Davis Family History


Davis Family History

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Peter married SUSANNAH MEADOWS 7 Jan l799 in Greenbrier Co.,Va.

It has been learned that PETER DAVIS' early family left WALES in the British Isles, traveling to HOLLAND where they lingered long enough to pick up the nickname "BLACK DUTCH" because of their dark complexion and dark features.

They may have been in Holland for several generations before sailing to the New World where they made it to the colony of North Carolina where Peter was born about l765.

Samuel Davis  families have the same story, someone was a native American.

It is generally believed that Peter Davis was the son of William Davis who is buried

on  Madam's  Crk. Rd.  in  Summers  Co.

        We do know  Peter had a sister Sarah who married Aires Meadows who

        was the son of Francis Meadows, Sr. and Mary Bell Meadows.


It  is  thought  too,  that  Susanna  is the dtr. of  William  Meadows who is buried

in the Jumping Branch / Madam's  Creek  section of Summers Co.


For a very  long time,  we  have  assumed she was the dtr. of  Josiah and Mary Bell Meadows,

but more and more evidence has surfaced making us believe she was the daughter of





PETER DAVIS  and Susannah owned land at Powley's Crk. Summers Co. before moving to Fayette Co. settling in Pax,WV.



#l. Abigale m. David Bragg 25 March l829 Grnbr. Co.

#2. Sally m. Martin Pettry 31 March l846 Fayette Co.

#3. John m. Mary Ann Fox (Sister to Jane Fox Below & d/o Wm. Fox.

Mary's death date 18 April l870

.  JOHN2 DAVIS (PETER1) was born 1808 in Raleigh County, VA.  He married MARY ANN FOX Bef. 1842, daughter of WILLIAM FOX and ELIZABETH DURHAM.  She was born ABT  1812, and died April 18, 1870 in Fayette County, WV.


#4. Joseph m. Margaret Martin (dtr./o. Dinah Kincaid Martin



#6. William m. Jane Fox M. 8 July l842 (sister to Mary Ann Fox Above)

#7 SAMUEL L. married Lucinda "Lucy" Tyree(Sister to Richard both are

married 26 Aug. l848  (Both Lucinda and Richard are children of Satterwhite and Rhoda Taylor Tyree)

Mathew Ellison, Father of The Missionary Baptist Faith.


MAPLE FORK. Homeplace at the

last residence of Andy Tyree home.


#8. Rachael m. Ephriam Cales Raleigh Co. her death reported to have been

caused by cancer reported by her husband in Ral. Co.

records June l6,l886. She was 66 yrs old.

#9. Rebecca m.John Evans lived at Cirtsville

Probably 2 other children

#10. Polly m. Edward Vandal (Son of AbrahamVandal founder of

      Town of Fayetteville)

#11. .Thomas m. Jamina Vandal (sister of Edward above) d/o Abraham

       Vandal as above.


#1. .JOHN DAVIS B. l8l0 Virginia married Mary Ann FOX Mary Ann was b. abt l814 Va.

.  JOHN2 DAVIS (PETER1) was born 1808 in Raleigh County, VA.  He married MARY ANN FOX Bef. 1842, daughter of WILLIAM FOX and ELIZABETH DURHAM.  She was born ABT  1812, and died April 18, 1870 in Fayette County, WV.

William , the son of John and Elizbeth Durham Davis


. WILLIAM3 DAVIS (JOHN2, PETER1) was born February 26, 1832, and died May 14, 1901. He married LUCINDA WILLIAMS December 15, 1853. She was born June 6, 1836, and died November 26, 1895.


Burial: May 16, 1901, Mount Tabor Baptist Church Cemetery, Raleigh Co., WV


Burial: November 28, 1895, Mount Tabor Baptist Church Cemetery, Raleigh Co., WV


This photo taken when he was in his mid-50s
William and Lucinda Williams Davis Parents of Wm Newton "Bud" Davis whose youngest Dtr. Mattie married Russell Davis, son of Henry Davis


William DAVIS born abt l832 Va. SEE  PHOTO 


         William Newton "Bub"                                                                                                                   

        Ruth born abt l834 "


        Peter l837 "

        Samuel l841 "

        John l844 "

        Racheal l846 "

        Irvin l849 Raleigh Co, WV

2. ABIGAIL DAVIS married David G.Bragg(son of John Bragg and Nancy Ball) l808.

Date of marriage: 25 March l829 Grnbr. County

David died 5 Oct. l863 in Hancock Co., Indiana

    Louis J. Bragg born abt. 1830

    Peter l833

    Ernest l836

    James Milton Bragg l838 died 13 Apr. l900

    Mary Ann l841

    Joseph l844

    Selah l849 (March 30)

3. SALLY DAVIS born abt. 18l4 Virginia. Married Martin Pettry on 20 Mar. l830

Martin b. abt. 1811 in Va.

    James Pettry born abt l829 Virginia

    Peter l832 "

    Flora l833 "

    Resy l835 "

    John l838 "

    Jame l841 "

    French l843 "

    Elizabeth l846 "

    Emily l849 Raleigh Co., WV

4. JOSEPH DAVIS Married to Margaret Martin on 24 Apr. l840 Fayette Co, WV

5. RACHEL DAVIS Born l820 FAYETTE CO. Va. Died l6 June l886 RALEIGH CO.

Married to Ephraim Cales (son of John Cales and Mary "Polly" Cales)

Date of Marriage 26 Aug. l848 in Fayette Co., Va.

