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(1900 - 1988)

Julia was born on December 12, 1900.  She was the sixth of eleven children born to the late Benjamin and Maggie Boyd.  Her brothers and sisters were Benny Woodson, Maude Eliza, Ethel Jane, Easter Vera, Mary Elizabeth, Robert Miles, Jesse Willie, Adella VonCassie, and Lindsay Thomas, who are all deceased, and Elma Allyne, whom resides in Anniston.  She received her education in Cleburne County and the Jenifer area.

In 1933, Julia united in holy matrimony to the late Frank Sistrunk.  Through this matrimony, four children were given the gift of life: Maggie, Maude, Claudia and Victoria.  It started as a family of six for Julia, her husband and children, but through the years, the family has grown, giving her a total of 24 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren.

Not only was she a mother to her children, she was a mother figure and disciplinary person to her grandchildren, great grandchildren and children throughout the community.  If you stayed or played at her house, you obeyed her rules without any back talk.  She was everyone in the community's "Mama" or "Aunt Julie", which is what everyone called her.  She was a respectable lady who was well liked by many.

She was a petite lady, who was very firm, determined and hard working.  She was determined that her family would have food to eat and clothes on their backs.  Therefore, she worked hard upholding a garden and raising farm animals daily to provide for her family.  Even though she had a full time job raising a family, gardening and attending to a farm, she also worked as a housekeeper, did quilting, and canning.  Regardless of what she had to do the night before or the duration of the day, she always had breakfast ready bright and early; consisting of chicken or pork chops, homemade biscuits, eggs, rice and gravy.  "Mama" was determined to do what she had to do for her family, and once her mind was set, there was no changing it.  One time her home caught on fire and she put herself in danger, but bravely continued to go into the burning home to try and save things.  That is the type of person she was, a giving, unselfish person, whose personality and character was great all the time. 

She was a family oriented person who loved to spend time with us.  Whether she was hanging out clothes, picking berries, or getting food out of the garden, she was bound to have a couple of grandchildren or great grandchildren tagging along behind her. 

She was a Christian lady who worked with the missionary and various other church activities.  Not only did she attend church, but she also expressed the importance of going to church to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and when they attended, they knew exactly how to act.  She was a supporter of her husband and children, community and church.  She lived by and believed in the marriage vows that stated, "Until death do us part."  No matter what happened, she always had encouraging words to share.

In January 1988, she was called home to rest by our heavenly father.  She was a mother, wife, friend, and "mama" to some and Aunt Julie to others.  Those who never knew her will never know what they missed, those who knew her will never forget.  Although she is no longer with us the memories of her live on.

    Laurie Sistrunk