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Example of a Spreadsheet using   SSCENS


01 August, 2014

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Spreadsheet SSCENS Instructions

Please note the following.

  1.  The first rule of transcription for us is "AS IS" - complete with misspelled names and places

  2. If there is no Schedule number (Column E)  for the Un-occupied premises please use a 0 (zero) Then enter a u in Column

    1. Please enter in a new row for each unoccupied/or multiples as:-   1u  2u 3u  4u  

    2. So if the Census page say 3u (= 3 unoccupied)  then repeat the entry on 3 different rows. etc

    3. If there are Schedule numbers missing then you must insert them in the correct order and enter a n  (= not used) in column H.

    4. Any schedule numbers in the wrong order must be left where they are. 

    5. The CSVCHECK program will show a WARNING, but we know the answer.

  3. If the Forename/Surname (Column I & J) is blank/empty on the Census page always use the 'DEFAULT'
    This is always a hyphen. It  is always entered on the spreadsheet as '-.  the ' will disappear after you press enter.
    This will stop the 'Cell' becoming a calculation.

  4. If the Forename (Column J) says Wm. do NOT expand. Always type the abbreviation AS IS.
    Other examples are Eliza  Elz. Elzth.  We do not assume that it stands for Elizabeth.
    So whatever it says we type  it as it is

  5. Relationship column L. Only 6 digits. Please use the standard abbreviation from the FIELDS document.
    If you come across one that is not in the list then abbreviate it to 6 digits by removing vowels.
    Example :-  Visitor = Vistor   :  Servant = Servnt  :  Apprentice = Appren ( or Apprnt)
    There is no strict rule as long as the abbreviation is decipherable.
    Sometimes I see Daughter as  Daugh but the list says Dau. Both are acceptable and will fit in the space.
    If there is no relationship shown on the Census page always use the 'DEFAULT' .This is always a hyphen. 
    It  is always entered on the spreadsheet as '-.  the ' will disappear after you press enter.
    This will stop the 'Cell' becoming a calculation 

  6. Marital Status - Column M  Do not make assumptions! 
    Enter a single letter 
    M  =  Married
    S  = Single
    U  = Unmarried
    W = Widow or Widower or Widowed 
    As defined on the Census Page   :  If the Enumerator left it blank - so must we. 

  7. If there is no SEX given (column N) on the Census page always use the 'DEFAULT'  (common sense can prevail)
    This is always a hyphen. It  is always entered on the spreadsheet as '-.  the ' will disappear after you press enter.
    This will stop the 'Cell' becoming a calculation.

  8. The DEFAULT for the age  (column O) is always 999. So if no age is given please always type 999. If it is unreadable enter 999.
    There is no need for an x in the following query column.

  9. Please DO NOT USE the ? mark in ANY COLUMN other than the last Column Y  NOTES.
    This can cause errors at conversion.

  10. Please remember that for the 1891 Census only do we have to fill in the Occupational Status. i.e. Column R.
    This will therefore restrict the occupation column to only 24 digits and not the normal 30.

  11. It is rare to find entries written in Welsh but it does happen. Transcribe AS IS. (Column X)
    You will sometimes see large W : E : B These will either me near the Schedule numbers or after the POB.
    We enter it in column X.   W = Welsh  :  E  : = English   B  = Both.

  12. The first 3 rows are essential and should not be removed or altered. Row 3 shows the maximum number of digits for each column.
    Please do not enter more digits than is allowed in each column. Please read number 9 above re column Q.

  13. It is not necessary to type in lower-case or upper case. The conversion process prior to checking will insert uppercase letters wherever necessary. Feel free to use whichever  one or mix you prefer.

  14. It recommends the use of a full-stop after abbreviations such as Robt. Eliz. or Llanfair D. C. and U.S.A.

  15. Please always check the CHP codes (Column T) with the list in the FIELDS document.
    An incorrect one will fail in the CSVCHECK program. Example the MOST common mistake is for London.
    It is not LON, or LDN  it is in fact LND. Another example is Surrey is not SUR it is SRY etc.

  16. If there is room for doubt for any DATA you could offer an alternative in the Notes field (Column Y).

  17. Remember that each transcript goes through the processes of checking validation and post-validation prior to upload

  18. If you want to leave longer notes a simple text file RG######.TXT with the piece number as the filename can be sent on with the data file.
    These notes will not be uploaded but will be available to the Checker and Validated.

