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Published and edited by Wendy L. Elliott, C.G., C.G.L.4808 E. Garland St., Anaheim, CA 92807


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MARRIAGE RECORDS AND BONDS GIBSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE 1824-1860 [WPA 1939]* submitted by Pat Lape Bennett, No. Little Rock, AR
License Secured    Bondsman

p. 14
William CROCKETT to Clorence BOYTT    Michael ISRAEL
bond dated 18 Marcy 1830  Thomas FITE, Clerk
marriage 25 March 1830 by James B. DIBRELL, J.P.

p.    18
Elijah BOYT  to Susan CRANE
bond dated 25 April 1831  Thomas FITE, Clerk
marriage 25 April 1831  by Benj. WHITE, J.P.

p.    19
Reuben TYSON   to Exaline BOYT    Preston CONLEE bond dated 30 July 1831  Thomas FITE, Clerk
marriage 4 August 1831 by Benj. WHITE, J.P.

p.    45
William NEDRY   to Nancy BOYT    Caleb HOWELL
bond dated 23 August 1836 A. C. NIMMO, Clerk
marriage 25 August 1836 by B. HALFORD, J.P.

p.    58
D[urham] G. BOYETT to Clarinda CREWS    Geo. W. WATSON bond dated 17 August 1838  A. C. NIMMO, Clerk
marriage 20 August 1838  by S. Y. THOMAS, M.G.

John P. TUCKER to Martha BOYETT
bond dated 19 July 1842   A.C. NIMMO, Clerk
marriage 20 July 1842  by Calvin PHILLEY, M.G.

p.    117
Cullen J. BOYETT  to Delilah WATTS    Thomas BOYETT
only date on record is 12 February 1846

p.    148
Joseph P. BOYETT  to  Manerva M. WEST
bond dated 30 June 1849  J. A. McDEARMON, Clerk
marriage 12 July 1849  by H. ECKLEY, J.P.

p.    175
James DOWELL   to Martha BOYETT
bond dated 15 December 1851 J. A. McDEARMON, Clerk
marriage 18 December 1851  by L. L. SHIPMAN, M.G.

p.    246
James T. BOYETT   to Margaret J. BAKER
bond dated 7 July 1857   E. W. RAINES, Clerk
marriage 8 July 1857   by S. Y. THOMAS, M.G.

p.    260
William B. BOYETT   to Elizabeth A. WADDY    E. J. GARRISON bond dated 8 October 1858   E. W. RAINES, Clerk
marriage 14 October 1858  by D. L. DICKEY, M.G.

p.    263
Lycurgus BOYETT  to  Louiza E. CLARK     W. H. BOYETT
bond dated 27 December 1858   E. W. RAINES, Clerk
marriage 29 December 1858  by D. L. DICKEY, M.G.

p.    275
E. W. BOYETT    to    S. A. MITCHELL    W. H. BOYETT
bond dated 22 December 1859   E. W. RAINES, Clerk
marriage  25 December 1859  by M. FLOWERS, M.G.

*Family History Library (LDS) #024,652, item 4.
Editor's note: Henry BOYET (Thomas Thomas Thomas1) was born in Wayne Co.1 NC and moved about 1816 to Bedford County (later that part became  Coffee  County)  and before  1830 to Gibson County, Tennessee. Henry  and his wife,  Elizabeth  ROOKS,  were  the parents  of  the  above  named  children:    Clarinda  (Clorence)Elijah,  Exaline,  Nancy, Martha (who md. John Pink TUCKER),  and Joseph P.
Baptist BOYETT [another son of Henry and Elizabeth (ROOKS) BOYET] was the father of Lucurgus and William B[artley].
Eli C. BOYETT [another son of Henry and Elizabeth (ROOKS) BOYET] was the father of E[lijah) W[alkup] BOYETT.
The parents are still unknown of Durham G., Martha (who married James DOWELL), and James T. BOYETT.

Any additional information will be greatly appreciated;  please send and additions or corrections to the editor.


1Wendy L. Elliott, From Boyt to Boyette: The Descendants of Thomas Boyet (Anaheim, CA: 1982), pp. 27,28.

Who's Who In Tennessee
page 571
submitted by Pat Lape Bennett

“BOYETTE,  W.  L.,  physician;  born Mason  Hall  [Obion  County),
Tenn.,  Sept.  29,  1868; son of Dr. W.  B. and Nannie L.  (BYNUM) BOYETTE;   Irish  descent;  educated  Bethel  College,  McKenzie, [Carroll  County)  Tenn.,  graduate  of Memphis  Hospital  Medical College,  Memphis,  [Shelby County)  Tenn.,  1902;  married Beulah BEST Oct.  23,  1901; member I.O.O.F., K. of P., Masons, W.O.W., Modern Woodman;  lived on farm until age of 16;  after leaving college was in business at Trenton, [Gibson County) Tenn.; after graduation in Memphis [Shelby County) in 1902 located at Cedar Chapel;  remained there until  1907; then moved to Whiteville [Hardeman  County)  where  he  is  now  a  practicing  physician; Democrat."

The earliest Successions are dated 1885.

BOYETT, Thomas J.    Book H, Suit #1222
BOYETT, John Horril   Book H, Suit # 981
BOYETT, John Horril   Book H, Suit #1246

*Family History Library Film #870,599.

BOYETTE, John    Devisor      1882  Book 3, page 242.
BOYETTE, Susan    Devisee      same
BOYETTE, C. T.    Devisee      same
ANDERS, Sophia A.    Devisee    same
BOYETTE, Mary J.    Devisee    same
BOYETT, John E.    Devisee     same


1780  Wayne  County:  1780 Will  of Moses BOYET was probated  in
October 1780. It shows that his wife's name was Anne and his sons
were  Arthur,  Samuel,  and William  B.  His  daughter was Milly

1791 Duplin County;  1791 Will of Samuel BOYET, names sons Hardy and John.
1840 Duplin County: 1840 Will of Martha BOYET.

1820 U.S. Census, Duplin County

John BOYETT, page 164
James BOYETT, page 170
Hardy BOYETT, page 178
William BOYETT, page 178
Patsy BOYETT, page 182

1830 U.S. Census, Duplin County
    Polly BOYETT, page    149    no male 2 f 10-15 1 f 20-30
    David BOYETT, page    155    2 1 2 - - - 1     1 1 - 1 - 1
    Henry BOYETT, page    155    - 1 2 - - 1 -      2 - - - - 1
    Michael BOYETT,    page 155  1 1 1 1 - - 1      - 1 - 1 - - 1
    William BOYETT,    page 155    1 male    90-100      1 f 10-15,1 f 20-30
    Ephraim BOYETT,    page 163  1 1 - 1 1 - 1       1 1 1 - 1
    Hardy BOYETT, page    163    1 - - - - - 1       - - - - - 1
    Jesse BOYETT, page    167    1 - - - - - -1      - - - - 1

1840 AIS Index to North Carolina Census
Entries for Duplin County only:
    BOYETT, Bryant page 140    BOYETT, Andrew  page 170

    BOYETT, Ephraim page 152    BOYETT, Elizabeth page 170
    BOYETT, Jesse page 153    BOYETT, Michael page 170
    BOYETT, William page 153    BOYETT, Nancy page 170
Duplin County Guardian and Ward Accounts 1830 to Aug 1833 then skips to 1845

These  valuable  records are unindexed,  but provide proof of parentage or marriage for some of the above men:
An estate settlement for William (90-100 in 1830) shows that among his children are:
Michael, David, and Henry.  Several other children are listed in these records.
An estate settlemnt for Henry,  shows that his wife's name was Elizabeth (Betsy).

Hardy BOYET deeds are recorded in Duplin County, North Carolina for 1818 through 1829.  Land and property records are recorded for Hardy H. BOYET in Duplin County for 1847.  The 1818 and 1829 documents  show  that  John  BOYET  signed  agreements  with  Hardy BOYET.    These  are  the sons of Samuel BOYET whose will was probated in Duplin County in 1791.


