Davis Family History



Virginia Caroline McDowell born: 1860/1861 in Monroe Co., WV.

Married: Walter Preston Bowyer 4 March 1879

In Summers Co.

post card sent to Virginia C Bowyer at Oswald,WV on the back it reads:  Jenie, Here is one of my cards if you want some of them you can send me .40 cents and I will order you 6 cards and a good magazine one year with your name or any one you wish  the flowers are all  a like  (they were living in Oswald abt. 1900)



Died: Dec., 1945 in Cirtsville, (Fayette Co)                  

in the home of her son                                                 

William and his second wife                                        

Annie. They lived up Bee                                            

Branch Hollow off the                                                

Long Branch Rd. near Pax.

Some years after their marriage, they then came into the Fayette Co. area where Walter had been born.

He worked in various coal mines in the area. They were living at Sun where

He worked when their youngest child, Gertrude, was born  - all of their other children were

born in Marie in Summers Co.


Virginia was the dtr. of : HUGH McDOWELL AND

NANCY ALLEN m. 25 Oct. 1803

Hugh and Nancy lived in Summers Co., where he was employed as a public school teacher. They are buried at Low Gap Meth. Churchyard on Zion Mtn. Rd. above Hinton


HUGH WAS BORN 1830 in Virginia

M. 8 Jan 1852

D. 30 Aug. 1902

NANCY ALLEN was born: May 1832

Died: 1907


JOHN L. (age 11 in 1870 Census of Monroe Co.) buried 

at Low  Gap Un. Methodist churchyard on  zion mtn.

VIRGINIA C. (age 9 in 1870 Census of Monroe Co.) buried at John

W. Davis Cemetery at Maple Fork.

ELIZABETH J. (age 6 same record) m. a Ballard, buried in Ballard

Cemetery on Rt. 219 South of Union, W V

GASTON (not shown in the 1870 census) Came to Cirtsville SEE PHOTOS

Home of Virginia’s in his old age, His  first   marriage  was to the widow  of  Caleb  Allen.  They   were  the parents of 3 children(1 dtr. and 2 sons) They lived in Penn. until his wife died He   Married Alice Treadway and was divorced

soon afterwards.  He Lived in a shanty near the Sand Branch

Maynor Rd. Intersection. During his last illness, Dad

stayed l night with him and Emertt stayed the next

night to care for him until his death. He is

buried in the Tyree/Bream Cemetery at Maple Fork.    SEE  PHOTOS

No other marriages were known, until a recent inquiry

was received from his Grt. Grandson, Paul McDowell

who presently lives in Pa.

JASPER Lived in Hinton, worked for the rr.   Married a

local Vass girl – no known children. Both are buried in the

City of Hinton Cemetery on top of the mtn above the town.

Jasper was a tall, handsome, well-dressed man when he came

to our house on several occasions when I was a child.


NANCY ALLEN McDOWELL was the dtr. of George Allen and Margaret Null.

She was the granddtr. of Samuel Allen who lived in Monroe Co on lands

awarded him for service in the Am Rev. War. He earned a pension and

Lived to be a very old man. Pension record show him at age 99 living in

the home of George Allen (his son).

Samuel Allen came to the U.S. on board a troop ship from England where

was a soldier sent here to fight the Colonist. He turned sides immediately

upon arrival in this country, and fought the Brittish at King’s Mtn. S.C.,

The Battle of 96 and at The Battle at Guliford Courthouse near present

Day Greensboro, N.C. for the colonies. There he fought along side of Wm. Kirby (Mom’s

Many great Grandfather. Both were successful soldiers who were awarded

Grants of land in the Western Mtns. for service to the colonies. They

settled near each other in Monroe, Co. W.V.

Nancy’s mother was MARGARET NULL b.l785 Monroe Co. died: l864.

She is a relative of the famous Nicholas Null of Rev. War fame.


JOHN Mc DOWELL father of Hugh Mc Dowell also had the following children:


Overton C.

Ellen J



John McDowell born in IRELAND l787

Came to IRISH CORNER and taught school there. Irish Corner is

between Alderson and Roncevert near and including

present day Lowell.

Accd. To the W V Heritage Encyclopedia, John McDowell was the

first school teacher in that district. He started teaching in l812 in a

log cabin with a hewn puncheon floor.


Married first wife: Ann Nichols, the mother of his children.


By: Reniers e.t., pp. 159 , l60 "McDowell Cabin"


The McDowells were Scotch-Irish, John McDowell, the Protestant

Pioneer, coming from Cork, Ireland to American abt l784, soon found

his way to Greenbrier County and the little district which was "home"

to so many of his countrymen – the Irish Corner. The log cabin home

still stands (time of book’s publication, l942) high on a hillside two miles south of Ronceverte. It was occupied by his descendants down

to the sixth generation.

After the death of Ann Nichols, John McDowell married for a second time on Nov. 9, l84l to ELIZABETH ERSKINE

Elizabeth was the dtr. of John R. Copeland

and Elizabeth Raines Copeland

It is Elizabeth, his second wife, spoken of in his will

"My beloved wife Elizabeth."



They are:  Samuel - Robert - James - William  and   Polly - and  Nancy.


John is buried in the Second Crk. District of Monroe Co. leaving Ronceverte toward Union,

the cemetry is off that highway on property owned by Samuel Rogers.  (see photos)







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