Bowes-Bigelow Family History

This website replaces earlier Bowes-Bigelow genealogy websites as of 7 Apr 2014. I had two different trees, one at and one using The Next Generation of Genealogy Software, and they didn’t share all the same information! Both were great programs but had drawbacks too that I got tired of.

I decided to merge those family files and upload the new, combined file to a simpler and free format. It will take a while to fix a number of organization issues from merging the two different files. I am working on my Mac using the Reunion program which will make it easier to generate a file that’s clean and consistent over time.

The RootsWeb Freepages format has, I think, a layout that much easier to view. The tradeoff is that it isn’t as feature-rich as some other programs.

If you would like me to generate any particular report for you, please email me. I will only release information on living individuals to their own family.

You can click on an individual’s NAME to view more details.

The TREE icons will lead you to that person’s family ancestry in “tree” layout.

The CAMERA icon takes you to the media page for that person.