Checking AIS Census Index for BOYETT:


Isaac BOYELL, page 144    Isaac BOYLT, page 240
J.    BOYET    page 136
John BOYET    page 136    

submitted by Carol Lawrence, Sikeston, MO

Cuba Baptist Church Cemetery
BOYETTE, R. Emmett    b. 1873    d. 1964
    Agness    b. 1879    d. 1958

Others  buried  nearby  include  the  following  families:  REDDEN, JORDAN, CREIGHTON, CATES, WRIGHT, BLALOCK, MATHIS, JAMES, MURPHY, WATTS, GRIFFITH, and PICKARD.

Bethney Cemetery

(Located at Bethney Missionary Baptist Church,  between Sedalia and Farmington, KY).
BOYETT, John R.    b. 3 Nov. 1843    d. 11 Oct 1907
Lois A. Jordan           b. 14 Aug 1840
BOYETT, John, son of John and Eloise BOYETT.
Maggie L.  Infant daughter of John and Eloise BOYETT.
BOYETT, Mary L.    d. age 66 years, 2 months, 11 days
BOYETT, Irene    b. 27 Jan 1869    d. 14 Dec 1918
(daughter of J.R. & L.A.)
CROOK, Irene Boyett b. 22 June 1869    d. 13 Dec 1918



Person filling out and submitting data was Ivy Devine BOYETT,
date was 18 April 1922, and his address was Oxford, Mississippi.
Father's Father

    1.    Full name    Reuben BOYETT    2. Date of birth______
3.  Birthplace: Town    State or Country   Georgia
4.    Education Limited
5.    Residences, principal Chambers Co.. Ala.
6.    Age at marriage     Total No. of sons 4 of daughters None
Ages of those that died early. sons      daughters _________

7.    Occupations at successive ages Planter. student
8.    Lesser diseases to which
there was special liability: In Youth   In middle age None
9.    Grave illnesses in youth  None In middle age  None
10. Surgical operations undergone    None
11. If dead. cause of death and age at death Caused by wreck of
cotton press (Oct. 1858)
11a.    State whether blood relative of wife.and if so what  
No 12. Special tastes. gifts or peculiarties of mind or body.
Character. favorite pursuits, amusements etc.  Overseer of

Note:    this study was a completed set of these forms.  Each form was for another individual as follows: Father's Father (above), Father's  Mother,  Father,  Mother,  Mother's  Father,  Mother's Mother, and the children of one pair of parents.  Another form presented the statistics far these individuals.  On that record the following was noted: sex of child (person), age for which description  is  given,  height  or  tall/short/etc.,  weight  or slender/medium/corpulent,  color  of  hair,  color  of  eyes, complexion, general mental ability, special ability: vocal music, drawing or coloring, literary composition, mechanical skill, in calculating  or  mathematics,  in  remembering,  General  bodily energy,  condition of sight,  age when sight defect acquired, condition of hearing, age when hearing defect acquired, condition of speech, temperament, use of hands, birthmarks, hare lip or cleft palate, abnormal fingers or toes, other traits.

For Reuben BOYETT the following was charted: no age,  medium height and weight,  medium brown hair,  dark blue eyes,  blond complexion, medium to good mental ability, medium in literary composition,  strong sight,  stron hearing,  normal speech,  no birthmarks, harelip, cleft palate or abnormal fingers or toes.

A third form was a synopsis of the others, but included such information as cause of death and special or striking gifts.


No. 97, Summer 1985
(Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Editor and Publisher)

p.    177

   "Butts County Taxable, 1828, contribued by Robert S. Davis,
Jr.  The  following tax record was found in the Georgia State
Papers,  Manuscripts Division,  William R.  Perkins Library,  Duke University and is reporduced here with permission.  Although the
document  was  previously  unidentified,   a  check  of  militia commissions at the Georgia Department of Archives and History reveals that the record is from Butts County and dates from 1828.
It is a list of persons owning taxes, by militia district. The earliest  Butts  County tax digest on microfilm at the Georgia Archives is for 1831 and no others are at the Archives, original or on microfilm, until 1873. Given below are the names and amounts owned by the taxables on the 1828 records.

   Note:    A list of taxpayers from an 1828, incomplete, and now lost tax record appears in Lois McMichael, History of Butts County. Georgia,  1825-1976.  (Atlanta: Cherokee Publishing Co. 1978, pp. 23-27.)

In Capt. McLins District:
John HUTTO, Jr. $00.42.9 for Reubin BOYETT - $00.42.9 1/2."


   Seth BOYETT/E was born C.  1794 in Screven County, GA. He married  (1)  17 Oct 1817 Hannah FRASER and  (2)  13 June 1829 in Screven County to Patience MOORE.   Seth was the son of James and Sabra  (SASSER)  BOYETT, and Patience was the daughter of William and Dicey (SIKES) MOORE.   Seth died in the 1870s in Bullock Co., GA; neither Patience's birth or death dates or places are known.
Seth and Patience's children:
1.    Jordon BOYETT/E b. 31 Mar 1831; m. 27 Nov 1851 Darley DIXON.
2.    Caroline b. 17 Mar 1833; m. Allen SUMMERLIN; d. 10 Oct 1914.
3.    William M. b. 17 Oct 1834; m. 10 Sep 1858 Sarah P. HOLLAND; he died 28 Apr 1928.
4.    Roxie Ann b. 17 Mar 1837; m. James H. BROWN; she d.3 Jun 1906.
5.    Sarah Ann Jane b. 8 Nov 1838; m.  25 Oct 1860 David Henry HOLLAND; she d. 27 Nov 1929.
6.    Thomas b. 17 Oct 1841; m. Matilda HOWARD; he d. 16 July 1924.
7.    Elvina b. 10 May l842; m. 10 May 1863 Jackson COLLINS; she d.

   21 Apr 1915.
8.    Elizabeth b. 8 May 1845;m.Mitchell SUMMERLIN;she d.10 Mar1918.
9.    John b. 6 Uag 1849; m. 24 Dec 1871 Nancy Ann COLEMAN; he d. 12 Nov 1910.

?10. James  b. 1857 no other information.
The first five children were born in Screven County,  GA; last five were born in Bulloch Co., GA.

(Washington, D.C.: 1981)


"Tax Defaulters, 1804-1806"

"William  Bowling,  Receiver  of  Taxes  for  Burke  County, published in the Augusta Chronicle on February 23, 1805, "A List of Defaulters in Burke County, for the Year 1804.”  He published the list of those who had not paid their taxes for 1805 in the same newspaper on January 11, 1806, while the 1806 list appeared in the February 7, 1807 issue of the Chronicle.
There are 418 names in these three lists.   Of these, 187 (around 45 percent) canb e found in the 1805 Land Lottery list for Burke Co.   Thus, there were 231 persons owning property in Burke County whose names do not appear in the Land Lottery list for 1805.
The county was divided into districts under a ‘Captain.’
These 'Captains' in general were the same for the 3 years, but there were some changes as will be noticed in Table 1. To save space, each dsitrict (sic) has been given a number, in the order that they appeared in the Chronicle. It is not known exactly what area each district included. The names of the property owners who owned back taxes, are listed in Table 2."

