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Petition from Protestants of the County of

 Carlow on the Act of Resumption 17021

BL.Ms Add. Charter 195352

To the Kings most Excellent Majesty

The Humble Address of the High Sherrife, Justices of the Peace Grand Jury Gent and freeholders a the County of Catherlagh att their 21st Sessions held at Carloe the fourteenth day of Jan. 1701/2.

Your Majestis faithfull and loyall subjects, the Protestants of this your Majestis Kingdome of Ireland. Lyeing under soe Great pressures and difficulties from the late Act of Resumption and the Execution thereof that they apprehend the utter Ruine and Beggary of several protestant families must be the Consequence Doe Humly:, fly to yor Majestis favour and Goodness for Relief therein Beseeching yor Majesty the Restorer of their Religion Rights, Laws and Libties once Againe Graciously to take their Distressed condition into your Pious and Princely consideration and by such methods as shall seem most Expedient to yor Majesty in conjuncion with your Great Council now assembld in England (upon whome under God the Hopes and Expectacions of the Protestant work are fixed) - to apply suitable remedies to the Evil soe universally felt and complained of by yr Majestis Brittish and Protestant subjects how [here?] from the said Act a Executed and Construed; seventies which we are confiden could never have been Intended ‘em by the Great and Judicious Legislators.

May it Please you Majesty to suffer us on this and every other occasion with all humility to assure you Majesty that your Protestant Subjects of this Kingdom are all soe deeply sensible of their owne Duty and true Intrest as well as of the many Royall favours and Inexpressible Benefitts Received by them from yor. Majesty, with yor Constant and Tender Care of them, that as nothing can ever shake their fidelity and firm allegiance to yor. Majesty, soe none of yor. Majestys Subjects in any of yor. Dominions will on all occasions Show more forward and Ready zeal for maintaining and Defending yor. Majestys Sacred person and Government; the Protestant Religion, the Laws Liberties and Rights of the Crown and Kingdom England against all opposers whatsoever than your Majestys Protestant subjects of Ireland.


Henry Carter
Edward Hunt
John Somes
Tho. Conyers
William Wright
William Bude
John Wright
Sam Cutis
James Houlding
Moses Sillettoe
Thomas Harris
Ben Balldrey
Tho White
Sam Cooper
Tho Gray
Jerimiah Cary
John Care
Richard Thomsbury
Thomas Whelan
Richard Marton
Geo. Adcock
David Kirkpatrick
Jon. Benet
Thomas Price Jn.
Samuell Morris
Phillip Hooper
John Phipps
Samll. Andrew
Henery Robarts
Tho Shorey
Richd. Read
Timothy Taylor
Solomaon Gold
John Moore
Samnl. Kealan
Jos. Cooke
Hen.? Summers
Thomas Bunbury
W. Reynolds
Richd. Vigors
Tho. Bernard
Ralph Critchley
Con: Cullen
Jno. Russell
John Lucas
Nathaniel Evans
Tho. Ryans
John Cooper
John Clue
David Skene?
Man Marc?
] Warren
Will Pepbowd?
Edward Hardy
Tho Cooper
Ben Humfrey
Andrew Hunt?
Sam Carpenter
Jo Carpenter
Robt. Hewetson
The. Owens
Richd. Scholey
Edwd. Bigley
Edward . ..ers? senr.
Robt. Shiply
Arthur Hunt
Edward Howes Jar
Andrew Carter
John Pagett
Jonathan Watson
Hen. Rudkins
John Wells
Samuel Capel
Saml Gooden
Jn. Travis?
Tho. Thomson
Jo K...?
Tho Hardy vic?
Thos Butler
Tho Burdett
Jo: Tench
Jo: Beauchamp Junr.
John Browne
John Bernard
Urban Vigors
John Simons
Jos. Bunbury
Tho. Cooper
Charles Bernard
Ben. Bunbury Snr.
Sam. Carpintor Junr.
William Bunbury
Dan. Carthey
Dig. Berkeley
Jo. Tailor
Wm. Greene
James Harris
Theo. Harrison
Allen Jones
Tho. Gethings
John James
Hen. Feltus
Thomas Corfield
Tho. Corfield
Tho. Gregory
Tho Purlewent
Willm. Griffm
Dudley Davis
Hen. Rudkins
Walter Symms


1 The Act of Resumption 1700. “(The English Parliament) complained repeatedly about William’s grants of land confiscated from the defeated Irish; and finally in 1700, it passed an act of resumption, by which all these grants were revoked and the land handed over to parliamentary commissioners to be sold”. J.C. Beckett, The Making of Modem Ireland 2nd.edition, l98l,p.l55

2 By Permission of the British Library, Great Russell Street, London.

Source: Michael Purcell (C2005)

Previously published in: Carlow Past & Present. ISSN 0790 555 Vol.1. No.4. 1993

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