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(1938 - 1995)

Margaret Ann who was affectionately known as Poovie was born on September 7, 1938 to Elma Boyd.  At an early age, she joined Shady Grove Baptist Church in Munford, Alabama.

During her teenage years she had a special friend, Eddie Brown, and together they had one daughter, Patricia Ann.  Several years later she met and married William Lewis Jones.  They lived in Anniston for awhile then moved to Chicago, Illinois.  They remained there for many years and eventually moved back home to Anniston.  After returning to Anniston they separated.

Poovie moved to Goldsboro, North Carolina to help out Lynn while she was pregnant with her daughter Ebony after receiving a call from her cousin Betty.  After Lynn got back on her feet, she moved back to New Bern and remained there until she met Matthew Tatum.  She moved to Aurora, North Carolina and lived with Matthew until his death in 1987.  She then returned home to Anniston where she lived near her daughter and mother, Elma.

She was a homemaker, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and even a onetime midwife (she delivered Paige's daughter, Tammy).  She had a loving and kind spirit but also had a temper that ranked right up there with the rest of the Boyd clan.  She was very strict but also very patience.

My mother was very strong even through her illness.  God knew best and called her home on December 21, 1995. 

We all miss and love her.

Potluck, Patricia, Anthony, Maurice and Elma