From Table 1 the following captains and years pertain to the
four entries for BOYTs in the county:
1804 Captain Thompson for #8.  1805 Captain Thompson for #23
1806 Captain Thompson for #37 and Captain Gorgon for #39

From Table 2 the following entries were noted for men who
BOYD (sic), Seth   #8 (Captain Thompson - 1804)
BOYD (sic), Reuben #39 (Captain Gorgon -1806)
BOYT, Benjamin     #23 (Captain Thompson -1805)
BOYT, Benjamin     #37 (Captain Thompson - 1806)
        The Burke County, Georgia unpaid tax list for 1806 includes an entry for Reuben BOYT/BOYD.   He was recorded in Gorgon's District; that same year Benjamin BOYT/BOYD was also among the delinquent taxpayers, but his residence was given as in Captain Thompson's District.  To be liable for taxes, one must have been of legal age, otherwise the guardian is responsible.  Therefore it can be assumed that Reuben was born by 1785 and Benjamin was born at least by 1784.   Whether or not they were brothers is unknown at this time.

by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Volume III, page 204:

“Page 563:   Bill of Sale, headed Henry Co., dated 28 Jan. 1828  bet.  William W.  BOYETTE and George MORRIS both of Co. afsd... William W. BOYETTE has made 5 promissory notes for $30 each and 2 other notes one for $22.09 and the other for $18.12 payable to Anthony DYRE or bearer and payable on 25 Dec. next...sd. notes have been endorsed by sd. George MORRIS lyable in the 2nd instance to Moses ROPER (or ROSSER?)...now and for consid. of sum of $5.00 by sd.  George MORRIS to sa. William W. BOYETTE  in hand paid...sells the following negroes to George Morris to wit: Jenney about 21, Mary about 8 months. Signed:
E.    (sic) W. BOYETT.  wit: James C. STELLE, Willey J. HEFFLIN. Rec.  14 July 1828. Witness to the signing said his grantor was William W. BOYETT and was dated 14 July 1828 bef. Thos. FINCHER,J.P.  Rec. 14 July 1828."



Among those listed in the 16th District, third Section, Cherokee was "83 Reuben BOYETT, or., Allen's, Henry."  The meaning of this is that Reuben BOYETT,  an orphan,  whose residence was Henry County, Georgia  (and had been a resident of the state for at least three years) drew land in Cass County in the 16th Distrist, third Section of those lands available in the Cherokee Lands Lottery of 1832.  Lot 83 was located in the northwest quadrangle of that district,  and a small section of the head waters of Thomas Creek flowed through the northwest corner of lot 83. The flow of Thomas Creek is southwestward into the Etowah River.



"I do certify that Mr. Reuben BOYAT and Miss Louisa A. Heard were duly join in matrimony by me this 18th day of November 1849.
J.    W. Swanson, GLC.
Recorded 14th dayof Mayl85O W. Wilson C.C.C.

Submitted by Richard Sassman

WILLIAM W. BOYETT was born 27 May 1794 in Lenoir Co.: NC? and died 12 April
1876 in Attala Co., MS. He married June 1818, in Jasper Co., CA, Elizabeth
Williamson. She was born in 1804 in Georgia and died 2 July 1860 in Attala Co.,
MS. He had brothers John, Evan and Elias. (cf. Vol. III, No. 3, p. 35).
His children were:
1.    Arriann Boyett b. 10 Sept. 1822, d. 5 Jan. 1908, m. Charles T. England
2.    Louriza Boyett m. Harrison England
3.    Elizabeth Boyett m. ________ Browning

JOHN BOYETT (possibly brother of William W. Boyett) was born in Lenoir Co., NC?5
He married 15 Jan. 1829 in Lawrence Co., MS to Margaret E. Calhoun. (Cf. Vol.
III, No. 3, p. 20).

EVAN BOYETT (possibly brother of William W. Boyett) was born 15 Sept. 1803 in Lenoir Co., NC? and died 31 Dec. 1890. (Cf. Vol. III, No. 3, p. 8).

ELIAS BOYETT, brother of William W. Boyett, is possibly the E. Boyt on page 5 of Vol III, No. 3.

LOCK BOYETT was born in 1784 and died 9 Oct. 1840 in Sumter Co. AL. He married
9 Feb. 1811 (Laurens Co. GA, A:6) Nancy Fort. She was born in 1793 and died 13
Oct. 1840 in Sumter Co. AL. They are buried in Old side Cemetery.1
He had children:
1.    Robert Boyett b. c. 1811, d. before his father who was adm. of his estate
2.    Frances Boyett b. c. 1813, m. 21 Dec. 1835 Norflet Pipen
3.    Zylpha Boyett b. C. 1815, m. 30 Sept. 1841 Thomas W. Myers
4.    Leroy Boyett b. 1820, m. 4 May 1842 Mary Louise Moore2
5.    Eleanor/Ellen Ann Boyett b. 1828, will pr. 7 Feb. 1857 in Sumter Co. AL
6.    Thomas William Boyett b. 1832, Autauga Co. AL, d. 16 March 1854, Leona, TX

ROBERT BOYETT was born c. 1791 and died 23 July 18395 in Sumter Co. AL. His
nuncupative will was witnessed to by his brother Lock. He married Sarah. She
was born c. 1795. Her will was probated 26 Feb. 1844 in Sumter Co. AL.1
They had children.:
1.  Missouri Boyett b. c. 1817 in GA, will pr. 23 April 1850 in New Orleans
2.    William H.C. Boyett b. C. 1821
3.    John T. Boyett b. c. 1823
4.    Amanda Boyett b. c. 1825 in AL, m. 27 Aug. 1844 Edward Sanders
5.    Green Boyett b. 1825-30, m. 4 Oct. 1842 Mary Swilly
6.    Jackson Boyett b. 1835-40, m. 20 Dec. 1841 Margaret J. Terrell
1 Pioneer  Families  of  Sumter  County, Alabama by Nelle Morris Jenkins.
Sumter Co., AL Wills. Alabama Records, Vols. 117,132,176 by Jones & Gandrud.

2  This is clearly the same person as Leroy Boyette on page 22 of Vol. III, No. 3. Ellen A. Boyett in her will dated 9 Dec. 1851 devised $100 to her brother Leroy Boyett of Holmes Co., MS. His wife was the daughter of Thomas and Eliz-abeth C. Moore. Ms. Jenkins says that Lock Boyett's estate records show Leroy, Eleanor and Thomas to be minors and that Leroy became of age next year.

submitted by Maj. Charles E. Boyette

BOYETT, Reuben b. C. 1823/24 in GA;1 d. 0ctl858 in Cotton Press accident in Chambers Co., AL,2 possibly son of Irvin BOYETT who died in Screven Co., GA bef 1832 or Reuben BOYT of delinquent tax list Burke Co., GA 1806; Reuben b. 1823/4 may be same individual the orphan from Henry Co. GA land lottery in 1832.  Reuben m. Louisa Amanda HEARD on 18 Nov 1849 in Troup Co., GA;3 Louisa was b. 8 July 1833 and d. 1 July 1862 probably in Hogansville, GA; she was the daughter of John Jasper and Amanda Malvina (MUNDAY) HEARD.   After Reuben d.  Louisa m.  (2)  28 Jan 1860 James M. PITTMAN and they had one daughter, Lucinda Elamae PITTMAN, 1 May 1861 Hogansville, GA, m. 22 Oct 1876 Lafayette Co., MS, Robert BOSWELL .4
All children born in Chambers Co., AL:
1.    John Jasper b. 18 Jan 1853; d. 1862 Hogansville, GA.
2.    Ervin Newton b. 19 Nov 1854; m.  (1) 12 July 1882 Chickasaw
Co., MS to Jennie PARK/S; (2) 27 Dec 1896 Clay Co., MS, Laura Lee
BLANKENSHIP; d. 22 Mar 1931 Abbott, MS.
3.    George Washington b. 28 Nov 1856; m. 25 Nov 1891 prairie, MS,
Cassie Ann WATSON (b. 6 Aug 1865); d. 21 May 1945, Moss Point, MS.
4. Reuben Charles b. 30 Oct 1858; d. 1859 Chambers Co., AL.5

(Note: Robert H. BOYETT b. Jan 1858 was NOT a son of Reuben and Louisa.)

BOYETTE, Ervin Newton b. 19 Nov 1854 Chambers Co., AL6, son of Reuben and Louisa Amanda (HEARD) BOYETT7, m. (1) 12 July 1882, Chickasaw Co., MS, Jennie PARK/S8 and (2) 27 Dec 1896 Clay Co., MS Laura Lee BLANKENSHIP.9

1. 1850 U.S. Census, Chambers Co., AL.
2. Records  of  Family  Traits,  Eugenics  Study,  Carnegie Institute.
3. Marriage Record, Troup Co., GA.
4. John Jasper Heard Family Bible, xerox copy in possession of Maj. Charles E. Boyette.
5. Ibid.
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7. Family Bible Records John Jasper Heard.
8. Marriage Records Book 5, page 82.
9. Marriage Records Clay Co., MS, Bk 9, p. 284.