Ephraim Cales b. l829 Greenbrier Co. D. l9 Sept l894 Raleigh Co

        Mary Jane Cales

        Sarah Cales

        Ellizabeth Cales b. l3 Mar. l853 Raleigh Co

        Celia Ann l Dec l855 "

        Susan 7 May l860 "

6. PRISCILLA DAVIS born l8 April l821 Virginia. Married to


RHODA TAYLOR TYREE) l844 Fayette Co.

Richard Tyree b. 6 - 12 - l8l3 Virginia  d. l0 - 20 - l89l Fayette Co., WV

PRISCILLA B. 4 - l0 - l821  D.  11 - 14 - 1875

 BOTH BURIED PAX COMM.CEM. which  was  a part  of  their  home  property.

It was with this son, Richard, that Saterwhite and Rhoda "Roady" Taylor  Tyree were living at the time of

their deaths.   In the same home, Peter Davis and Susannah Meadows Davis were living at the time of

their deaths.    Therefore, we conclude  the 4 unmarked graves beside Precialla and Richard Tyree are those

of each of their parents.   It is for that reason, many state without question, the burial site of the four

individuals are buried at Pax Community Cemetery.


    Granville m. Celly Davis

    Mallisea m. _____Painter

    Priscilla m. _____Feazell

    Richard Jr. m. Mary Thompson

    Mary m. ____Craddock

Richard Tyree's second Wife

Virginia    ___________


     Joseph (Funeral Home operator in Oak Hill, WV)




7. JAMES DAVIS b. l848 Fayette Co., Va.


.8. REBECCA J. DAVIS M. JOHN EVANS (lived at Cirtsville)last child of Davis Peter and Susannah Davis

No Doubt, 2 other children of Peter and Susannah Meadows Davis were:


see above info.

9  Mary Polly married Edward Vandal Sept 12,l823 Greenbrier Co.

10.  Thomas  married" Jamina Vandal  were children of Abraham Vandal, Founder of Fayetteville.



Notes on Peter Davis

Earliest recorded deed from ELIJAH MEADOWS to Peter then FROM Peter


Wherever Peter and Susannah moved, Jeremiah found with them in the records

From the Glade Creek area l5 miles west of the Richmond Farm at Sandstone in Summers co. on to Pax

1815 Giles Co. Tax Officer reported heads of household in Glade Creek - New River-Little Falls

l. William Meadows

2. Richard Davis History of Raleigh Co.

3. John Bragg

4. Peter Davis

Oct. l7,1803 Jeremiah Meadows m. Ester Roach (first wife)

Nov. ll, l847 Jeremiah Meadows married Celina Johnson by Rev. Jno. Bragg


1810-l820 Peter Davis Greenbrier Co. living just below Big Bend, on the New River just

below Hinton on Squire Wm. C. Richmond farm.

Election for new courthouse FAYETTEVILLE (History of Fay.Co.-The Great Falls)

Peter Davis and Jeremiah Meadows VOTED FOR Abraham Vandal against S.Tyree


1840 Census Fayette Co. - Paint Creek (Later called Pax)

PETER DAVIS l female aged 70 - 80 2 males younger

JEREMIAH MEADOWS l male between 70 - 80 and l male between 15-20



Family of

SAMUEL L. DAVIS (b) ABT 1827 Virginia - married Lucinda Obedient "LUCY" TYREE (DTR. OF SATTERWHITE AND RHODA TAYLOR

TYREE) she born 9 Nov. l827   death   l-31-08

Both buried John W. Davis Cemetery

Maple Fork, Raleigh County



A. JOHN DAVIS m. Nancy Powers(Nancy B. l5 Jan l857 Floyd CoV)








REBECCA M. NOAH ROLES(no children)




    Clara Bell



    Pauline (Mrs. Fred Arthur)






WILLIAM DAVIS Never married


DAVIS (his cousin son of Wm) once home from Prison, John Davis tried invain to secure a medical cure for his son, but to no avail. Bill died in l9l6. He requested the family build a box and fill it water in order to baptize him. They did so, hauling the water on horse-drawn carts from the creek.

Finally, Bill asked that Lawson's wife, Della come to his bedside. John W. Davis rode to Weirwood in a horse -buggy to ask her to come, she agreed.

She went to Bill's bedside, returning from his room with tears in her eyes, he had ask her to forgive, and she had. He died early the next morning.

Mom and her younger sister, Jenny Bell remembered the day of the shooting. They were playing on the front porch when Bill finished work, cleaned up, saddled his horse and left. He mussed their hair as he stepped past them. Bill road off getting a good ways from the house, when he returned, having forgotten his pistol which he put in the pocket of his jacket,mounted the horse and was gone.

Before dark, Aunt Neally (Cornelia Bowyer Davis) came to the crest of the hill and yelled for Becky who was home alone with the smaller children born to John W Davis and his 2nd wife, Virginia Bowyer Davis. Becky went into the yard to answer Aunt Neally and to have her yell the AWFUL NEWS THAT BILL HAD SHOT AND KILLED LAWSON DAVIS. Becky and the little ones, not knowing what to do, just spent the evening crying and clinging to each other. Aunt Nealy walked back to her house. It would be morning before Becky and the others would find out the details.

It does not take a specialist in family dynamics to see the destruction to the family of John W.Davis after this shooting. Becky was engaged to marry Prince Tyree, a relative of Louden Tyree). The shooting ended that relationship and she was left to marry Noah Roles - 27 years her junior.

The children of John W., and Virginia were quickly "married off" to men who were strangers to the community and in the area working for cash wages in local coal mines.

Mom was married on Christmas Day, l915 at the home the preacher, Rev. Amos Bailey, the father of Josie who married Joseph Tyree. They made their home there for decades.

There is no record that any of the marriages were held at the John W.Davis home place and no one has any knowledge of him attending any of their weddings.

