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(1923 - 1995)

Ollie Frank was born on the 28th day of April 1923 in Talladega County to the parents of Howard and Mary Boyd Anderson.  He was the 2nd son and the 4th child of eleven born to this union.

He was married to the late Emma Sue Anderson of Silver Run, Alabama in October 1945.  To this union 12 children were born with 3 children preceding him in death.

Ollie Frank was given the middle name of Frank after his uncle, (Frank Anderson) who was married to his favorite aunt, Maude Boyd Anderson.

One of Ollie's favorite hobbies was driving, and he loved it with an unbridled passion.  He was always willing to help, giving his last.

Some may say, he was uneducated (he went to school through the fourth grade), but he could take you places that people with an education could not find, giving the impression that he could read signs and road maps.

You could tell when Ollie Frank was around because of his booming and effectual laugh.  He was basically soft spoken but wisdom was always assured in his words. 

Of all the great things that I knew Ollie Frank could do, I was stunned and amazed that he knew sign language.  This he learned from working at the Alabama School for the Death and Blind for 30 years.

Without a partner in the home, he kept his children together and proceeded to raise them all.  This was a BIG DEAL.

Ollie Frank was not only my daddy he was my father.  Where he's at I do not fear to go.

Eddie George Anderson