Joseph Bowles Children
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Joseph Bowles Children

Joseph Bowles' daughter Eliza

Eliza was baptised at St. Mary's Church, Carlow town, Ireland on May 7, 1810.  When she was 18 she emigrated to Quebec City with her parents.  On May 20, 1837 she married a Quebec City watchmaker William Learmont.  Soon after they moved to Montreal where their two sons, Joseph Bowles Learmont and William John Learmont were born.  Joseph Bowles Learmont would become a senior partner in a Montreal hardware business and a major patron of the Arts. 


Joseph Bowles’ son John*

(as in all the Bowles in Quebec City pages, Joseph Bowles' son John is shown as John* to distinguish him from the three other John Bowles in the family)

John* was baptized at St. Mary's Church, Carlow town, Ireland on Nov. 8, 1811.  There is no further record of him in Canada.  He may have died, he may have remained in Ireland or he may be the John W. Bowles in New Orleans (who was born about 1812).  Certainly his first-cousins-once-removed Robert and Joseph Bowles from Ballickmoyler, co. Laois moved from Quebec City to New Orleans in 1835 and he may well have accompanied them.  See The Bowles of co. Laois in New Orleans


Joseph Bowles’ son Joseph Jr.

Joseph Jr. in partnership with Sims operating Sims and Bowles, Apothecary Shop at the corner of Fabrique and St. Famille streets in 1841.

The May 9, 1843 issue of The Montreal Transcript contained an announcement that Mr.’s McKenzie and Bowles were the exclusive agents for a new Plaster of Paris product.

In October 1845, he was one of the leading citizens who signed a petition in support of a railroad to be built between Halifax and Quebec City. (Le Journal de Quebec, Sat. Oct. 18, 1845)

Joseph Jr. was one of the signers of a letter published in the May 2, 1846 issue of Le Journal de Quebec addressed to Dr. Bardy which regretted his departure from the city as a result of the recent disasters which had ruined the faubourges of Quebec. (note: in May 1845 a massive fire started in Mr. Richardson’s leather shop and swept through the faubourgs of St. Roch and St. Jean and on rue St. Paul.  The May 31, 1845 Journal printed an article appealing for aid and referring to money coming from Montreal for relief.  The June 12, 1845 Journal estimated the damages at 1200 buildings lost and 50 people killed.)

His rise in social status in the city is indicated by the Saturday, May 1, 1847 Le Journal de Quebec reported that a submission had been received from Joseph Bowles, pharmacist on Rue de la Fabrique, recommending the construction of a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on some ground near the prison bounded by St. Stanislas, Dauphine and Ste. Angele streets.

In 1862, he was elected to the City Council of Quebec City representing the Palace Ward. 

Excerpts from the Quebec Mercury:

Sat. Oct. 11, 1862 p. 2  On Monday the electors of Palace Ward will be called upon to choose a representative in the City Council…..Mr. Joseph Bowles has allowed himself to be put in nomination.

Tues. Oct. 14, 1862 p.3  Mr Bowles Elected for Palace Ward

Wed. Dec. 30, 1863  Councillor Bowles moved that a notice be posted….for the improvement of the St. John’s Gate.

The list of Aldermen elected in the 1866 civic election includes Joseph Bowles as well as Charles Langlois.

Joseph placed regular advertisements in the local newspapers.  Some samples from Le Journal de Quebec include:

Sat. Dec. 8, 1847;   Wistar Balm for sale at Joseph Bowles Pharmacy               

From Jul 1, 1848 to end of 1849; Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills available at Joseph Bowles Pharmacy

in the Courrier du Canada:

Aug. 5 to Oct. 19, 1857;  Persian Balm ad lists several Quebec druggists incl. Joseph Bowles

Dec. 21, 1859 to Jan. 23, 1860;  Carbon Oil for sale at Joseph Bowles, Salle Medicale, Place du Marche de la Haute-Ville

Nov. 12, 1860; Magic Lotion sold by Joseph Bowles

June 5 to Dec. 27, 1861; Ayers Salsepareille (Sasparilla) sold by Joseph Bowles

and in the Quebec Mercury:

Sat. Jan. 4, 1862; Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral sold at Joseph Bowles and many other similar ads

The Quebec City directories list Joseph Bowles at:

Medical Hall, 2 Fabrique St. from 1844-47

Medical Hall, Upper Town marketplace on Fabrique from 1848-58

Two locations  24 Fabrique St. and 11 D’Auteuil from 1861-63

Only at 11 D’Auteuil from1866-73

After 1873, the next record for Joseph Bowles is the 1881 British Census which lists Joseph and his wife and two children Charlotte and Louisa living on Crystal Palace Park Road (CPP Road) in Sydenham, Kent in a house called Parkhurst (note: technically this small section of Sydenham was ceded to Beckenham and so is considered to be a part of Beckenham, Kent despite the fact that town is several miles away).  His occupation is given as None but he is living in a rather grand house on a prestigious street (the south side backing onto the park) with a domestic and a cook.  CPP Road runs around the north edge of Crystal Palace Park where Queen Victoria’s famous Crystal Palace was constructed in 1854.  Major Samuel Page, the General Manager of the Crystal Palace lived just a few houses from Joseph.  The Sydenham directories lists them at Parkhurst from 1881 to 1885 (1886 directory is missing but they were gone by 1887).  Later this house became #35 CPP Road.  His daughters, Louisa and Charlotte, lived with them in Beckenham until Louisa married Charles McEuen, an Australian Merchant (i.e. an importer/exporter between England and Australia), in 1885 and Charlotte married in 1886.  In the 1891 and 1901 census, Louisa and Charles McEuen and their two children were living at #24 CPP Road, on the north side of the road across from Joseph’s former house and about 4 houses down, near the corner of Border Crescent.  Therefore, Joseph probably died between 1885 and 1891 or was living in hospital care by then.  Joseph’s son, James, was also living with the McEuen’s in the 1901 census.  The Kelly’s Directory of Bromley lists the McEuen’s at Highwood, #24 CPP Road, until 1912.

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