From an Early Tin Type Left to Right: John W. - Henry - their father, Samuel L. Davis



John W Davis was a prosperous saw mill operator. Finally, being able to ship by rail from Pax, his lumber was bought by the finest furniture makers in and around Detroit.

His son, William, "Bill" was his "heir apparent". Bill had the reputation of being the best saw mill man around. John W. traveled often to Detroit meeting with buyers. Often,

he would purchase entire rooms of furniture and have it shipped for his home.


John W. Davis also owned a Saloon in Mt. Hope abt. 1900. It is was believed  that the fire that destroyed Mt. Hope in 1910 probably burned the Saloon which was not rebuilt.

Sparrell Davis m. Gertie Bowyer Davis

Made his home in the homeplace where his children

Children of Sparrell and Gertrude Bowyer Davis:

            Howard (Tine)





            Jane "sis"


            Dorothy Mae


Elizabeth "lizzie" m. John Catlett They made their home

in the originial John W Davis homeplace near the

Family cemetery.  Children of John and Eliz. Davis Catlett are:


John Thomas

        Erma Jean

        An invalid son who lived abt 2 years

        Verna June

Norma Jewell

        Richard Adair

PRUDA MAE m. Omer Bowyer

    Herbert Allen "Tom"

    James Lawrence

    Omer Jr. "Bob"

    Bill Joe an invalid son who lived abt

    2 yrs.buried John W Davis cem

    Betty and a 2nd dtr. Mary Ruth




    Carl Jr.

    Lucille (Mrs. Arthur Hurd)

    Louise (Mrs. Carl Ellis)

    An invalid son who lived about 2 yrs

    Lodema (Mrs. Jr. Addison)

    Lula Bell (Mrs. Don Legg)



It does not take a specialist in family dynamics to observe the destruction of this family once Bill did the terrible murder. The dtrs of Virginia Bowyer Davis were "married off" as early as possible to men who were in the area working for cash wages  at the coal mines .

Of these weddings,, and none of them were held at the home but instead, the girls went

to home of a local preacher where the groom was waiting for the ceremony.


#2.ALEXANDER (Marriage date Apr.9,1888)

M. MARY ELIZABETH KINCAID "MOLLY" their home on road past Jenny Bell

and Carl Pittman's at Maple Fork.

Molly KINCAID dtr/o Morris Kincaid whose home was beyond Lizzie Catlett's to the last property. Family cemetery on that property.

Their dtr. Allie married Andy Tyree, son of Louden and Delonia Bowyer Tyree

At the date of their marriage:

Alex. Davis age l9 years 11 months

Molly Kincaid age l4 years and l month

Both born Raleigh Co. info given by Henry Davis


Children of Alex. And Molly were:


Allie m. Andy Tyree, son of Louden and Delonia Bowyer Tyree

       Tennis  m. Margie

       Barbara m. Bill  Jewel

Amanda "Mandy" m. Mason Tyree, son of Newton Tyree

    Madge m. Willis Davis (Bradley)

    Lucille m. Jr. Kincaid (Calif)

    Bobby m. Eliz. Barley (Calif)

    Mandy and Mason lived on the Geo. Burn Bowyer Rd. at Maple Fork (last house)

        Pearl Davis ( info unknown)

        Ward Davis lived at Scarbro wife and children unknown

        Ira m. lived at Shady Springs wife and children unknown     

      Samuel m. Delphia Worrell from Sand Branch lived at Maple Fork on what is now

    Delphia Road.

Their children included:

    Ruby (deceased)

    Doris m. Bill Marcus lives at Maple Fork

    Ella June m. Jack Treadway lives at Maple Fork

    Larry lives at Maple Fork

    Donald lives at Daniels

    Billy lives on homeplace

    Glen " " "

    Dreama " "

Alex and Molly Davis buried in  the Sam. Davis Cem. on Delphia Rd. at Maple Fork homeplace cemetery


#3. WILLIAM married Elizabeth Humphrey of Pax. Where they made their home

located right of TP from Pax to Beckley. Large 2 story white house.

William born l847 married 27 Nov. l865


    Buren Davis lived at Pax married Marie Horch

        Mary Ann Davis Gallagher lives in his homeplace

        Marquerite lives with Mary Ann

Seymour had "NEED MORE SALOON' at Cirtsville

Garfield buried at Wm. Davis homeplace cemetery

Lewis m. Rhoda Tyree Jan 22,1902

He was 29 years old

She was 21

Lewis was son of Wm. & Eliz. Humphrey Davis

Rhoda was dtr/o Richard and Virginia Tanner Tyree


Their children



        Hartzell (dtr)



    Mary    Francis m. George Givens lived at Maple Fork

                Emmie m. Price Davis

                Joy  m.  Grady Angle




Carrie m. James Maynor




  Grace m. James Shrewsbury



            Nancy Ellen

            Martha Ann


Lewis m. Rhoda Tyree





 Garfield m. Ollie Sweeney after her death, he m. Alberta Painter 







Seymour (William Evertte) m. Emma Tolber




            Betty Jean

Buren m. Marie Horch

        Mary Ann m. Michael Gallagher

        Marquerite m. 2nd husband, Jack Moore




B. 1861               D.1944

                                                                                                                                                                          Sister to Delonia (Louden Tyree's wife   

also to Virginia Bowyer, wife of John W. Davis

Henry's Brother.(for a complete list of her family, see second Bowyer file)

     2 Brothers of Cornelia  lived on Maple Fork too,

 They were Elbert Bowyer m. Eliza Tyree (dtr/o Garland)

George Burn Bowyer m. Sarah, sister to John W.Davis

    children of Henry and Cornelia "Neely" Bowyer Davis

           James L. "Pete"  born 1890 left for Texas as a young man

            went into WWI,  returned to NYC 1918, fell victim of

            the  flu epidemic, died, taken to San Antonia, Tx for burial

          Nancy  m.  Lawson  Williams

        Russell  Davis m. Pearl ________She died in childbirth.

