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September 6, 2010

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This begins with the immigrant Conrad Waltman (1715-1796), who came to America aboard the Davy in 1738 and settled in the area around Kreidersville, Pennsylvania, about ten miles north of Allentown.  This is presented in three chapters:

Part I focuses on Conrad Waltman himself and the genealogical debate over whether he was the man named "Conrad Waltman" who was a member of a Flying Camp unit that participated in the Battle of Fort Washington on November 16, 1776. This part includes a critique of a book relied upon by many researchers, The House of Waltman, by Lora S. LaMance.

Part II focuses on the 13, 14, or 15 estimated children of Conrad, with special attention to his son Valentine Waltman (1732?-1810?), who lived near Schoenersville, Pennsylvania, and on Valentine's son, Conrad Waltman (1759-1785), here called "Conrad Waltman, Junior," who died at the age of 26 but may have been the Conrad who participated in the Revolution (and not his grandfather).

Part III focuses on Peter Waltman (1779-1836), the son of Conrad Junior, who lived near Allentown.  It includes attention to Peter's children, particularly Joseph Waltman (1806-1898), who moved to Easton, Pennsylvania, and was a noted carpenter and bridge-builder.  It also includes special treatment and photographs of the families of two of the sons of Joseph Waltman, Jacob Franklin Waltman (1835-1923) and Samuel Waltman (1832-1911).   Also provided are details of the Taylor family of Easton, which was joined to the Waltmans through the marriage of Sabina Taylor and Samuel Waltman, and the Rutman family of Easton, which joined to the Waltmans through the marriage of Minerva Rutman and Dr. Charles Waltman.

This section focuses on Johann Georg Friedrich Boyer (1718-1804), who traveled from Europe to America aboard the Nancy in 1752 and settled in the area around Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania.  Known as Frederick or Friedrich, he was the founder of a large family with many descendants.  Among them was the noted gunsmith David Boyer (1806-1883), of Orwigsburg.  A detailed chronology of the family is provided, showing the descendants of Johann Georg Friedrich Boyer in a direct line down to Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948) of Easton, Pennsylvania, and all of his descendants.

This section contains discussion of the work of the Association of American Boyers, which has published histories of the Boyer family across the United States since 1915.

The Boyer Family of Easton
(See list of family members under this link)

This section focuses on two of the descendants of the Orwigsburg Boyers, who moved to Easton, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1800s.  This includes George B. Boyer (1839-1907), and his son Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948), who married Henrietta Waltman (1874-1948) and linked the large Boyer and Waltman families.  The section also includes Lew Boyer's descendants down to the present day.  

Genealogical charts are provided for Lew and each of his children.  Also, a detailed
chronology of the family, limited to basic genealogical data, is provided, running from the ancestors of Lewis Elmer Boyer, back to 1718, to his descendants, as recent as 2009. A shorter chronology is also provided.

Also included,
NEW, is a photo gallery showing the Boyers of Easton from 1880 to 2009.

This section deals with nine interrelated families (see the list below), mostly originating in Western Pennsylvania. The section focuses on Clarence Ray Long (1889-1935), a muckraking journalist, prolific writer and liberal intellectual who lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It provides detail on the lives of his descendants and his ancestors, with additional detail on family members interlinked through marriage.

The major families covered here are these:

Parker family of Parker’s Landing, Pennsylvania

Vanderford family of the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Long families of western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tulsa

Samuel W. Long (1833-1865) of Ohio

Samuel Parker Long (1860-1926) of Rangoon, Burma, and Naples NY
Haniel Clark Long (1888-1956) of Pittsburgh and Santa Fe
James Parker Long (1889-1970) of Naples NY
Oliver Moulton Chadwick (1888-1917), of Lowell, Massachusetts
Donald Oldham Long (1892-1957) of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wendell Partridge Long (1894-1982) of Naples NY

William George Long (1865-1926) of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Clarence Ray Long (1889-1935) of Tulsa, Oklahoma
William Charles Long (1916-1988) of Buellton, California
Vallance McLaughlin Long (1917-1975) of Tulsa and Chicago
John Vanderford Long (1920-2004) of Washington DC
Rachel Long Misey (1924-2004) of Washington DC

Thompson family of Western Pennsylvania

Eckhardt family of Western Pennsylvania

McLaughlin family of Western Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia

McClurg family of Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Ralston family of Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Miscy / Misey family of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This section focuses on ancestors of Dorothy Buss Boyer (1914-1987), who married S. David Boyer (1911-2006), both of Easton, Pennsylvania. These begin with the heads of four intertwined Northampton County families:  

William I. Buss (1825-1891), of Farmersville

George William Reyer / Royer (1806-1893), of Cherryville

William Lee (1825-1860?), born in Ireland, who lived briefly in Massachusetts,
and his wife, Bridget McNiff Lee McGuire (1825-1893), also born in Ireland, who lived in Easton

John Schmidt / Smith (1838?-1890), born in Germany, who married
Mary Ann Lee (1850?-1931) and lived in Easton.

This section focuses on the families of George Jackson, born in Workington, Cumberland, about 1793, and Francis James (1793-1865), born in Birkby, Cumberland.  George's son Edward Jackson (1813-1857) married Agnes James (1814-1889), daughter of Francis James, and they lived in Bridekirk. Their descendants were related by marriage to the Wilkinson, Barton and Hayes families of Lancashire.
Among those descendants, William Jackson (1879-1944) and Sarah Wilkinson Jackson (1879-1942) traveled to America from England in 1923 and 1924 and settled in the area around Easton, Pennsylvania, and Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Descendants include Anna Jackson (1912-2006), daughter of Bill and Sarah, who married L. Arthur Boyer (1909-1985), of Easton, Pennsylvania, and her brother, John E. Jackson (1923-2000), of Phillipsburg, who later moved to California and Washington State.

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