The History of Ben and Maggie

The History of

Ben and Maggie

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In 1857, Miles and Eliza Boyd became the proud parents of Benjamin Thomas Boyd.  He was born in LaGrange, Georgia.  They also became the proud parents of five other children, Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, Floyd, Henry, and Miles.  The family eventually left LaGrange and moved to Wedowee in Randolph County, Alabama.

While living in Wedowee, Ben met and later married Maggie Smith.  Maggie had two brothers, Hilliard and Bob, and a sister, Phoebe.

The union of Ben and Maggie brought forth eleven children, Benny Woodson (Tucker), Maude Eliza, Ethel Jane, Easter Vera, Mary Elizabeth, Julia Bertha, Robert Miles, Jesse Willie, Elma Allyne, Adella Voncassie, and Thomas Lindsay.

For the most part, the family of Ben and Maggie lived in the area of Munford, Hobson City, and Anniston.  As the children grew up and married, they began to branch out to other cities in Alabama, and then to other states.

Ben Boyd was a strict disciplinarian and his word was strictly adhered to in his house.  If a child was born out of wedlock, the child was brought into the house and raised using the Boyd name.  In most instances, the father of the child was not permitted to the house.

Ben and Maggie were also very religious in the rearing of their children and grandchildren.  They instilled values in all of them that are still treasured today.

All the grandchildren inherited one trait from Ben, biting the finger when angry. He had pet names for most of the grandchildren, also.  Dorothy was Nancy Hank, Betty was Susan Jane, and Buster was Ajax.  At night, the way he would say goodnight was "butting his head against theirs".

Maggie was a small, very reserved woman.  She was the best cook on this side of the Texas border.  She became ill and went to live with Julia in Munford to be near Dr. Harris who would come sometimes twice a day to draw water off of her stomach.  It was said that Maggie had the dropsies.  Today, that condition is known as Congestive Heart Failure.

Maggie died in 1938 in Hobson City.  Ben died several years later in 1947 of complications from pneumonia.  He was sick for only one week.  Ben and Maggie are buried in the Jenifer Cemetery located in Jenifer, Alabama (Talladega County).