        Russell  then married MATTIE, youngest dtr. of William Newton ( Bub) and Lena  Fleshman Davis from

        Maple Fork


Henry and Nealy died within 24 hours of each other in  1944, buried at the

John W Davis Cemetery at Maple Fork. Russell and both wives

Are also buried there.


burial site Henry and Cornelia Bowyer Davis, their son Russell standing with hat extreme right



    Children of Russell and Mattie Davis are:

            Leah Francis (lives Winona)

            James (decased)

            Gaylean m. lives Winston-Salem NC.

            Bub m. lives near Cleveland, Ohio

            Lotus m. Shirley Treadway lives Sand Branch

            Jane Louise m. Gay Treadway " " "

            Lena Bell lives Statesville, NC.

           Lucy Mae m. (2 sons) lives Statesville, NC

The last 2 children born to HENRY AND CORNELIA  WERE:

Twins were born in Aug. 28,l893 named Cleao and Cudy.

Cleao d. 3 July l894

Cudy d. 6 Mar l896




Nancy Davis m. Lawson Williams lived at Maple Fork

Just beside the newest church.

    Clearance m.Eunice McGowan

    Constance m. Georgia Maynor of Clear Creek.

    Calvin m. Ruth Hurd (deceased) lived at Mt. Hope

    Clifford m. Opal (deceased) lived at Maple Fork sons Jack/Others


NANCY DAVIS had 2 children prior to her marriage to Lawson Wms.

    Madge m. Deck Davis son of Bub Davis Maple Fork

                Ted (deceased) m. Dolly " "

                Ivan " m. Ida of Oak Hill

                Margaret lives in Barboursville


Carmen Davis m. NormaDewitt lived in Ohio (deceased)






P.O. STOPPED IN l926 when mail delivered from Mt. Hope RFD. His home was a large 3 story house on the right on the first property on the Davis Cemetery Rd at Maple Fork. There too, he had a store which he operated until the house was destroyed by fire. By that time, a hard surface road served Maple Fork. Then, he

Built a store along that road where he and his wife lived in a smaller house near the store.

There is a store on that property today at Maple Fork. Their son, Russell, built his home on the original homeplace site.

#5. Mary Susan Married Ben Feazell
      Eleck - Louise - Virginia (married Charles Maynor - Child: Azil)
      Celia (married John Maynor- Child:Lillian and Tyree)
                                Azil and Lillian were family history experts.
      May have been other Childeren
      Buried at John W, Davis Cem. at Maple Fork

#6. MARTHA DAVIS married John Feazell

B. l857

1880 Census shows Martha living in her parents home (Samuel/Lucy

Tyree Davis)

Martha listed as 22 years old WIDOW

                    Ruth S. (4 years old in l880) Feazell (married Ed Humphrey)

May have been other Feazell children-later Census ref.

Matha's second marriage to JAMES JACKSON CRADDOCK in Nov l882. Their home large 2 story landmark

Home on the right before the Maple Fork Church across from the Samuel Davis home.

they are buried at Pax near the former High School in the bottom right corner.

JACK CRADDOCK no doubt, brother to Ruth Susan who m.Granville Tyree Jr.

Martha and Jack Craddock children

    Rebecca m. Wilbur Tyree son of Newton lived in home place

            James: Killed in mining accident at Garden Ground

            John Thomas Catlett (Lizzie's son) survived.

    Rhoda "Choochie" married Sherman Tyree son of Granville Jr.

                Versal m. lived in Port Royal Va.(deceased)

                Russell m. Edith Wriston (deceased)

                            Son "Little Russ" lives in Beckley (midget)
Mary (married ______ Moore)
WIlliam Craddock (married Dora Tyree Dtr. of Newton Tyree)                 

Martha Davis and Husband Jack Craddock

#7.JANE DAVIS m. Abner "Ab" Toney lived near Samuel and Lucy's home

B. l850 in Fayette co (Pax)

    Their children:

        Robert "Bob" Toney

        (May have been other children)


Reference to Abner Toney in Okey Stover's book, "History of Upper Paint Creek"

"Samuel Davis and Lucy Tyree Davis helped each of their children with a large

gift of land at Maple Fork and helped them build their home(each had landmark

house) then expected them to do well. If they did not do well, Samuel and Lucy

left them alone, having nothing else to do with them."

A quote in the book from Abner Toney,( m. Jane Davis.) "Before the marriage,

Samuel Davis called me 'Abner'. After the wedding, it was 'Ab' and hardly



#8.SARAH DAVIS m. George Burn Bowyer (brother to Virginia w/of John W. Davis)

Sarah was a sister to John W Davis therefore, their children were double first cousins.

B. l8 Jan l865 Fayette Co. Pax

D. 24 Jan l920 Buried at John W. Davis Cem. At Maple Fork

Marriage date 6 Dec, l884

Geo. Burn B. 8 Sept. l864 Died 6 Dec. l929

Their property situated from hard road at Maple Fork west along the Burn Bowyer Rd.

Toward Sand Branch running almost to the Rock Quarry.

    Their Children were: Andrew Bowyer buried Tyree/Ream Cem. Maple Fork

    m. Ellen Tyree( see photo of Andy  driving Model T below)

    John m. Jessie both deceased

            4 children  are


        John Herbert of Sand Branch

        Jane ( no other infor)

        Hilda (no other info)

John Bowyer Owal and Tilden

Tillden m Maxine - Jo Ann and Ruth (no other info)           

Til buried at John W. Davis Cem'                                       

When I took my first job with Ben Lewis in Mt. Hope,       

I rode to work in the mornings with Til.         