Ervin and Laura's children:
1.    Mary Orene, b. 22 Jan 1898, Houston, MS; d. 15 Aug 1900, Houston, MS.
2.    James Orion,  b.  14 Nov 1899 Houston, Ms; d. 8 Nov 1919 Houston, MS.
3.    Sidney Ervin,  b.  19 Oct 1901 Houston, Ms; d.  10 Dec 1933 Atlanta Community, Chickasaw Co., MS.
4.    Maggie Lee, b. 24 Aug 1903, Houston, MS.

BOYETT, George Washington b. 28 Nov 1856 Chambers Co. AL,10 son
of Reuben and Louisa Amanda (HEARD) BOYETT; m. Carrie Cassie Ann
WATSON, (b. 6 Aug 1865; d. 3 Dec 1959? Moss Point, MS); he d. 21
May 1945. George and Cassie are bur in St. Peter's Cemetery
Section Z, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS.
Their children were all born in Amory, MS:
1.    Reuben Watson b. 1 July 1893; d. 27 Aug 1950.
2.    George Washington b. 15 Apr 1895; a. 24 Feb 1941
3.    Carrie Cassie Elizabeth, b. 16Dec 1897; d. 12 Dec 1962.
4.    Ivy Devine b. 17 Jan 1904; a. 4 Feb 1957.
5.    John Sharp b. 31 July 1907; d. 1966.

BOYT, Britton E. b. Mar 1873 Lawrence Co., MS, son of Ellis
Passmore and Mary Ann; m. @ 1890 Sarah Belle BRISTER (b.
July 1876 MS, daughter of Emeline BRISTER, wife of T. M.
BOYTE). Britt and Belle are buried at union.   She has two
headstones.   Family tradition is that when a double head-
stone replaced Belle's single one, the old single one was
used for Minnie.
Their children:
1.    Minnie/Miny b. Jan 1892 Lincoln Co., MS.
2.    Thomas b. Jan 1894 Lincoln Co., MS.
3.    Emer (sic)  b. Dec 1896 Lincoln Co., MS.
4.    Maude/Mady b. Nov 1899 Lincoln Co., MS.
5.    Walter (not Walter Gray) b. Feb 1892
6.    Jesse b. 20 Nov 1900; d. 1977.
7.    Cora Hattie b. 24 Jan 1902.

BOYTE, Cicero  b. @ 1879 of Lincoln Co., MS; m. (1) 4 Oct 1900 Lincoln Co., MS Jennie RUSSELL (b. @ 1880 MS),  (2) Etta WILLIAMS.

BOYTE, Ellis Passmore b. 15 Feb 1816/22/26 Lawrence Co., MS, son of Shadrack and Sarah (WALLACE); m. (1) 17 Dec 1850 Lawrence Co., MS, Mary BRISTER; m. (2) 14 Sep 1857 Lawrence Co., MS to Mary Ann GOODWIN (b. 25 Dec 1841/2/4 MS; d. 15 Feb 1912, Lincoln Co., MS); served in CSA Co. B, MS 2nd Quinn's State
10John Jasper Heard Family Bible.

Troops of MS Infantry also private in Cox's Co., 2nd Reg't;
he joined at Monticello for 12 months, traveled 97 miles to
place of rendevouz; he was discharged on 24 Nov 1862 because
of disability;  d.  18 May 1917,  Lincoln Co.,  MS.   Ellis
reportedly had 17 children.
Children by second wife:
1.  Thomas Martin
2.  Barzelle B.
3.     Francis Monroe
4.     Britton E.
5.     Sarah/Elizabeth
6.  Rank W./ William
7.  Mary/Mollie
8.  Henry H.
9.  Wesley
10.    Estella
11.    Lular
12.    George Bennett
13.    Conway
14.    Connie
15.    Ciceros
16.    Colon L.
17.    Martha

BOYT, Hull (this may be Hugh) b. 1822 MS . . . living with the family in 1880 were Rebecca (b. 1861 MS) and Ira (b. 1872 MS) MARTIN.  Ira was Lillian TYNE's father.

BOYET, Shadrack Jr. b. 11 Mar 1787 Wayne Co., NC, son of Shadrack
Sr. and Martha LANGSTON; m. 15 Aug 1821 in Marion Co., MS
Sarah (BURNS) WALLACE SMITH (b. 15 sep 1786 Sc; d. 18 Nov
1876 Lincoln Co., MS, bur: Busby Cem, Lincoln Co., MS;
Shadrack Jr. d. 2 Nov 1885, Lincoln Co., MS; bur. Busby Cem,
Lincoln Co., MS.  A grant was given to "Shadrick BOYTE" of
Lawrence Co., MS by the General Land Office of the United
States under an Act of Congress dated 24 April 1820.  This
transaction sold Shadrack the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of
Section 32 in township 6 of Range 8 East "in the District of
Lands subject to sale at Washington, Mississippi containing
forty acres.”:  It was dated 30 Nov 1859 and signed by James
Buchanan, president of the United States.

Editor's note: A deed recorded in Wayne Co., NC, Deed Book 3, page 80, shows that on 10 Jan 1786 William LANGSTON deeded “to Shadrick BOYT for 50 pounds specie" 280 acres on the north side of the Neuse River.  The land was part of a patent for 640 acres granted to John LANGSTON on 13 Oct 1783 and this land “fell to William LANGSTON by heirship." Since other land records for the same period and general location sold for much higher sums (20 pounds specie for 15 acres and 150 pounds specie for 101 acres [pages 78 and 81 respectively)), it can be assumed that William LANGSTON gave this land to Shadrack Sr.  for familial reasons.  It is probable that William was the father of Shadrick's wife. The

note that William obtained the property through heirship,
shows that he was the son of John.  The witnesses to this
deed were Joseph Ballard BOYT and Jacob Ballard BOYT.
Children of Shadrack Jr. and Sarah:
1.    Ellis Passmore b. 15 Feb 1816 Lawrence Co., MS
2.    Thomas C. b. @ 1824; m. 21 Oct 1844 Elizabeth GREEN.
3.    Hugh b. 2 June 1827 Lincoln Co., MS; m. Delilah REEVES.
4.    William b. 2 June 1827 Lincoln Co., MS; m. Martha MOAK.
5.    Sara Elizabeth b. @ 1829 Lincoln Co.,MS; m. Daniel HALL.
6.    Susan Elizabeth b. 27 Oct 1831 Lincoln Co., MS; m. 21
Oct 1844 Barzilla GREEN; d. 26May 1912, Claiborne Parish,


page 74:
A deed dated 13 May 1785 from George LANGSTON (planter) to Uriah LANGSTON (husband of Mary BOYTE) "give and grant this my land to him" 620 acres being a patent granted to the said George LANGSTON in 1767.  The land was situated on the north side of the Neuse River on the Markey Branch.   It was signed by George and Mary LANGSTON and witnessed by Joseph Ballard BOYT and Jacob BOYT.

page 80:
A deed dated 10 Jan 1786 from William LANGSTON to Shadrick BOYT for 50 pounds specie (see above editor's note).  The land was 280 acres  located on the north sideof the Neuse River.   John HERRING's land was adjacent on one side, John LANGSTON's land was on another side.   The land,  640 acres, was granted to John LANGSTON,  on  13  Oct  1783,  and “fell to William LANGSTON by heirship.”    This deed was  signed by William LANGSTON  and witnessed by Joseph Ballard BOYT and Jacob Ballard BOYT.



by J. Bryan Grimes (Baltimore: GPC, 1980)

