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The Gookins of Cork Family Tree

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See also The Gookins of county Kent, England (two brothers from the Gookins of Kent family settled in Ireland)

Vincent and Daniel Gookins Family Trees

See  The Gookins of Kent Family Tree to see where they fit in there

1.  (Sir) Vincent Gookin b. ~ 1585

m.(1) Mary (or Judith) Wood
m.(2) Judith Crooke
1.1  Vincent Gookin (no children) (visited by William Penn in 1669)
(Sovereign of Clonakilty in 1684)
1.2  Robert Gookin (termed "Cromwell’s spy"; he received land from Cromwell’s allocation to his supporters; on the Restoration he ceded it to Lord Broghill in return for a 100 year lease)
m. Mary Smyth
1.2.1  Vincent Gookin  no children
1.2.2  Robert Gookin of Courtmacsherry
m.(1)  Hester Hodder 1681  Robert Gookin
m. Dorothy Waller  Major Robert Gookin of Carageen, co. Cork
m. Esther Smyth (Percy Smyth of Headborough, Elizabeth Jervois)  Robert Gookin d. young in 1760 (fell through trap door in tower of Castle Bernard)  Waller Gookin d. young in 1751  Isabella Gookin
m. Samuel Kingston of Bandon, co. Cork 1766  Sarah Kingston m.  Percy Scott Smyth of Headborough (Hibernicus Scott, Anne Smyth)
Robert d. 1752
Esther m.(2) James Bernard, M.P. of Castle Bernard, co. Cork (b. 1730) 1752
(their eldest son Francis became First Earl of Bandon)
Esther d. 1780
m.(2)  ?  Vincent Gookin   Dorothy Gookin
1.2.3  Mary Gookin m. Morgan Bernard  Steward Bernard
m. Dorothy Gookin  John Bernard
1.2.4  Anne Gookin m. Abraham Lamb  Vincent Lamb
m.(3) ?
1.3  Thomas Gookin lived Killountain, co. Cork
(Sovereign of Clonakilty in 1674 and 1692)
m.  Hester, (in deed memorial dated Apr. 4, 1708 selling townlands including Killountain, Gaggin, Brittas and Currymachane to Bernard)
6 daughters
Hester bur. June 21, 1712 All Saints, Bandon (probably this one)
1.4  Charles Gookin
(received a grant of land in William Penn’s estate near Shanagarry; Burgess of Clonakilty in 1692)
1.4.1  (Captain) Charles Gookin
(made Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania by William Penn in 1709)
1.5  Arnold Gookin (Mayor of Clonakilty in 1707)
probably here but possibly son of  one of the above brothers
Sir Vincent d. 1637

2.  Daniel Gookin bp. Oct. 28, 1582 Ripple, co. Kent

m. Mary Byrd (Rev’d. Richard Byrd, Elizabeth Meye) Jan. 31, 1608/09 Canterbury Cathedral, co. Kent
2.1 Richard Gookin b. ~ 1609  (of St. Finn Barr, co. Cork)
m. ?
2.1.1  John Gookin b. ~ 1637
(a mariner of St. Dunstan’s, London) m. Mrs. Francis Pitt Nov. 21, 1665
Richard d. ~ 1655
2.2  Edward Gookin bp. June 23, 1611 Ripple, co. Cork; died young
2.3  (Major General) Daniel Gookin b. ~ 1612 possibly in Ireland  bp. Dec. 6, 1612 Bristol, England
m.(1) ?
m.(2) Mary Dolling,  St. Sepulchre, London (license dated Nov. 11, 1639)  9 children who carried on the line in the U.S. Ref.  (add reference)
m.(3)  Hannah Tyng (Hon. Edward, Mary Sears) bef. April 10, 1685 Cambridge, Mass.
Daniel d. Mar. 19, bur. Mar. 22, 1686/87 First Church, Harvard
2.4  (Captain) John Gookin b. ~ 1613
m. Sarah Offley bef. Feb. 4, 1640/41
2.4.1  Mary Gookin b. ~ 1642
m.(1) Capt. William Mosely ~ 1660
m.(2)  Lt. Col. Anthony Lawson after 1671
John d. Nov. 2, 1643
2.5  Edward Gookin b. ~ 1615 d. unm. bef. 1655
Daniel Gookin d. ~ March 1632/33 Red Abbey, St. Finn Barr parish, Cork, co. Cork


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