Model T, first car purchased on Maple Fork by Geo. Burn Bowyer and Sarah Davis Bowyer, son Andy driving



His kindness to me will always appreciated.                       


Ruth Susan m. James Martin                       

    Son: Ira m ___________lived at Sun (deceased)

         children  of  Ira Martin

            Phillip lives Pax                                              

                Pat  lives in Md.                           

Below, dtrs. of George Burn Bowyer/Sarah Davis bowyer. Ruth Susan Holding son Ira Martin,  Delonia, Macie on their homeplace



            Judy  works in real estate                                           

            And other children                                               






Macie m. Emmit  Bowyer (Brother to Omer Bowyer)

    Sarah m. Harlowe Wms. (deceased) sev. Children

    Gladys m. Mike Yoakie at Scarbro buried Oak Hill

                Son: Mike Jr (deceased) buried with Dad

    Irene m. Herman Pittman lives at Maple Frk.

    Owel Bowyer m Junita Painter (deceased) Oel lived at Cirtsville and built a church on the

    Right just as you travel toward Spruce Mtn. see above photo of Owel


Mae m. Jim Vick lived on corner of the home property Maple Fork

Near Macie also lived on a corner of the home property.

Children of Mae and Jim Vick (Jim ran a beer garden where

    Evelyn's house was later built)

    Mike (deceased)

    James lives Baltimore. His 1st wife Treadway (deceased)

    George "Bubby" lives in Beckley area

    Evelyn m. David Godbey live in Mae's home

    Delores "sissy" lives in Calif.

    Dallas, her oldest son m, no children buried at

    John W Davis cem.


Delonia "Lonie"  married  Otto  Pruitt

    l. dtr. Dolly m. Price Brock lived at

    Weirwood with their 4 sons






Elizabeth "Lizzie" m. Robert Lafferty had


l. dtr. Kathleen m. _____ Lively

Robert Lafferty was killed in a RR. Accident, however, before

His death, he and Lizzie lived near Mom and Dad near

Sophia in that Gulf coal mining area of Ral. Co. when "Tom"

(oldest son of Omer/Prudie Bowyer) was an infant. In late

l9l9 or so, Mom (Pruda Bowyer) was stricken with the Spanish

Flu that swept through the nation killing thousands of people

Following W W I. She often spoke of how very kind Robert

Lafferty's family was to her during that crisis illness.

Mom was a miracle survivor of that epidemic.


After Robert Lafferty's death, Lizzie m. Charles

Hamilton They lived in upper Maple Fork with

Sons: William and Charles and dtr. Ruby.


Lucy m. Jim Cottle both buried Tyree/Bream Cem. Maple Fork

Their children: Samuel/Ralph/Don/and "Wash"

Dtrs. Were Madaline and Pearl


Harrison m.  Lula lived at Cirtsville (home taken by TP)

Children: Henry single (deceased)

Margie (deceased)

Aston lives at Cirtsville

Other children unknown


Henry died in infancy. Family saying to make point"Hate God and

'Little" Henry." Also beauty, "Prettier than fruit in a jar"


George Burn Bowyer and Sarah Davis Bowyer owned the FIRST AUTOMOBILE

On Maple Fork. Their son, Andrew, "Andy" drove it for them. When they

Approached a curve, Aunt Sarie would say, reportedly , "Blow my horn Andy."

George Burn sold timber to purchase the auto.

Land given to them by Sarah's Father, Samuel Davis, who likewise, gave each

Of his children a sizely number of acres since he owned most of Maple Fork







John Washington Davis b. l0 Oct. l859

d. 24 Mar.l926            Married l7 June l880 Ral. Co.

FIRST MARRIAGE TO; Nancy Ann Powers  b. 15 Jan l857 Floyd Co., Va. d. 20 Feb 1892


WV TURNPIKE   (A LARGE TWO STORIED HOUSE).She too is buried at John W. Davis Cemetery at Maple Fork


#l. Martha Davis

b. 17 Apr. l878

d. 12 Oct. l882 buried at John W.Davis Cemetery, Maple Fork

#2. Luther Jackson Davis

b.30 Mar 1882 Raleigh Co.

d.  abt. 1940

Luther was an engineer on the  Virginia RR on  

The Paint Creek Run.

Having been injured in a train wreck, he died of injuries soon there afterwards.

MARRIED TO: Belva WILLIAMS dtr/o Rev. Tom Williams . Her mother.

was a Maynor whose father

owned a store at the mouth of Sand Branch at Maynor.

At the time of his death, Luther and his family were living in Athens, W.V.


    Gladys m. Ed. Carmen lived Crab Orchard,WV

    Both are buried at John W.Davis Cem. Maple Fork.

                Several children incld. Forest/Nancy/Jim Bob/Sam

    Margaret m. ____Wiley from Bluefield WV

    Jean     (spouse  unknown)

    Leah    M_____________Farmer  lived  in   Mullens, WV.

    Clifford lived near Itmann,WV was mine superintendent.

    Thomas never married


#3.George Washington Davis

b. 6 Sept., l883

d. after l960

Died in Florida

Married Blanche Tyree (Blanche's sister Lillian,  married Charley Ferrel

Their Mother was Becky Ed. Who lived with Charley

Ferrell and Lil'.  The "Ed" attached to her name, probably identified her husband, no doubt "Ed Tyree" which was a common occurrence at that age.

It is thought this Ed Tyree was the son of Mathew Tyree , no doubt, a brother to Lucinda wife of Samuel Davis

The 2 of them had no children.