26 Oct 1751  May Court 1752.  Will of Thomas CORE.
Sons:    Thomas, Arthus.   Daughters: Marget COOPER, Mary HOLLAND,
Elizabeth  CORE,  Grace  CORE.    Wife  &  Executrix:    Margitt.
Executor: Thomas CORE (son).  Witnesses: James BOYTE, et. al.


submitted by Maj. Charles E. Boyette

pages 286-288

Georgia ) Know all men by these presents that I Seth BOYT of
        )Screven County & State aforesaid & of Brack's District have appointed Constituted & ordained & by these presents do appoint Constitute & ordain James Jones of Jones County & State aforesaid my true and lawful attorney for me & in my name to take the Grants out of office to the two tracts of lots of land drawn in my name in the late land lottery one being in the County of Monroe and known in the plan of Said County by lot Number two hundred & twenty Seven in the district number first & the other one lying in the County of Dooly & known in the plan of said County by lot number Seventy five in the District number ten and to make it good and Sufficient warrantee titles to the same in my name to William Jones of Jones County & State aforesaid or to his heirs & assigns & to do all other legal acts necessary for affecting the premises in the Same manner as though I was personally Present approving or doing the Same as also one or more attorney or attorneys under him to substitute or appoint & again at his pleasure to revoke & further to do perform and execute for me and in my name all and singular thing or things which are or may be necessary touching & concerning the premises as fully thoroly (sic) & entirely as I the Said Seth BOYT in my own person right or could do in & about the Same ratifying allowing & confirming whatsoever my Said attorney Shall lawfully do or cause to be done in & about his execution of the premises by virtue of these presents. In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & seal this fifteenth day of February 1822.
        his                his
Benjamin + Phillips    Seth + BOYET (Seal)
        mark                mark
David Scarborough J.P.  Recorded 13th day of March 1823

Received of William Jones one hundred & twenty five dollars it being in full for the aforesaid tracts or lots of Land drawn by
me at above mentioned this day & date    above written
Benjamin Phillips               his
David Scarborough J.P.    Seth + BOYET

State of Georgia) This deed made and entered into this the
Jones County     ) Second day of March in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred & twenty two Between James Jones of Said County & State aforesaid attorney in fact for Seth BOYET of Screven County in Said State of the one part & William Jones of the County and State aforementioned of the other part, Witnesseth that he the said James Jones by virtue of the power vested in him by a power of attorney made and executed by him the Said Seth Boyt Signed with his name and mark & Sealed with his Seal in common form & bearing date on the fifteenth day of February last in the present year authorizing him the said James Jones as his

true & lawful attorney & in his name to take the grant out of office for a certain tract or lot of Land drawn in his name in the State Land Lottery lying in the County of Monroe Known in the plan  of  Said  County  of  Monroe  County  &  also  for  and  in consideration of the Sum of five hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by the Said William Jones executed before the Sealing and delivery  of  these  presents  the  receipt  whereof  is  hereby acknowledged he the Said James Jones being empowered by Said letter of attorney to make good & Sufficient titles warranting Said tract or lot of land to Said William Jones his heirs and assigns he the Said James Jones attorney for the Said Seth Boyet aforesaid hath granted bargained Sold Conveyed & Confirmed & by these presents as attorney aforesaid doth grant bargain Sell Convey &  Confirm unto him the Said William Jones his heirs executors administrators and assigns all that tract or lot of land above described Containing two hundred two & a half acres be the Same more or less which tract or lot of land have been drawn by Said Seth Boyet in the last land lottery in this State & granted to him by a grant bearing date on the twenty Sixth day of February in the year Eighteen hundred & twenty two To have and to hold Said Land as above described together with all and Singular the rights titles interest priviledges benefits advantages issues profits and appurtenances to the Same being being (sic) belonging or in any wise appurtaining free & clear from Said Seth BOYET & from his heirs Executors administrators and assigns and from all and every other person or persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and for ever defend in fee Simple In witness whereof the Said James Jones attorney for Said Seth BOYET hath hereunto Set his hand & Seal in Common form on the day and year first above written
Signed Sealed and delivered in presense of us
Starling Jones    James Jones Ato (Seal)
Gustavus Andrick J.I.C. Recorded 13th dayof March 1823.
BUTTS COUNTY, GEORGIA DEED submitted by Maj. Charles E. Boyette

pages 206-209

Georgia        )  This Indenture made and entered into
Butts County )  This fourteenth day of January in the
year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and twenty six, between William W. BOYT of the one part &, Hugh W. Ector of the other part Both of the County and State aforesaid,  witnesseth  That the  said William W.  for and  in consideration of the Sum of five hundred and fifty three Dollars & Seventy five cents to him in hand paid By the Said Hugh W. at and before the Delivery of these presents The Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted, bargained sold bargain Sell and Convey unto the Said Hugh W. all that tract parcel or half Lot of land Situate Lying and being in the Said County and State on the waters of Little Sandy Creek, being ouringendly (sic) in The

County of Monroe where drawn and in the fourteenth district of Said County Granted to him the said William W. and being the West half of Lot number Sixty,  (60) being the half Msely(?) west undivided, of said ouriginal (sic) Lot numbered as aforesaid adjoining Lots numbered Sixty one and fifty nine, containing one hundred one and aforth (sic) acres be the same more or less having Such Shape marks and designations as more particuarly (sic) appear by The map of the Same. Together with all & singular the Rights, mem--s & appurtanances belonging Thereto or in any maner (sic) appurtaining: To have & to Hold the Said Tract or parcel or Half Lot of land its Primises (sic) improvements & advertisements & advantges (sic) to The only proper use benefit & behoof of him the Said Hugh W. his heirs & assigns, Warrenting (sic) & defending the Same for & from himself the Said William W. His heirs & assigns & the Claim or Claims of all & Every person or persons whatsoever forever in few simple
   In Witness whereof he the Said William W. hath hereunto Set his Hands & affixed his Seal The day & date first above written. signed Sealed & delivered in presents of
James Cargile    Wm. W. BOYT (Seal)
Willie B. Ector

Georgia     )  Elisabeth BOYT the wife of the
Butts County )  within William W. BOYT. personally
present hereof before before (sic) me & being duly Examined Separately & appart in the premises dose (sic) hearby (sic) volentarily (sic) & of Her own free will & accord uninfluenced By any Concern (?) measures whatever Relinquish Forever any & all claim of Dower of the within land. Deeded then Specified by her husband to Hugh W. ECTOR as therein Specified.  Witness her hand of mark this 23rd February 1826            her
Willie B. Ector, J.I.C    Elizabeth + BOYT
Georgia    ) personally appeared before me Willie B. Ector
Butts County ) one of the witnesses to the within Deed
who duly deposeth & Saith that he saw the Same duly Executed by William W. BOYT. Signing also Saw James Cargile Sign as witness with himself.
Sworn to & Subscribed before me this    March

            Willie B. Ector

Georgia    )    This indenture made & entered into this
            )    Third day of March Eighteen Hundred & Twenty Six. between Richard Morland of Monroe County of the one part  &  Hugh W.  Ector of Butts County of the other part, Witnesseth. That the Said Richard for & in consideration of the Sum of three hundred & fifty Dollars to him In Hand paid by the Said Hugh W. the Receipt whereof is hearby (sic) acknowledged, at &  Before the Execution & Delivery of these presents Hath bargained Sold & Conveyed & doth by these Presents, bargain Sell & Convey unto the Said Hugh W. all that tract, parcel or half Lot of land Situated lying & being in the Said County of Butts on the waters of Little Sandy Creek. being ouriginally (sic) in the county of Monroe when drawn & in the fourteenth district of Said

County. Granted To William W. BOYET. & being East Half of Lot number Sixty (60) being half Moiety (sic) East undivided of Said ouriginal (sic) lot numbered aforesaid & adjoining Lotts (sic) fifty nine & Sixty one numbered Containing one hundred & one forth acres Be the same more or Less haveing (sic) such shape marks & designation as more fully appears on amap (sic) of the Same. Together with all & Singular Members & appurtanances (sic) belonging thereto or in any wise relating. To Have & to hold the Said Tract parcel or half lot of Land its premises, improvem--- & incedents interest to the only proper use benefit & behoof of him the Said Hugh W. his heirs & assigns warrenting (sic) & defending the Same for & from himself the Said Richard his heirs & assigns. the claim or claims of all & of all & Every person or persons whatsoever. Forever in fee simple  (blank) in Witness whereof the said Richard Moreland hath hearunto (sic) Set his hand & Seal affixed his Seal the day & year first above written. SIgned Sealed & delivered in presents of
Joseph Sentell
Willie B. Ector J.I.C.                          Richard Morland (Seal)

Georgia    ) Elisabeth BOYET, the wife of
Butts County ) William W. BOYET to whom was
ouriginally (sic) granted the within premises &
deed  to  Said Richard Morland by Him present Hearof  (sic)
peronally  (sic)  &  separately before me & volentarily  (sic)
Relinquished forever all Right & Claim of Dower therein.  Witness
her hand & Seal by mark. this 15th March 1826.
                            Elizabeth + BOYET

Willie B. Ector J.J.C.


