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Whenever my sisters and I went anywhere together we had better come back together.  Well, I was always the hard-headed one.  I always had to do what I wanted to do.

My sisters (Robbie Nell and Brenda) and I would go to Aunt Julie's house to play because we had lots of cousins that lived there.  When the sun started to go down, you could hear my mother's loud voice, "Linda, Brenda, Robbie Nell get in this house right now!"  I would always come in five minutes later.  Well, let me tell you, that was the worst decision I could have made.  She spared no rod.  She would make me take all my clothes off, lock my little body between her big legs and I need not say more.  When my mother spoke, you listened.  She did not tolerate backtalk.  The disciplinary values she displayed were not for one of us but all.

She was eminent to the Jenifer community.  She was devoted to her husband and her children whom she loved very much.  She kept us in church.  We attended Sunday School regularly and participated in the choir.  We have a few great singers in the family (Tommy (Botoe), Nancy (Pee-Wee), and Robbie Nell) who inherited that trait from my mother.  She loved to sing as well.  Her favorite song was Precious Lord, Take My Hand.

I am so grateful to Aunt Rosie Lee Turner.  She took good care of us when my mother was in and out of the hospital for various illnesses.  We love and adore her for the unconditional help she gave my mother during her time of need.

Our Heavenly Father closed my mother's eyes on Sunday, September 29, 1985.  She is truly missed because she was an awesome woman.  She reminds me of a poem called

PUSH!  It goes like this:

  When everything seems to go wrong, Just push

  When the job gets you down, Just push

  When people don't react the way you think they should, Just push

  When it seems like you don't have enough money, Just push

  When others forsake you, Just push

  And PUSH stands for





We love you Mom!

Linda Russell-Doobay