They went to Florida early in the dev. of the Fl. RR.  George

 was employed as an engineer.

He and Blanche died at their home in Tampa,Fl.

Both are buried in Florida.

#4. Harve Davis

d. after l960

Married Dorothy Blake dtr/o Preston Blake who lived at the

End of the Hess Lively Rd. at Maple Fork.

Dorothy's sisters included Thelma m. "Gussie" Tyree., son of Joseph Tyree.

Lena m. Hess Davis, Macil m. Geo. Craddock,


Harve and Dorothy buried at Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens Ral.Co.

Harve worked in the mines at Summerlee.

Their home was at the lower end of Maple Fork toward Cirtsville before

crossing the RR tracks on the left, just across the road from Harve's sister

Lucy and her husband, Ed Pittman. Harve worked in the mines in Fay Co.

Their children

    Arnold m. lives in Florida

    William "Bill"/"PeeWee" m lives Michigan died l999

    He is buried in Michigan where his wife and children live.

    Jack m. lived in Ohio deceased buried Heron, Ohio

     Jack and his wife, Nell had l dtr. Denese, who lives in Ohio.

    Athelene m. Jennings Moses from Oak Hill moved to

    Ohio with their l son. Both are buried in Ohio.


b. 22 Feb l887

d. 27 Aprl916

#6.Rebecca Jane Davis m. Noah Roles both buried John W Davis Cemetery

b.abt l887

d. l950s

Married Noah Roles no children 2 dtrs of Noah's by his first wife. One

Lived with Becky - Delphia m. Bill White from South Carolina. They

Had 3 children Willie/James Noah/ Jack.

Becky and Noah also raised Noah's brother Jim;s son, James Roles.

Noah worked in the mines at Kaymoor and at Summerlee in Fay. Co.

They lived on the far side of the John W Davis Farm finally selling it

to the Chapman family and building a house close to the road just

beyond the home of Omer Bowyer at Maple Fork.

Those who knew Becky, admired her cooking skills.

It was she too, who remained in the home to take care of the

4 children born to John W Davis and his second wife, Virginia Bowyer


#7.Lucy Davis m. Edward Pittman lived near RR tracks at Cirtsville on property

given to them by John W Davis

b. 9 Mar. l891

d. after l940

both she and Ed. are buried at the John W Davis cemetery.

Ed. worked as a Blacksmith, finally built a small building near

their house and operated a small grocery store.

Their Children

            Everette single buried John W Davis Cem.

Bevertte m. lived at Beaver buried at the same cem.

            Clara Bell m. Luther Richmond, lived in Baltimore

                        Edward Lee Richmond lives South Sand Branch

                        Lowell Samuel Richmond lives  Ohio


Luther and Clara both buried John Davis Cem.


#8. Mary

b. 20 Feb. l892 (her Mother died birthing her) She was cared for in the home

of her Aunt Jane (m. to Ab. Toney)

d. after l950 buried at John W Davis Cem. At Maple Fork.

Married to :

John Payne who worked in the mines at Oswald where they lived.

It was believed that John died at work and that it was reported by the miners

as an accident in order to ensure WV Workers Compensation

for his family.

Their children:

    Pauline m. Fred Arthur lived at Prosperity,WV (deceased)

    Margaret m lived in Tenn and Ind. (deceased)

    Mildred m. lives near Nashville, Tn.

    June m. lived in Ft. Myers, Fl. (deceased)

    Della m.  lived in Fla.  She and her husband  worked  in a mission field in


After John Payne's death, Mary and her dtrs. moved to Kilsyth. Finally,

Mary lived with her dtr. June at Maple Fork where she worked as a

cook at the Price Hill School when I was a student there.

As a new born infant, Mary was taken to her Aunt Jane's

home where she was cared for until John W. Davis'(her father)

second marriage.




Virginia was :

b. 25 March l872 in Summers Co.

d, 12 Feb. l90l of pneumonia

buried at John W. Davis Cem. At Maple Fork

She was the dtr of Andrew Lewis and Nancy Jane Kirby Bowyer

Of Forest Hill in Summers Co.

Her sisters were Cornellia m. Henry Davis (Brother of John W.)

Delonia m. Louden Tyree

Maggia m. Wm. B. Shanks remained in Summers Co

Her brothers were: Elbert Bowyer m. Eliza Tyree, lived Maple Fork

Geo. Burn Bowyer m. Sarah Davis (sister to John W.) lived at Maple Fork.

Bibb Bowyer remained in Summers Co.

Rebecca Bowyer m.  Henry Tyree lived in Hinton,WV

Other family members remained in Summers Co.,(see complete list under second Bowyer file)


John W. Davis built the present homeplace for his wife, Virginia,

After they had lived in his older home located where the present day

house of Lizzie Catlett is on road to the cemetery.

My mother, Pruda Mae Davis, was the first child born in the new

house in 1898 .





#l. Sparrel Davis m. Gertie Bowyer dtr. of Walter and Virginia McDowell Bowyer

 (sister of Omer Bowyer)

Born l894   D.   l967 buried John W Davis Cem.

He and Gertie lived in the John W. Davis home place where his

youngest child, Dorothy Mae, makes her home with her

husband, Mach Ellison.

    Howard m. Lockie Worrell of Sand Branch

    Several children lived at Maple Fork

    Troy m. Bernice Wingate

    Lois Ann m. lives in Washington,D.C.

    Susan, died about 8 years old

    Frankie died in infancy

    William Roger, m. lives in their home-

    At Maple Fork with wife and 3 children

    Jeff Adair m. lived at Maple Fork

    Jeff Adair buried at John W Davis Cem.

Two other children died in early childhood, they are:

Frankie and Susie.