Name    Residence  Lottery Fortunate Draw    Granted
BOYD, John  Warren Co.    1820    284    5  Early Co.    1/11/1821
BOYT, Thomas Burke Co.    1827    253  21 Muscogee CO.ll/3/1828



1.    1790 5. C. Census lists a Reuben Boyt, Orangeburg District & also a William Boyt & a Benjamin Boyt & a Josiah Boyt & a Samuel Boyt.

2.    1800 5. C. Census Barnwell District lists Reuben Boyd (probably Boyt), Josiah Boyd, Benjamin Boyd, Samuel Boyd & William Boyd, (probably same as 1790 Boyts.

3.    1810 3. C. Census, Barnwell District lists Reuben Boyet, William Boyet, & Josiah Boyet.

4.    1820 S. C. Census, Barnwell District lists Reuben Boyd, William Boyd Samuel Boyd & Josiah Boyd & Ezekiel Boyd.

5.    Georgia Genealogical Gems Special publication Number 48.929.3758 (National Genealogical Society, Washington D. C. 1981(Tax Defaulters 1804-1806 lists a Reuben Boyd Number 39 Capt. Gorgon District in Burke County Georgia and a Benjamin Boyt Districts 2, &   37, Capt. Thompson's District & Seth Boyd Number 8, Capt. Thompson's District.

6.    Georgia Genealogical. Magazine NO.97.1985 “Butts County Taxables 1828 lists A John Hutto Jr, for Reuben Boyett, Capt. McLins District. Unknown whether this was an old Reuben or young Orphan Reuben listed on 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of Georgia.

7.    Some Georgia Records V 3 by Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. lists a Bill of Sale  between William W. Boyett and George Morris both of Henry Co. Ga., wittnessed by E. W. Boyett, dated 14 July 1828.

8.    The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery, page 271, 16th District, third section, Cherokee then Cass, later and now Bartow, lists Reuben Boyett, (Orphan) Aliens District From Henry County Georgia.

9.    The 1821 Georgia Land Lottery compiled by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. lists William W. Boyett of Jasper County Ga. as drawing land in Monroe Co. Ga., Edward Boyet of Scriven Co. Ga. drew land in Houston Co. Ga.

10. Elsabeth D. Boyett (Widow) drew land in 1827 Ga. Land Lottery. She resided in Houston County Ga. and drew land in Troup Co. Ga. Possibly Elizabeth, a widow is mother of Reuben Boyat/Boyett who lived in Chambers Co Ala. on 1850 U.S. Census Chambers Co. Ala. is right across line from Troup Co. Ga.

11. Arthur Boyet of Pulaski Co Ga. drew land in Monroe Co. Ga. also in 1821 Ga Land Lottery.

12. Cullen Boyett of Richmond Co. Ga. drew land in Houston & Dooly Co. Ga. i~
1821 Georgia Land Lottery.

13.    James Boyt of Burk Co. Ga. drew land in Monroe Co. 5Ga. in 1821 Land Lottery of Ga.

14.    Butts Co. Ga. Deed pages 206, 207 & 208 in Jan. & Feb. 1826 shows sale of land formerly in Monroe County, to Hugh M. Ector by William W. Boyett

15. Possibly there is a connection between the Reuben Boyett (Orphan) on the
1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of Ga. while he resided in Henry County Ga.1 and
William W. Boyett of Jasper & Monroe Counties & Butt. & Henry Counties or E. V. Boyett who wittnessed a Bill Of Sale between William W. Boyett and George Morris in Henry Co. Ga 14 July 1828, or other Boyett or Boyd who lived in the vicinity at the same time. The vicinity of William W. Boyett’s land was near the waters of Little Sandy Creek (originally in Monroe Co. Ga.) near where John Jasperd
families were also about the same time. There was and still is a Sandy Creek Primitive Baptist Church below Jackson Ga., now in Butts Co. Ga. that was
attended by several Heard families in the 1820. & 1830s. Possibly the Reuben Boyt/Boyd on 1790, 1800,1810, & 1820 S. C. Censuses was Uncle or Grandfather of the Reuben Boyat/Boyett Killed in Chambers Co. Ala. cotton press Accident/Explosion in 1858. Possibly there is a connection between Elizabeth Boyet of Houston Co. Ga.  Widow who drew land  in Troup Co. Ga. in 1827 Ga. Land Lottery

16. Also, there was a George Boyd on 1830 Henry Co. Ga. Census. Possibly he was a Boyt, Boyett, Boyet.

17. Possibly Reuben Boyat/Boyett who was Killed in 1858 Cotton press Explosion
in Chambers Co. Ala. was the same Reuben who was Orphan from Henry Co. Ga. on the
1832 Cherokee Land Lottery & possibly he travelled to Troup Co. Ga. area with a
widowed mother or possibly he travelled to Troup Co. Ga. with the John Jasper Heard
Family or along with them with another family.

18.  There were other Boyetts in Troup and Heard Counties also. Hardy Boyett was
in Cowetta Co. Ga. & so was William W. Boyett in 1830.. Hardy/Harvy Boyett was
also on 1840 & I believe 1850 Troup Co. Ga. Census. Franklin Boyett was on the
1840 Heard Co. Ga. Census, Possibly a connection.

19. Index to Marriage Book 1821-1835-1841, Jasper Co. Ga., page 42 lists Irvin Boyett Marriage to Julia Ann /Julyann Munday, married in Monroe Co. Ga. by James Wilson
J. P. on 2 Feb 1823 & Recorded in the Jasper Co. Ga. Marriage Book in April 1823.  
COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE REUBEN BOYAT/BOYTT's  FATHER?  Reuben Boyat/Boyett named his second son ERVIN NEWTON BOYETT. There were also Newton families around Butts  Henry & or Monroe Counties Ga.  Irvin Boyett's Will was administered by his brother  Edward Boyett in Scriven Co. Ga. 5/1/1824. Was this same Irvin Boyett who Married  Julia Ann Mundy/Munday in 1823 in Monroe Co. Ga., Recorded in Jasper Co. Ga.? I so, what ever happened  to Julia Ann?

20. John Jasper Heard's wife was Amanda Malvina Munday; their daughter, Louisa
Amanda Heard married Reuben Boyat/Boyett Nov 18, 1849 Troup be Ga. Possibly
Amanda Malvina and Julia Ann Nundy/Munday were closely related. The Heards were
around Butts, Jasper & Monroe Counties Ga.

21. Some living descendants of George W. Boyette, son of Reuben & Louisa Amanda Heard Boyat/Boyett m. 18 Nov. 1849, refer to discussions by George W. Boyette about his Great Uncle Reuben Boyett. George W. Boyette was only 2 years old when his father Reuben was killed in Chambers Co. Ala. Oct. 1858;. possibly the were around their Great Uncle Reuben in Troup or Heard Co. Ga. where they lived after their father's and mother's death 1858 & 1862, until about 1866/1867 when they went to Palo Alto Miss. near West Point. He would not have remembered his Father Reuben.

