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(1911 - 1991)

Curtis Boyd was the son of Ethel Boyd-Turner born on December 4, 1911.  His grandfather, Benjamin Boyd, raised him.  Curtis took on some of the same qualities and characteristics that Ben Boyd displayed.  When angry, he would clench his fist and use the phrase "Dog take your hide." 

In 1933, he met Margaret Miller of Munford, Alabama.  They were married in October of that same year and remained married for 58 years.  From this union six children were born:  Juliette, Bess, Herman, Jimmie, Albert and Elizabeth.  He loved his wife and children, as well as members of his extended family.  He demonstrated his love so often with his generosity, by opening his home to so many. 

Although I was small (Elizabeth), I can still remember when we lived in Markeeta, Alabama.  Daddy worked in an ore mine, but often he would gather us at night and tell us stories. There was no television at this time.  The one I remember most is "Chicken Little" because he animated the sounds of all the characters. 

Daddy was a strong disciplinarian, but it was buffered with love.  He had a hearty laugh that resounded through the house when one of us did something silly, which was often.  He taught his sons to work with their hands and to build things but I don't think he had that in mind when he saw some of the things that Herman and Jimmie made.  He was a mechanic that loved to tinker on cars, carpenter and masonry.  He was a very hard worker and his strong work ethic is instilled in his children and grandchildren today.

Daddy took us to church, even if we didn't want to go.  He was a very religious person and was a Deacon in the church - affectionately called "Deac" by his friends and neighbors.

He taught us to remember where we came from and not to forget our roots.

Daddy departed this life into an "eternal life" on June 27, 1991.

We can say that Curtis Boyd was truly a family man. 

"Dad you are gone but never forgotten…"

Lovingly submitted,

Your children