Jeff Davis single killed in timbering accident

working for Noah Roles.

    Harold Davis m. Mary Whitebird, lives in Minn.

    Harold served in WW II as a Ranger landing on Normandy of D Day

    John Walter Davis m. lived in N.C.with wife Pauline _____ from McDowell Co.,WV

                1 dtr. Victoria

  John W. and Pauline buried Beckley (Sunset)


David Darrell m. Margaret Maynor from Sand

Branch live at Maple Fork near the homeplace.


Jane, stricken with paralysis as a young child.

"Sis" lived as an invalid for the rest

of her life of more than 30 years.

Buried at John W Davis Cem.


Dorothy Mae m. Mach Ellison live in the John

W. Davis homeplace which she inherited from

her father, Sparrel. 3 children

    Mackie m. lives in Kansas City

    Johnnie m. lives near home

Rose m. lives near home


#2.  Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" m. John Catlett lived in the first homeplace of John W Davis at Maple Fork.

b. l897

d. l980s

John Catlett worked in the coal mines near Scarbro . He became ill and

Spent much of his last years in the hospital at Beckley. He and Lizzie

Are buried at the John W Davis cemetery.

Their children:

    Russell m. Maxine Stamper from Pax

    Several children lived near Lizzie


    An invalid child lived abt 2 yrs. B. John W Davis Cem


    Irma Jean m. Curley Allen lives at Stanaford, Ral.Co.

    3 children

    Verna June m. Gene Adkins (first husband) they had 3 children.


    John Thomas m. Kathy ____from NYC no children

    Lives near Lizzie's home.

    Norma Jewell m. Lloyd Stover. He was violently killed   

    In an auto accident in the early l990s.

    Jewell moved from their home in Crab Orchard to


They had 4 children   

                        Renee m. lives at Maynor,WV

                        Karroll m. lives at Maple Fork

                        Ernie lives in Beckley

                        Randy lives at Maple Fork

Richard Adair, Lizzie's youngest b. l938

m. Johnnie Lynn ____from Baltimore.

They live at Maple Fork with 4 children

Adair had 2 sons by a former marriage

To Glenna Armstrong. (no info)

Adair was a well-known  mine belt repairman,

owning his own company until his retirement

only a few years ago.

#3. Pruda Mae Davis m Omer Bowyer 25 Dec. l915 at the Joe. Tyree home at Maple Fork where The Rev. Amos Bailey, Josie Tyree's father lived.

Used John W Davis' buggy drawn by team of white mules.

Becky Davis and Jenny Bell went with them.

b. 20 Jan l898

d. 2l Sept l990 She and Omer buried at Blue Ridge Gardens Prosperity.

They went to housekeeping at Weirwood, where their oldest

Child Herbert Allen "Tom" was born, delivered by

Dr. Bruce who took an epileptic fit while delivering the child.

Herbert Allen b. l917 d. after l990

The coal at Weirwood proved unmarketable, so they moved to the

The "Gulf" coal minining region near Sophia in Ral. Co. before they moved to Nuttalburg in the New River Gorge of Fayette Co.

There , a Mr. White was superintendent of mines.

I wonder if he was kin to Sarah White, Omer's Grandmother.

Both spoke of his thoughtfulness to them. For example, they had

the first kitchen sink with running water in the camp, This mines

was owned by Henry Ford of Ford Motor fame. It was called Fordson

Coal Company. Shut down in the mid l930s. While living there, Dad kept

pigs under the floor. Since the house was perched on a hill, this was easily

done, but the occupants had to be especially quiet or they would awaken

the pigs who would make a frightful noise.

Mom would bring her baby Tom and then Tom and Jim back home to Maple Fork to visit her family by boarding the train at Nuttalburg to Pax. There she'd be met by a family member and driven home or walk to he sister's home (Lucy Pittman) and wait for

a ride up Maple Fork. When her youngest sister (Jenny) lived nearby, they would make the trip home together.

Herbert "Tom" served in the Engineer Corp of the U.S., Army in

WW II receiving the PURLE HEART at the Bridge at

REMAGEN at the Rhine River Crossing by the allies.

James Lawrence was born there abt l920

Jim would develop the Bowyer Mine Supply business in Layland.

Omar  Bowyer, ."Bob" was born there

Nov. 30,l926.

Omar was a veteran of WW II serving in Berlin at the time

of the German surrender. Received his education after

WW II, and soon thereafter, went to work for the National

Radio Observatory where he continued to be employed

the time of his death in Aug. l999.


Bill Joe was born between abt l930. He was

An invalid child who lived only a few years and is

Buried at the John W. Davis cemetery.

Mom often said, Bill Joe was the prettiest baby she had.


Mom and Dad lost their life-savings when the bank at Thurmond

closed in the early l930s. There they had $350 or so dollars.

The Pres. Of the Bank at Thurmond was William D., one of the

brothers who organized Thumond's Raiders, a Confederate force,

In the Civil War. The name of the town of Thurmond was named

for them. Capt. Phillip Thurmond was killed in a battled near

Winfield in Putman Co with 27 of his troops during the Civil War.


Upon that loss, Omer Bowyer bought the place at Maple Fork by

forging his Mother's name to the loan document as a surety for

total price or

Purchase price of $750. Grannie never knew that happened!

They moved to Maple Fork in a home purchased from a Mr. Coleman

The land was (formerly) apart of the Henry Davis property. Dad worked for New

River/Pocahontas Coal Co. at Kaymoor, in Fayette Co. in the New River Gorge driving the 24 miles each way, each day. Carl Pittman, Noah Roles and others, rode with him  finally in his last truck, a black l941 Chevrolet pick up.