He might have heard discussions about his father or possibly there really was a Great Uncle Reuben that he could remember & was around.

22.    It is not known if John Jasper Heard, Father of Louisa Amanda Heard and Father in Law of Reuben Boyat still lived in Chambers Co. Ala. when Reuben was Killed in Cotton Press accident in 1858.   John Jasper Heard and rest of his family did live in Chambers Co.  Ala. according to 1850 U. S. Census house
NO. 120 Reuben and Louisa Amanda Heard Boyat/Boyett lived in house No.219 in 280 military district, Chambers Co. Ala. according to the same Census, U. S. 1850. Since John Jasper Heard & Family lived at Franklin in Heard Co. Ga on 1860 U. S. Census, it is probable that Louisa Amanda Heard Boyat/Boyett lived with or near them  at Franklin Ga between 1858 & 1860 when Louisa Amanda re-married - m. James M. Pittman Jan.28, 1860. She had three children John Jasper Boyett, Ervin Newton, and George Washington; one (Reuben Charles had died in infancy about the same the same time  his father was killed in Oct. 1858. It is also likely that Louisa Amanda’s kids Ervin Newton & George Washington returned to Franklin, Heard Co. Ga. to live with John Jasper Heard & family after their mother’s and brother’s (Louisa Amanda (Heard/
Boyat/Boyett) Pittman & John Jasper Boyat/Boyett’s) deaths in 1862 of Typhoid fever in Hogansville Ga., Troup Co. The 1860 Heard Co. Ga. Census showed John Jasper Heard & family living in house No. 40, page 6.

23. Since there was an Irvin Boyett who Harried Julia Ann Munday/Mundy in Monroe County Ga. recorded in Jasper Co. and a William W. Boyett also lived there before or at the time of Irvin Boyett's marriage, possibly there is a connection. My father was named Sidney Ervin Boyett & his father was named Ervin Newton Boyett, seemingly too close to the above Irvin to be coincidental.

24.    Another possibility is that since Georgia Bible Record by Jeannette Holland Austin, page 271 contains Family of Reuben Mundy b. 4/11/17?? (Bible of Andrew J. Mundy of Fayette Co. Ga., owner John Ellis Mundy, which lists a Julia Ann Mundy & a Mandy Malvina Mundy; possibly Julia Ann is the Mundy who married Irvin Boyett on 2 Feb. 1823 in Monroe Co. Ga., Recorded in.Jasper Co. and Mandy Malvina Mundy is the Munay who married John Jasper Heard (her name was Amanda Malvina Munday/Mundy recorded as born 5-9-1806. She was called Mandy too. Possibly Reuben Boyat/ Boyett was Irvin's son and possibly this Reuben Boyett who was listed in Henry Co Ga as an Orphan on the 1832 Cherokee land lottery and 1828 Butts Co. Taxibles, Ga was named Reuben after Reuben Mundy b. 4/11/1777  rather than after a Reuben Boyet.   If Reuben Boyat/Boyett had parent kin to Reuben Mundy (Possibly Reuben Boyat/BOYET Grandfather) maybe that is where he got the name Reuben. That would have made him kin to Louisa Amanda Heard (cousin) but that happened often.

25. A list of all Boyts, Boyetts, and Boyds who died in late and mid 1820s & early 1830s could possibly provide a clue as to who his father was and left him an Orphan. Possibly Church records are available in Jasper, Monroe, Butts, Henry or other nearby Counties might provide clues. Possibly Orphans records exist some where for Reuben upon his fathers death and in Chambers Co. Alafor his child at his death in 1858. Possibly some News Papers, if there were any at that time contain news of Reuben’s death in Chambers Co. Ala Cotton Press Accident, or an Obituary giving family information, and likewise on Reuben’s Father's death. Possibly Louisa Amanda (Heard) Boyat was given the traditional Year's support by the Court. If an estate, it might be wider the Administrator's name instead of the deceased or Widows. Orphans or Guardianship Records for Reuben and also his children may be under the Guardian's name rather than theirs.

RT. 1, Box 182    l-601-434-7299-OFFICE

ANCESTORS AND FAMILY CONNECTIONS To CHARLES E. BOYETTE, Rt. 1, Box 182, Steens MISSISSIPPI  39766, Telephone Home 1-601-327-7544, Office l-601-434-7279.


1.  Reuben (Boyat) Boyett married Louisa Amanda Heard Nov.18, 1849 Troup Co. Ga.
Source: Troup County Court House Marriage License, copy on hand.

2.  Reuben and Louisa Amanda Boyat/Boyett lived in Chambers Co Ala. in 1850.
Source:    U.S. Ala 1850 Chambers County Census. Have copy.

3. Reuben & Louisa Amanda Boyett Issue:
a.    John Jasper Boyett b. 18 Jan 1853, Chambers Co Ala., d. 1862 Troup Co. Ga.
b.    Ervin Newton Boyett b. 19 Nov 1854  Chambers Co. Ala. d 22 March 1931, Houston Miss., Chickasaw County, buried Houston Cemetery. Grandfather of Charles E. Boyette, Researcher.
c. George Washington Boyett b. Nov.28, 1856 Chambers County Ala. d. 21 May 1945 at Moss Point Miss., buried in St. Peters Cemetery. Section 2, Oxford Miss . in Lafayette County Miss.
d. Reuben Charles Boyett  b. Oct 30, 1858, Chambers County Ala., died in infancy. All above information came from John Jasper Heard Family Bible and Family Bible Record of George Washington Boyett Family, Copies on hand.

4.  Reuben (Boyat) Boyett b. about 1823/1824 Ga., d. Oct. 1858 in cotton  press accident/explosion in Chambers County Ala. Source. 1850 U. S. Chambers. Co. Ala Census, John Jasper & Hugh Horry Heard Family Bible Records and 1922 Carnegie Institute Family Traits/History by Ivy Devine Boyett, son of George W. Boyett and grandson of Reuben Boyat/Boyett of Chambers Co. Ala.

5.    Louisa Amanda Heard Boyett m. James M. Pittman Hogansville, Troup Co. Ga.
Jan 28, 1860. Sources: John Jasper & Hugh Horry Heard Family Bibles & 1922
Carnegie Institute Family Traits/History by Ivy Devine Boyette

6.    Louisa Amanda (Heard) (Boyat/Boyett) Pittman and James M. Pittman lived in Hogansville Ga. lAW 1860 U.S. Ga. Troup Co. Hogansville Census. In household with them were J. J., E. N. and G. W. Boyd which I proved. to be Boyetts, by cross referencing other documents listed above, and 1860 U.S. census.

7.Louisa Amanda (Heard)(Boyett/Boyat) apparently lived in Franklin, Heard Co. Ga. near or with her father John Jasper Heard between 1858 & 1860 until she married James M. Pittman (Railroader). Source: 1922 Carnegie Institute Family Traits History by Ivy Devine Boyett.

8. Louisa Amanda (Heard)(Boyat/Boyett) Pittman died July 1, 1862 at Hogansville
Ga. of Typhoid Fever. Sources: John Jasper & Hugh M. Heard Family Bibles
1922 Carnegie Institute Family Traits/ History.

9. Apparently George W. & Ervin Newton Boyett came to Palo Alto Miss. (near West Point) about 1867 with their grandparents, John Jasper and Amanda Malvina Heard. Prior to coming to Miss. ,apparently George W. and Ervin Newton Boyett went to live with these grandparents at Franklin Ga. Heard Co. after Louisa Amanda (their mother) died July 1, 1862. Source: Carnegie Institute Record of Family Traits/History (EUGENICS). George Washington Heard (John Jasper Heards brother) and his wife Caroline Malvina Heard and family came to Miss. too and. were going  on to Lafayette Co. Miss. when George Washington Heard died at Palo Alto Miss.  in July 1867. John Jasper Heard also died at Palo Alto in July 1867, July 4, both were buried in Palo Alto Cemetery. Sources: Harold Heards book “Early
Records of Heards, 1977 & article in Lafayette County History by Mary Kate Heard.