  19. The Spreadsheet needs to be saved as a CSV file to enable you to use the CSVCHECK programme.
    However to enable you to use the FORMATS and keep the columns in the correct widths while Transcribing saving the file as an XLS  
    (Or whatever spreadsheet application you use)  is most beneficial.
    You can save it again as a csv when you want to use CSVCHECK at any stage.

 Example of a Spreadsheet


Civil Parish ED Folio Page Schd House Address X Surname Forenames X Rel. C Sex Age X Occupation E X CHP Place of birth X Dis. W Notes
abcdefghijklmnopqrst ###a ####a #### ###a ####a abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcd X abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx X abcdef C S ###a X abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcd E X abc abcdefghijklmnopqrst X abcdef W abc  etc.
Tuxford 1 5 1 1   Eldon Street Mill Mang - LONGBOTTOM Hugh L - Head M M 46y - Miller R - LIN Claypole -      
                LONGBOTTOM Annie - Wife M F 41y -     - NTT Edingley -      
                LONGBOTTOM Arthur E - Son S M 22y - Miller E - NTT Farnsfield -      
                LONGBOTTOM Albert K - Son S M 21y - Miller E - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Bertha - Dau S F 18y - Mothers Help   - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Herbert E - Son S M 17y - Draper E - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Sydney - Son S M 15y - Miller E - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Clara - Dau S F 14y - Domestic Nurse   - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Walter H - Son - M 13y - Scholar   - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Ethel - Dau - F 8y - Scholar   - NTT Tuxford -      
                LONGBOTTOM Lilian - Dau - F 1y -     - NTT Tuxford -      
        2   Eldon Street Mill Mang u                     -     -      
        3   Eldon Street Mill Mang - STORY Mary - Head W F 55y - Living On Own Means   - NTT Retford -      
                STORY James - Son S M 34y -     - NTT Retford -      
                STORY Annie - Dau S F 20y - Mothers Help   - NTT Tuxford -      
        4   Eldon Street  Scotland Bank - SMITH John - Head M M 40y - Agricultural Labourer E - NTT Tuxford -      
                SMITH William - Son - M 11y - Scholar   - NTT East Markham -      
                SMITH Harriett - Dau - F 6y - Scholar   - NTT East Markham -      
        5   Eldon Street  Scotland Bank - MITCHELL William - Head M M 43y - Brickmaker E - NTT Tuxford -      
                MITCHELL Maria - Wife M F 41y -     - NTT Sutton In Trent -      
        6   Eldon Street  Scotland Bank - COLTON John - Head M M 47y - Agricultural Labourer E - NTT Egmanton -      
                COLTON Annie - Wife M F 62y -     - NTT Collingham -      
        7   Eldon Street  Scotland Bank - HANDLEY Sarah Ann - Head M M 45y -     - NTT Retford -      
                HANDLEY Frederick - Son - M 11y - Scholar   - NTT Tuxford -      
                HANDLEY Robert - Son - M 9y - Scholar   - NTT Tuxford -      
                HANDLEY Susan - Dau - F 7y - Scholar   - NTT Tuxford -      
        8   Eldon Street u               -     -     -      
        9   Eldon Street - JONES Thomas - Head M M 56y - Bricklayers Labourer E - MON Chepstow -      
                JONES Emma - Wife M F 57y -     - LND City Road -      
Tuxford 1 5 2 10   Eldon Street - LANGHTON Joseph - Head M M 40y - Pig Killer E - NTT Tuxford -      
                LANGHTON Martha - Wife M F 50y -     - LIN Martin -      
                WOODTHOP Rachel x Niece S F 22y - Domestic Servant   - LIN Horncastle -      surname
        11   "the Cut" Cottages - BILLYARD John Thomas - Head M M 38y - Bricklayers Labourer E - NTT Markham Moor -      
                BILLYARD George W - Son - M 9y - Scholar   - DBY Masbro -      
                BILLYARD Annie E - Dau - F 6y - Scholar   - NTT Tuxford -      
                DUNLEVEY Louisa - Servnt M F 42y - Housekeeper   - LIN Lincoln -      
        12   "the Cut" Cottages - THOMPSON Mary - Head W F 75y - Retired Publican   - NTT Boughten -      
        13   "the Cut" Cottages - TURNER Thomas - Head M M 49y - Agricultural Labourer E - NTT Blidworth -      

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