The Bowen family web presents: David Fortin: A Synopsis of Welsh History in 20 parts.

The Bowen family web presents:

Harlech Castle

 A Synopsis of Welsh History
in 20 parts

by: David Walter Fortin.

David Fortin is a doctoral student who teaches British history courses at Catholic University.
compiled & arranged by Ben Bowen
from information placed on-line by David Walter Fortin
see the rights of use at the bottom of this page.


Epilogue to Albun Mabon (a shepherd)
by James Ceiriog Hughes (1832-87)

Still the mighty mountains stand, Round them still the tempest roar; Still with dawn through all the land Sing the shepherds as of yore. Round the foot of hill and scar Daisies still their buds unfold; Changed the shepherds only are On those mighty mountains old. Passing with the passing years Ancient customs change and flow; Fraught with doom of joy or tears, Generations come and go. Out of tears' and tempests' reach Alun Mabon sleeps secure;-- Still lives on the ancient speech, Still the ancient songs endure.

[Read] Parts 1-4

Part 1 : The Beginning

Part 2 : Rome

Part 3 : Rome continued

Part 4 : Pronounciation,Sources,Land and Society

Part 4 Chapter 2 : Sources

Part 4 Chapter 3 : Land and Society

[Read] Parts 5-9

Part 5 : The Dark Ages I (400-600)

Part 6 : Dark Ages II ( The Irish in Wales )

Part 7 : The Early Church

Part 8 : Dark Ages III
(600-800, Cadwallon to Rhodri Mawr)

Part 9 : The Viking Age I

[Read] Parts 10-14

Part 10 : The Viking Age II

Part 11 : Gruffudd ap Llywelyn

Part 12 : The Normans

Part 13 : The Welsh Resurgence

Part 14 : The Welsh Resurgence II

[Read] Parts 15-20

Part 15 : Owain Gwynedd and the Lord Rhys

Part 16 : Giraldus Cambrensis

Part 17 : The early 13th century

Part 18 : The Last Prince

Part 19 : The 14th Century

Part 20 : The Revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr

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This compilation may be distributed freely as long as it is not used for commercial purposes and for response purposes it includes the email-address of the author ([email protected]).


[ The Description of Wales by Geraldus Cambrensis originally written in 1194, this text is from the 1912 J. M. Dent edition.]

[ A Short history of Wales by Owen M. Edwards ]

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