Mom had enjoyed living at Nuttaburg, and never really wanted to move.

She enjoyed the social exchanges with neighbors, the daily walk to the company store

with Jenny Bell or others. There, she found the very first processed food for sale in

tin cans. At first, it was primarily canned tomatoes and canned peaches. These 2 food

items would be life long favorites of both Mom and Dad. She could make a tomatoe dumpling dish that was simply delicious. It truly was Dad's favorite food.

put canned tomatoes that had been sweetened to taste into a hot iron skillet, criss-

crossing it with strips of thin biscuit dough, cover , simmer until dough is done.

At Maple Fork, they had 2 other children:

Betty Vanyla b. Aug l3,l932 d. June 29,l989

m. Charles E. Canterbury of Mt. Hope

2 sons Steven and Kevin Canterbury

    After their divorce, Betty married  Robert "Bob" Brown.

Betty's ashes in the foot of Dad's grave.

Mary Ruth Bowyer b. May 2,l937 single works for Kan. Co.Bd. of Ed

Lives in Charleston, W V.


#4. Virginia Bell "Jenny" Bell m. Carl Pittman lived at Maple Fork following

almost the same work pattern and living arrangement at her

sister Pruda.

b. Oct. l90l, she was 6 weeks old or so, when her Mother developed

pneumonia and died. Jenny stayed with Aunt Nealy and

Uncle Henry Davis for a few years in her early infancy.

d. Early l990s.

She and Carl are buried in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens

Their children:

Lucille m. Arthur Hurd they lived in the

Washington,D.C. area while their 4 children

Were small.

Lucille now lives in the Maple Valley Estates,

Arthur, deceased.

    Herman m Irene Bowyer live at Maple Fork with

Their 3 children.(Diane, Lloyd, and Louis).

Their dtr, Diane, a well-known evanglist

Herman served in WWII seeing action in the

Appine Mtn area of Italy.

    Carl Jr. m. Shirley Mase live at Bradley

    Louise m. Carl Ellis (he deceased) lives at

Cranberry where her 2 children grew up.

An invalid child lived abt 2 yrs. Buried at. John W Davis Cem

    Lodema m. Jr. Addison live at Maple Fork near

The Tyree/Bream cemetery.

    Lulu Bell "Pat" m. Don Legg (he deceased) Don was badly

injured when the New River Coal Mines exploded at

Siltex in Mt. Hope. Pat lives in

Oak Hill but lived at Maple Fork while her 3 children

were growing up.

    Benny b. l938 lives at Maple Fork with his 2nd. Wife.

He had l son Randy who lives in another state.

Randy's dtr. Is an outst. actress who has

starred in several feature length movies

made for TV.

Jenny Bell and Carl's home was located beside the newest

Church at Maple Fork.


From Peter and Susannah Davis time in the late l700s and early l800s,

it can be observed that the people of the mountains saw sudden and dramatic

changes to their way of life (culture).

On the land, the family was a productive unit depending on each member to fulfill his role to ensure the survival of the group.

Abandoning the land to go to the coal mines where men and boyus could work for cash wages changed every aspect of the lives of the people.,

The family became a consuming group. Those who could not work at the mines had little if an value in the group. However, it was thought to be "bad luck"

if a female went inside a coal mines.

Men worked in the most hazardous conditions and now suddenly, the

inheritance change from the youngest son living on the land taking care of his

aging father, inheriting the homeplace, now life expectancy for  men  dropped

dramatically. Suddenly it was the youngest dtr. taking care of the aging mothers.

Women of the past suffered loss of life at childbirth, now had a coal camp doctor attending the birthing. She was living longer, but not so the men

Sons went to work at the mines forsaking any plans to go to school. My own father went to work in the mines at age 11 taking care of the mules used to pull the coal from the pits to the surface. When he was about 5 or 6 or so, his family lived at Toney

Fork on Coal River. There the Presbyterian church sent 2 missionary women to help .(SEE  PHOTO)

That little boy built their fires daily for them, and in exchange, they taught him to read, write and do sums. That was the extent of his education.

The very first day of my teaching career, I past that church enroute to Clear Fork High School , As humbly as I knew how, I looked at that church and whispered

'THANK YOU" I think I did the same thing every day for 4 years that I taught there.

As the mines failed and began to close one after the other in the l930s Great Depression, I can feel the desperation he and others must have felt in their urgency to buy a few acres of land and get their families back on the soil where they could survive.

That group of coal miners who lived at Maple Fork, including Dad, Carl Pittman, Noah Roles, and a neighbor, Carl Bryant were best of friends. They rode to work together and they shared the work of their farming efforts at home with each other.


On Thanksgiving Day for example, that group of men would get together early in the morning and go from one of their homes to the other to slaughter the

family's pig so the meat could be preserved for winter.

As we think of that holiday today, we think turkey on the table.

Not so then, it was liver, fresh from the slaughter yard, and it was so good.

My sister, Betty Bowyer, Canterbury, Brown, was one to stand behind a

corner just waiting for me to walk by so she could jump out and scare me. One

late Thanksgiving eve. she thought she heard me coming toward the kitchen door.

She jumped behind it, and leaped out to scare Carl Bryant half to death while he

was carrying l/2 a hog taking it to the tables to be salted and stored.

Needless -to-say, that ended my older sister's bad habit of scaring me

every time I walked past!

She and I were fortunate to have grown up with one foot on the land and the other getting readied by a new and different world of work that was for us too.

On the land, chances came slowly over long periods of time. Once

a cash based economy was begun, change occurred quickly catching people off guard and unprepared to cope with it.

No doubt that is why we enjoy the search for our ancestors. We can see how they handled change. For whatever reason, I have truly enjoyed digging up my roots!



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