columns are all empty then leave Column R empty.
Otherwise enter either  R   E or N  as follows:-

R       for "employeR"                         (If there is a 'X' in column 12)

E       for "employeE"                         (If there is a 'X' in column 13)

N       for "Not employer/employee"   (If there is a 'X' in column 14)

If a person is marked for both "employeR" and "employeE": enter  R


Information re FreeCEN Mailing Lists          

  1. The Helpers List is just for that purpose. For you to ask for Help  with your problem/issue or to give HELP or assistance to someone else's problem/issue.

  2. The 'Chat' List is for just that 'To Chat' 
    To CHAT in general about anything to do with the Project or anything else you wish to share for that matter.
    Also there are some people on there who will help you with unreadable words and will do a look up for you.


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