10. James M. Pittman and Louisa Amanda (Heard) (Boyat/Boyett) Pittman had daughter
Lucinda Ellamae Pittman born May 1 1861 at Hogansville Ga. Louisa Amanda’s husband,
James M. Pittman remarried---Susan Elizabeth Heard Cockrell, daughter of George
Washington Heard and they with the rest of the George Washington Heard family
went to Lafayette County Miss. About 1867. Lucinda Ellamae Pittman married
James Robert Boswell Nov 23,1876 Marriage Bonds Book 4., Lafayette County Miss.
SOURCES: John Jasper & Hugh Horry Heard Family Bible,1870 & 1880 U. S. &
Lafayette County Miss. Census, Marriage Bonds Book, Lafayette County, Miss. and
1922 Carnegie Institute Records/History of Family Traits (Eugenics)  by Ivy Devine
Boyett, and Harold Heards Book "Early Records of Heards, 1977".

11. I recently corresponded with Ann Boyett (Jackson Div.) Hancock, Box 28406 Remuera, Auckland NewZeland. Her Father is Reuben Boyett Jr.,5619 Foxlane Dr., N. Ft. Myers Fla. 33917. His father was Reuben Boyett Sr. whose Father was George Washington Boyett whose Father was Reuben Boyat/Boyett of Chambers Co. Ala. Ann Boyett (Jackson) Hancock was very eager for the information I have; she knew almost nothing further back than George Washington Boyett my Great Uncle and her great grandfather. Gave her name and address of Wendy Elliott, publisher of the Boyt/e Boyet/t/te News letter in case she is interested.

RT. 1, BOX 182
Steens Miss. 39766

PHONE-Home---------- l-6Ol-327-7544



BOYAT    Need to know where Louisa Amanda (HEARD) was buried she married (1) Reuben         BOYAT and (2) James M. PITTMAN
PITTMAN    was buried. She was born 8 July 1833 and died 1 Jul 1862 in Hoganaville,         GA.   Her youngest son, Reuben
HEARD        Charles BOYETT died as an infant about same time. The

        1850 U.S. Census of Chambers Co., AL shows Reuben and
        Louisa  Amanda  living  in  280  Military  District Household # 219.  Need         to know where in Chambers Co. District 280 was.
Charles E. Boyette, Rt. 1, Box 182, Steens, MS 39766


Who was the BOYETT Confederate soldier who was taken prisoner and sent to Camp Doublas in Chicago?   Was he a son of Joseph Josiah Boyett?  George Love Harrison BOYETT was with Robert E. Lee at the time of surrender, so he seems unlikely. J. J. (James Jackson?) BOYETT enlisted 7 May 1862 in Co. F, 32nd Reg, GA Vol. Inf, CSA, clay County. He had four children at outbreak of war but none born between then and 1864.  Calvin Thompson BOYETT was born in 1830, so he was old enough.

Was Calvin a son of James W. BOYETT?

J. J. BOYETT in Co. F (above) could be Josiah John who married Jane Elizabeth. Was he one of the three listed in History of Stewart County, Vol. I, p. 248? In Co. I, 21st Reg., GA Vol Inf CSA 3 Privates: Andrew J., James, and Joshua.
Bunelle Hall Gresham 4916 Rutland, Ft. Worth, TX 76133.

BOYETT    Nan BOYETT of College Station/Bryan, Texas, was b. 2 July 1854 and d. 22 Aug 1876. Her brother was Thomas Pinkney BOYETT of same place. Are there any BOYETT’s left in College Station/Bryan? I would like to make contact.
Jack Pennington 22 E. Delaware Ave. Pennington, NJ 08534
BOYTE    Sarah (___?) BURNS WALLACE may have been on the wagon train with Shadrack BOYTE, Jr. when he came from NC. ( BURNS)    through SC and Georgia. Who were her parents? She supposedly had two children, Johnny BURNS and Patrick
WALLACE    WALLACE, with her. [There is a theory that she was in the Natchez area somewhat earlier. She may have been
GOODWIN    the daughter of Richard GOODWIN, who moved his family from Natchez to Claiborne County].  Does anyone know anything about Sarah? She has numerous BURNS, WALLACE, and BOYTE descendants in the Lincoln Co., MS area.  She lived until  1912,  according to Dr.  W.L.  Bowman's Journal; but, other than that and census records, she is a mystery.
Frances Parkinson 245 Hwy 28 W., Hazlehurst, MS 39083
BOYAT    Need to know if there are old newspapers that may contain article of Chambers Co., AL obituaries about October or November 1858 that might contain facts concerning Reuben BOYAT's death in a cotton gin/press accident/explosion and information concerning where Reuben  BOYAT/BOYETT was born,  his  family members, parents, etc., and where buried.
BOYETTE   Charles E. Boyette, Rt. 1, Box 182, Steens, MS 39766.


BOYAT     Need to know if Reuben BOYAT/BOYETT who was married 18 Nov 1849 in Troup Co., GA to Louisa Amanda HEARD,
BOYETTE   daughter of John Jasper and Amanda Malvina (MUNDAY)HEARD and which Reuben BOYAT/BOYETT was killed in Oct.
1858  in  a  cotton  compress  accident/explorsion  in Chambers Co., AL is son, grandson or nephew of Reuben
BOYT 1790 SC census, Reuben BOYD/BOYET 1800 SC census,Reuben BOYT 1810 SC census, Reuben BOYD 1820 SC census,
Reuben BOYD listed in Burke County Tax Defaulters 1804-1806. Also listed on most of the above censuses in same
county or district are are William or William W. BOYT,Benjamin BOYT, Josiah BOYT, Samuel BOYT/BOYD. Reuben
BOYT, Seth BOYT, and Benjamin BOYT are listed on the 1804-1806 tax defaulters list.
Charles E. Boyette, Rt. 1, Box 182, Steens, MS 39766.
BOYAT    Need to know who took up the land Reuben BOYAT/BOYETT, the orphan, received as a minor in 1832 Cherokee Land
BOYETT    Lottery, Sixteenth District, Third Section, Cherokee, Number 83. Also, would the records be in Cherokee which later this portion became Cass and was finally changed to Bartow? Would like to know to whom Reuben BOYAT/BOYETT or his guardian sold the land and when. Also, need to know if the records show the County of Reuben's birth or residence. Reuben married Louisa Amanda HEARD. Also need to know if the Cherokee Land Grant records give the names of Reuben's parents and date of birth. Charles E. Boyette, Rt.l, Box 182, Steens, MS 39766
BOYAT     Need to know if there is connection between Reuben BOYAT/BOYETT  (as  identified  in  above  queries)  and
BOYETT    Franklin BOYETT of Heard Co., GA, Hardy BOYETT of Troup Co., GA, Henry, John, & Joseph BOYD of Troup Co., GA in
       1840 U.S. Censuses.  Is he related to Hardy or William W.BOYET of Coweta Co., GA?  Is there a connection to
Elizabeth D. BOYETT, widow on 1827 GA Land Lottery of Houston Co., who drew land in Troup Co.,GA?  Also, is there a connection between Reuben and Elizabeth and Eliza BOYD of 1830-1850 Pike or Burke Co., GA or Elizabeth BOYD in 1850 Chambers or Macon counties, GA?
Also is William Willard BOYETT/BOIT b. May 1794/6/7 Wayne Co., NC who married Elizabeth WILLIAMSON June 1813 (b.1802/4 Jasper Co., GA d. 7July 1860) d. 12 Apr 1876 Attala Co., MS the same as Wm. W. BOYETT who was in Coweta, Henry, Butts, Monroe, & Jasper counties, GA, 1821 Ga Land Lottery, and 1826 Butts Co. land records? Charles E. Boyette, Rt. 1 Box 182, Steens, MS 39766

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