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(1921 - 1995)

Maggie Era was born May 21, 1921 to Howard and Mary Boyd Anderson.  She was the third of 11 children.  Maggie attended school in Talladega County and had a 5th grade education.  She left school and worked on the family farm.  At the age of 18, she met and married Charlie Jemison, a marriage that lasted over 50 years.

Maggie worked at hotels, schools, and restaurants.  After 11 years of marriage, she gave birth to a son whom she named after the world-renowned boxer, Ezzard Charles.  About four years later, she had a second son who she named Alvin.  Maggie absolutely doted over her boys.  She supported them in all their activities.  When the boys were teenagers, Maggie took in her 6-week-old niece, Cordelia, and raised her to adulthood. 

Maggie was very active in the church and participated in the church choir.  She was also an Eastern Star. 

She was very meticulous about her home and always kept a clean house.  She was a snappy dresser and loved to wear suits with matching accessories. 

In middle age, Maggie's health started to fail but she continued to be active in her church work as long as she could.  Maggie passed away in July 1995.  Seven months after her passing her beloved oldest son passed away.  Her husband Charlie had died three years prior in 1992.

Maggie's life touched a lot of people in a special way especially her sons (Charles and Alvin), her grandchildren (Libby, Rosemary, Belvia, CJ, and Carlotta) her daughter-in-law (Karen), her brothers and sisters, her nieces (Cordelia, who was like a daughter, Mary Vera, Janice, Linda, and Judy) and her mother (Mary Boyd Anderson) who lived with Maggie and Charlie for a time.

Mary Anderson Tippins