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(1895 - 1953)

Easter Vera was born on the 16th day of August 1895 in Cleburne County, Alabama.  She was the fourth child brought forth through the union of the late Benjamin and Maggie Boyd.  At an early age, she joined Shady Grove Baptist Church and remained a faithful member throughout her life.  She was also a member of the Eastern Star organization.

Easter dated Earl Russell for a while but she never married.  She became pregnant during their courtship and gave birth to her one and only son Eugene Nelson (Buster to all of us).  As most of the family knows, Papa was very strict when it came to the rearing of the children of his unwed daughters.  If the child's father did not fulfill his respectable duty, then Papa felt that he had no other choice but to become the father figure in the life of his grandchild.  So Easter lived at home where she not only took care of her son, but she also helped to shape and guide the lives of her nieces and nephews.  Not once did she complain about the way her life had turned out.  She just gave her love unconditionally to all who came into contact with her.

Easter worked outside of the home as a maid along with the responsibilities that she took on within the Boyd household.  After working all day, she would come home and with the assistance of her sister Elma, prepare meals and make sure that all the chores were completed.

Easter enjoyed doing some of the simplest things in life such as dipping Bruton snuff, drinking Russian tea, embroidering, making lye soap, eating hot peppers and rabbit.  She and Elma often ate hot pepper sandwiches.  During rabbit season Theola, Lois' husband, would set traps to catch a big buck for her.  On Saturday mornings, he would walk from Silver Run to Jones Hill to bring it to her.  She would pare boil that rabbit, fry it and smother it in brown gravy and serve it over rice with some hot biscuits.  It was so good and it would all just melt in your mouth.

Easter was very close to her relatives and very caring towards her neighbors and friends.  It was not uncommon for her to visit the sick and shut-in or to let someone stay with us when they were down on their luck and needed somewhere to lay their head.  When her cousins (Irene, Lillian and Ella) moved from Jones Hill, each summer when they returned home for a visit she would cook a great big dinner for them before they would leave.

After Paige was born, Easter would rock her every night before she would go to bed.  Paige feet were dragging the floor but Easter continued to do it right up to her death.  On the night of her burial, Paige cried continuously because she wanted to be rocked.  I (Betty) spanked her butt real good because I was not going to do it.  When we all got in the bed (Betty, Poovie, Mary and Paige), the cover kept coming off.  It felt as though someone was pulling on it.  After we all realized that none of us were pulling the cover, it dawned on us that it had to be Easter.  She was not pleased because I spanked Paige and would not rock her.  From that day on, I never laid another hand on her.

Easter was a small woman in size but she had a heart that was full of love and compassion for everyone.  To know her was to love her.

Easter passed away November 6, 1953 at the Regional Medical Center in Anniston.

Eugene (Buster )Boyd and Betty Boyd Singleton