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(1910 - 1985)

Born the 10th child of Ben and Maggie Boyd in Cleburne County, Alabama, her formal education was from the Cleburne County school district.  Adella was an avid reader, and as long as I can remember she always had books or magazines in her home.

She was a very good cook and housekeeper.  A quiet person, I never knew her to deliberately hurt anyone's feelings, but she had that temper associated with all the Boyd clan.  When you made her angry you knew she meant business.

Adella was the mother of two daughters, Dorothy and Betty Jane, and one son, James Leo.  When I was a very small child I remember my mother having to go to the doctor quite often.  I was always afraid because the office was always dark and I feared old Dr. Harris.  As I look back I am convinced that my mother suffered from some form of paralysis to her legs.  I remember Elma and Easter rubbing her legs with some form of medication all of the time.

I know of one trait she had and that was brushing her teeth.  She would brush, it seems, up to 20 minutes at a time and when she passed she still had the most beautiful set of natural teeth anyone would want to see.

She loved sports - especially wrestling and baseball.  She didn't need any one to keep her company when those two sports were on.  You could hear her yelling clear across the street when she was watching or listening to a baseball game and with wrestling she would imitate the wrestlers.  She didn't want to be disturbed while she was engaged in her games.

She also enjoyed traveling and after she was able to do so, she was always going someplace with her church group or just going to visit her family.

Dorothy Boyd McKinney

A Perfect Place - Grandmama

(Adella VonCassie Smith)

I think of her often.  I don't hold many childhood memories, but the years can not erase the memory of a perfect place, Grandmama.  Whether sitting on the couch together by the window, staring out at whatever the day might bring, or long walks to town together hand in hand.  Grandmama in her straw hat carrying a handy stick, as she told me stories of times past.  Maybe sitting on her small porch huddled together in silence, when there were no words needed.

I remember peaceful times at her feet clipping away at her aged toenails.  Time that I would sit for hours listening to the Braves games on the radio, or watching wrestling on television, two of her favorite things.

Nothing can replace the time I spent with her in her kitchen as she prepared a loving meal, always from scratch.  Just the little things made this a perfect place.  I even miss her loud snoring at night as I would lay awake beside her with thoughts of this perfect place.

There you could find much love, peace and tranquility.  I long to be there again with Grandmama.  A perfect place.

Tammy Boyd